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Guide To Buying A Camera For Beginners To Professionals – April 2021

Capturing moments in the form of images is an attractive and memorable experience that is possible in the new world thanks to the development of the photography industry with different equipment and in different styles and contexts.

 Photography for different people with different needs requires special equipment. Equipment that determines both the style and type of photography and provides the best performance on the subject. 

In this article, we intend to share with you the guide to buying a camera in any field according to the user category and performance of these devices.

Camera Buying Guide

One of the most common and basic equipment for photography are compact cameras or so-called point and shoot. These cameras, which are even known as family cameras, while providing good quality output to users, the process of using them is very simple and practically the pleasure of photography for everyone without any background knowledge in this field.

Provide. Therefore, in the first part of this article, we will review the list of the best compact cameras available in the Iranian market.

The best compact cameras on the market

The best compact cameras on the market

Device name and model Quality of photography and video recording Price
Canon PowerShot SX620 HS 20MP / FHD 6,100,000 Tomans
Canon PowerShot SX540 HS 20MP / FHD 8,850,000 Tomans
Canon PowerShot SX70 HS 20MP / 4K 16,200,000 Tomans
Nikon CoolPix P950 16MP / 4K 19,600,000 Tomans
Sony ZV-1 20MP / 4K 22,000,000 Tomans

For those who have experience with compact camera photography or are very interested in learning photography, but have a limited budget to step in this direction, amateur digital cameras are a great option. 

Better pricing than higher-end cameras, and at the same time taking advantage of some of their professional features, have made them a very attractive and suitable camera to start entering the world of photography. 

The most important difference between this category of cameras and compact cameras is the possibility of changing their lenses, which makes it possible to use them for different shooting modes. 

If you want to learn different methods and types of photography, this category of cameras is the best choice for you. In this list, we will see the best amateur digital cameras available in the Iranian market.

The best amateur digital cameras on the market

The best amateur digital cameras on the market

Device name and model Quality of photography and video recording Price
Canon EOS 4000D Kit EF-S 18-55mm III 18MP / FHD 8,730,000 Tomans
Canon EOS 2000D Kit EF-S 18-55mm III 24MP / FHD 10,320,000 Tomans
Canon EOS M100 Kit 15-45mm STM 24MP / FHD 11,000,000 Tomans
Nikon D3500 Kit 18-55mm f / 3.5-5.6G VR 24MP / FHD 11,300,000 Tomans
Canon EOS M200 Kit 15-45mm Stm 24MP / 4K 11,900,000 Tomans
Fujifilm X-A10 Kit 16-50mm 16MP / FHD 12,000,000 Tomans

There are many people who have enough knowledge in the field of professional photography but have not yet started to earn money from this attractive profession. 

These fans of the photography world usually start their exciting journey in the world of professional photography with small budgets, so they go for cameras that are a little more expensive than the flagship professional cameras. 

This is called a semi-professional camera product, which is usually a very popular category.

One of the tips for buying a camera that you should be careful when buying such cameras is that their sensor is not full-frame, and for photographic calculations, you should consider different coefficients for them than flagship full-frame cameras. Like the shutter speed when shooting, which is calculated in proportion to the focal length. 

Another important point to note before buying is that this category of cameras usually do not have a shake motor inside the body, and for shooting in certain situations, shaking your hands or even the slightest movement of the camera may cause you to miss the opportunity to take a good photo. . So be sure to pay attention to the specifications of the lens that you buy with the camera, so that they have a useful lens stabilization capability.

 The bottom line is the number of recognizable points to adjust the focus. This is important because in many situations it is not possible to manually adjust the camera focus and you have to rely on the camera’s autofocus capability. 

In such cases, if the camera’s autofocus points are not available in important parts of the image frame, the possibility of capturing the image with proper framing and even correct focus is practically lost. So when buying a semi-professional camera, you must compare the number of focus points of your purchase options to make the right choice.

The best semi-professional digital cameras on the market

The best semi-professional digital cameras on the market

Device name and model Quality of photography and video recording Price
Canon EOS M50 kit 15-45mm 24MP / 4K 15,700,000 Tomans
Canon EOS 250D Kit EF-S 18-55 mm f / 4-5.6 IS STM 24MP / 4K 16,920,000 Tomans
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX85 Kit 12-32mm 16MP / 4K 19,400,000 Tomans
FUJIFILM X-T200 kit 15-45mm 24MP / 4K 21,000,000 Tomans
Sony Alpha a6400 kit 16-50mm 25MP / 4K 24,200,000 Tomans
Nikon Z50 kit 16-50mm 21MP / 4K 25,200,000 Tomans
Canon EOS 90D DSLR kit 18-55mm 33MP / 4K 29,300,000 Tomans
FUJIFILM X-T3 with 18-55mm 26MP / 4K 48,000,000 Tomans

Professional cameras have always been one of the flagship products of their manufacturers. They are always looking to use the latest technologies and advanced capabilities in order to gain more market share in addition to stealing the ball from competitors.

 Until a few years ago, professional cameras were known for their almost large and heavy bodies, which experienced photographers carried with them several giant lenses. 

But with the advent of mirrorless cameras, we are slowly seeing a change in this image in the world of cameras.

Over the years, professional mirrorless cameras have shown astonishing power and performance, and the work has reached a point where many photographers have abandoned their large professional cameras and switched to mirrorless cameras.

 Less weight and smaller dimensions make these cameras easier to use, which combined with the latest technologies in the world of photography has significantly reduced the choice of competing options. 

Even well-known companies such as Canon, Nikon and Sony have introduced their latest professional cameras without mirrors.

So far, it seems that Sony has been able to launch better-performing products without the mirror due to its long history of producing professional full-frame mirrorless cameras, but now Sony is accompanying this exciting competition step by step. 

Unfortunately, due to sanctions and economic conditions, and even the spread of the Corona virus, access to the latest products of these companies in the country is much slower than in other parts of the world, and not all new cameras in Iran are still easily available. 

Even models that can be purchased have very high prices, which makes them much more difficult to buy than before. 

But in any case, in the last list of this article, we will mention the best professional cameras available in the Iranian market.

Cameras in this category have very similar capabilities to each other, and the final choice will be highly dependent on the buyer’s photography style and working conditions. 

But what all photographers, regardless of their work style, should pay attention to is the speed of the camera processor and the number and type of memory card ports, which provide a direct impact on the speed of photography and the ability to capture fast moments

. Screen image quality, viewfinder accuracy, battery performance and the ability to provide battery grip, the availability of important and programmable keys are other points that professional photographers pay attention to when buying their professional weapon to capture moments.

The best professional digital cameras on the market

The best professional digital cameras on the market

Device name and model Quality of photography and video recording Weight Processor Continuous shooting speed Price
Sony Alpha a7 III Mirrorless Body 24MP / 4K 650 grams Bionz X 10 frames per second 40,500,000 Tomans
Sony alpha a7C body 24MP / 4K 509 g Bionz X 10 frames per second 43,700,000 Tomans
Canon EOS R Mirrorless Camera Body 30MP / 4K 660 g Digic 8 8 frames per second 49,650,000 Tomans
Sony Alpha a7R IV body 61MP / 4K 670 grams Bionz X 10 frames per second 68,000,000 Tomans
Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Digital Camera
with 24-70mm Lens and FTZ Mount Adapter Kit *
24MP 4K 585 grams ** EXPEED 6 12 frames per second 58,830,000 Tomans
Sony Alpha a7S III body 12MP / 4K 699 grams Bionz XR 10 frames per second 90,700,000 Tomans
Nikon Z7 Mirrorless Camera 24-70mm Lens and FTZ Adapter Kit * 45MP / 4K 585 grams ** EXPEED 6 9 frames per second 96,990,000 Tomans
Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless Camera Body 45MP / 4K 738 grams Digic X 20 frames per second 101,500,000 Tomans

 * At the time of writing, only the price of the kit versions (along with the link) of these cameras was available.