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What Is The Google Store And How Is It Different From The Google Play Store?

If you are interested in Google products, then you have probably heard the name Google Store. In this store, Google sells its products. 

Of course, it should be noted that this has not always been the case. 

This store has an interesting history.

The Google Store started out as a tab

Google Store

Google’s first store was an Android market. This store was only available on Android devices, and thus Android applications and games reached the owners of these gadgets. Slowly, Google added other types of content to the Android Market. This case later changed the name of the store to Google Play.

The Google Play Store is a place to offer many Android digital products . Of course, it was in this store that Google also sold products such as Nexus phones and tablets, Chromecasts, and Chromebooks. All of these items were included in the “Devices” tab in the Google Play Store. Eventually, Google became more interested in producing its own hardware, which led to the creation of the Google Store.

Made by Google

Google Store

The first device to be built entirely by Google itself was the Nexus Q media device in 2012. At the time, the only devices sold in the Google Play Store were Nexus gadgets that were not made by Google itself.

The Nexus Q project ultimately failed, but it was a prelude to Chromext production in 2013. The ChromeX project was a huge success for Mountain View residents. Naturally, this was just the beginning of the growing number of gadgets by Google itself, as well as the acquisition of other hardware companies.

The Google Store officially launched in March 2015. Until now, Google’s hardware business has not been very serious. By the way, Google was preparing for a big entry into this market. Naturally, the launch of this store was a big step in this direction.

The following year, Google unveiled the first Pixel smartphone as well as the first model of Google Home smart speakers. This, in turn, led to the launch of the “Made by Google” program. After this time, dozens of products were released in the Google Store. In fact, this store can be considered the home of pixel phones, Nest smart devices, chrome textures, chromebooks and their accessories.


What can be purchased in the Google Store?

Google Store

Google sells digital goods in the Play Store, but as mentioned earlier, its hardware products sell in the Google Store. In the latter you can find Pixel phones, Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, Nest devices as well as some products produced by Google partners.

The Google Store is not the only place where you can buy Google hardware products. Naturally, like other companies, the products of this internet giant can be purchased in other online and physical stores. However, if you make your purchase through the Google Store itself, then you will also receive better after-sales service.

One of the Google Store equations is the Apple Store. In the latter, you can also buy Apple-made products.

You can also find some third-party products in both stores, but of course most of the items that can be purchased belong to the owners of these stores.

Unlike the Apple Store, the Google Store is just an online store with no physical branches. Some stores in foreign countries, such as Best Buy, may have a section dedicated to Google products, but you should know that such stores are not run by Google and only the company’s products are sold in such places.

The only exceptions to the physical product in the Google Store are subscriptions. Users can purchase subscriptions to services such as Google One, Stadia Pro and YouTube Premium. These are usually subscriptions that are sold in this store along with physical products.

Finally, we must say that the description of the Google Store provided by Google itself, in the simplest possible way, describes the mission of this store: “Google Store for devices and accessories made by Google”, that’s it!