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Google Pixel Buds A-Series

Google Pixel Buds A-Series Review

Google Pixel Winds A-Series; This Is Google’s Third Attempt To Launch The Pixel buds Product Line. The Changes In This Series From The First Generation Of These Products To The Current Pixel Of Wireless Winds Are Very Important And Significant.

Google Pixel Buds A-Series,  “If there is no problem, do not change it”; Looking at Google’s approach, it can be seen that the company strongly believes in proverbs and does not intend to use the winning combination in the A-Series.

These wireless airbags are very similar to the previous generation, but Google has decided to launch them for $ 99, which is $ 80 cheaper than previous versions.

Without further ado, you probably know that the A-Series is related to the company’s Pixel smartphone series. Just as models with the small English letter mean the same but cheaper user experience than the company’s flagship smartphones, so does the airbag. Follow us with a review of the Google Pixel Buds A-Series.

Hardware and design

The series is marketed with clear sound, good quality for in-ear placement, clear contacts, and exceptional battery life. The experience of working with these airbags is largely based on Google Assistant. Inside the Buds, A-Series pixel box is a USB-A to USB-C cable, three plastic phones in different sizes, and a user manual.

Here we have to mention once again that the appearance of Google’s new airbags is the same as last year’s model. Even the charging box is produced in similar dimensions; Of course, the weight of this box now, with 53 grams, which is 8 grams lighter than the product of 2020, shows that Google has tried to apply the minimum required upgrades.

In the first place, it must be acknowledged that the lid of the charging box, despite the reduction in volume, works properly and never loosens.


The magnets used in this box are of good quality to hold the airbags in place; however, you can predict with a high percentage that the airbags will come out if you accidentally drop the box.

Let’s deal with the airbags themselves. Each of them weighs about 5 grams, and this amount seems so small that sometimes you forget to put them in your ear. Both bases are also equipped with IPx4 standard, which means that they are resistant to water and sweat.

Google has decided to use a total of two microphones on the A-Series.

The beamforming microphones on the body of the product stand out at the top and bottom; This way, you can be sure that your voice will reach the other person, even in crowded places. Not satisfactory? The Pixel Buds A-Series is equipped with a coverage sensor that automatically stops playing music when removing them from your ear.

The remarkable sound of these airbags is produced by the 12 mm drivers inside.

These drivers were used in exactly the more expensive model that was released last year. These airbags also support Spatial Vent technology, which regulates the air pressure inside the corners. This feature helps to avoid pressure on the user’s ear during long-term use.

Although the A-Series Pixel Buds design is the same as last year, Google has chosen their components more carefully, or in other words, modified them. The touchpad on the 2020 Pixels is not visible in the A-Series, so you can’t use touch commands to adjust the volume.

Another change from the newer version is removing several proximity sensors, which has reduced the weight of each wind by about half a gram.

Fit and comfort

The end of the A-Series Bads pixel in the ear is only one size, suitable for many users. However, if last year’s pixel winds failed to meet your needs, there will be a problem with these new models as well.

Google Pixel Buds A-Series


Therefore, it cannot complain that this has disturbed the comfort of these airbags.

If they get into your ear, you will not be bothered by long-term use. Also, if you neglect the default silicone series in the box and go for third-party versions, you can expect a better user experience.

Of course, not entering the charging box is also very common in these issues, and it can not be guaranteed that solving one problem will solve your other problem as well!

In addition, in long-term use, you will usually sweat. Airbags are resistant to this but will slip as soon as they are exposed to moisture. As a result, they may slip out of your ear. It is recommended that you use a headband in long-term use where such conditions are very likely to occur.

Application features

Google’s Fast Pair service makes it easier for the device to detect the A-Series Pixels, but the user experience will not always be consistent. In fact, since none of the PixelBods series models support the Multi-Point Pairing feature, you will need to pair them with your smartphone again each time you use the A-Series with your computer.

The new Pixel Buds are also compatible with iOS and have no problem with this. You must have the “Pixel Buds” app installed on your device to access Google Airbag settings in Apple products.

These settings and features allow you to make software updates or, if necessary, shake one of the airbags to find it.

Google Assistant is another major benefit of the Pixel Buds A-Series, which is built-in and integrated with Android products by default. Not only will Google notify you that notifications are read through your ear, but you can also reply to them directly without the need for a phone.

This feature works very well, and you will use it many times if you have the right enthusiasm and excitement.

Google Pixel Winds A-Series

Just as you can talk to an assistant on your smartphone, Buds follow your instructions to perform tasks such as setting reminders, checking the weather, making calls, and more.

It should be noted that, unfortunately, these features are not available in Persian, and if you want to use them, you have to recite the words in English (or other supported languages).

The process is that you press the button on one of the buds, hold and wait; Then you start talking. On the other hand, the A-Series Pixels are always waiting to hear the words of the Google Hey call so you can interact with them without the need for hand intervention. Pressing the button on the product again will release the assistant, and you can listen to music و again.

It usually takes about 3 seconds for Google Assistant to respond, but depending on the connection speed and stability, this amount can be increased or decreased.

This assistant can also be a great help on your travels. You can select the Help Me Speak [] option and then the language of your choice so that this voice assistant can guide you and take care of the translation. Its performance is much better than in previous years, and it now does its job with a meager error rate.

Unfortunately, the performance of Pixel Buds 2021 in the personalization debate is not as powerful as in other sectors. The user interface and product application are designed to be as simple as possible.

The following are the only options that can be turned on or off, not personalization:
  • Hey, Google call key that enables Google Assistant.
  • Start sound playback: The beep sound that is played when the call word is detected.
  • Enable or disable touch controls
  • Bass Boost: The only available equalizer that can deepen bass and sub-bass.
  • Flexible sound: Automatically adjusts the sound according to the noise in the environment.
  • A-Series Bad Pixel Wear Detection: Automatically detects whether the airbag is in or out of the ear to stop/play audio
Flexible sound is one of the remarkable features of these pixels.

This feature adjusts the output sound according to the amount of unwanted ambient sound. This feature has worked very well during outdoor tests. When a car or a vehicle passes you, the sound increases immediately but attractively and returns to normal as soon as the noise subsides.

Google Pixel Buds A-Series


This feature is disabled each time you manually adjust the volume, and the volume control returns to you. In addition to these features, the PixelBeeds app always warns that using other features such as Bass Boost and impacting ambient sound will reduce your battery life, and this is exactly the point that leads us to the next section.

Charging, battery life, and connection

The Pixel Buds A-Series can last up to 5 hours on a single charge and 24 hours on a single charge, with continuous performance and audio playback. Although USB-C direct charging support is advantageous, there is no wireless charging capability in Google 2021 Airbags.

Google emphasizes that the 24-hour mode is based on basic hardware tests and some energy-intensive features so that you may encounter different results.

Actual test results show that both airbags consume about 5% of the box charge per hour in continuous audio playback mode.

 As a result, it will be possible to play audio continuously for 20 hours on a single full charge.

When it comes to connectivity, we have to refer to the experience of many users who have encountered signal weakness while using the 2020 Pixels. To this end, Google has increased the radio features of the new product of this family.

Unfortunately, despite the improvements, the connection is disconnected every time you connect to Google Assistant. This is at least the case with 2.4 GHz routers and has been observed many times.


Voice and call quality

Although it is not possible to manually adjust the volume for the P-Pixels A-Series, these fresh airbags provide a balanced output; A good output with clear sound that plays medium and high frequencies well. Although. Low and high frequencies show some drawbacks, but the presence of the Bass Boost feature will satisfy many die-hard users.

The sound of this product is really great in such a price range, and it can certainly surprise most users, especially by activating Bass Boost. On the other hand, as mentioned, the sound balance remains constant even when this feature is off.

Winds run AAC codecs on both Android and iOS operating systems, and since each connects to the device separately, there is no delay in their output.

The product’s dual microphones with Noise-Reduction support allow you to call someone on a bustling street and hear a clear sound on the other side of the story; You can not imagine anything better than this, can you?


Last year’s Google Pixel Buds are now available at a significant discount, so if wireless charging and touch controls are important to you, you can get them for as little as $ 20 more. Of course, if you succeed, you will find them because they are no longer produced.

New products of this family are now available with suitable features, acceptable packaging, and economical price, and the A-Series is the shining diamond that can explain our purpose.

These new economic pixel winds are recommended for those looking for great sound, call quality, and deep interaction with Google Assistant. Battery life is certainly not the strongest thing we have ever seen, but it works well enough to meet your needs. Also, these pixel winds are by no means the best airbags on the market, but they integrate well with Android and work satisfactorily.

Positive points:

  • Economic price
  • Proper and balanced sound output
  • Convenient capabilities for the price
  • Satisfactory battery life
  • Full support for Google Assistant features


  • Lack of wireless charging support
  • Lack of support for touch commands
  • Very few personalization capabilities
  • Disconnect in some situations