several website design styles

Get to know several website design styles

The stages of designing and building websites to inform, introduce different companies and present their products are called site design. Different types of website design styles include the process of layering pages, ordering content, graphic design, and following SEO principles. In the following, we will learn more about the types of website design styles.

Explanations about website design

You can easily design a website if you are familiar with programming and markup languages. Otherwise, it will be possible for you to design the site using the tools available in this field. In the following, we will learn the types of website design styles.

Today, having a website is necessary not only for different businesses but also for individuals. Choosing a website design style is currently one of the challenges of setting up and having a personal website. Website designers use various attractive styles and formats to design their websites. If you are familiar with different styles, you can get a modern site that suits your profession.

Website design requires coding training and familiarity with website design methods. Each of the website design styles has its advantages and disadvantages. Choosing one of them is better than being familiar with their advantages and disadvantages.

The importance of creativity in website design

The first step to starting a business is to have a good idea so that the time invested in website design is not lost. In the first step, you should choose your activity category and choose a set of sites as a source according to the selected title. It will be possible for you to consider future programs in different sections of the site. By considering these sections, you can achieve a targeted website design. Website design is possible in different styles, depending on your choice of website design.

Examining all types of website design styles

A set of rules, graphics, and designed elements is called a site design style. The site designer or developer must ensure that the various elements on the site are in harmony. Based on user experiences, new website design styles have been created today, and considering the importance of various website design styles, we will learn more about them in the future.

Flat design

One of the common website design styles is flat website design. Users in the past have used this design style. In this website design style, the elements and components related to the design have a balanced structure, and their complexity is high. This style will be the right choice if you are looking for a regular, light, and beautiful website design. One of the most important features of this website design style is the use of flat graphic images, appropriate color schemes, stylish typography, and the absence of different styles such as shadows and gradients.

The following can be mentioned among the most important advantages of this website design style.

  • Simple and fast design compared to all kinds of complex designs
  • Since complex design elements are not used in this design style, the pages on these sites are light.
  • High-speed sites designed using this style

Although this type of style has many advantages, it also has disadvantages

  • The simplicity of the elements used in this style of website design
  • The visual appeal of these types of sites is less than those with shadows and gradients.
  • Reducing the click rate of the site due to not using animated and attractive graphic icons
  • There are many sites similar to this style of design on the Internet

Material design

One of the types of completely professional and special website design styles is the material design style. Google determines the criteria required for this design style, so they greatly impact people. Coding and website design also significantly impact SEO and Google ranking. This design style uses a combination of flat and animated website design methods. The color coordination is eye-catching and attractive animations are used to make it beautiful. This style of design is used in mobile applications. Therefore, Android users are familiar with this website design style.

The most important advantages of this website design style include the following.

  • Specific standards set by Google are used to design the material-style site.
  • The use of animation and beautiful effects has increased the attractiveness of this style of the site.
  • The user environment of these types of sites is easy and user-friendly.
  • Coordination of website design with website application

But this website design style also has disadvantages

  • Creativity and personal ideation are underutilized
  • The use of multiple animations has made the site heavy for mobile use.
  • It is difficult to make changes in the initial design of the site.

Animation design

In the Internet space, the use of animation is increasing dramatically. Today, great animation capabilities are used for website design. One of the types of website design style that currently has many fans is animation style website design. Using this design style and adding animations through coding to the site’s content also have obstacles. Some browsers do not support these features, and your site may turn into a normal site.

The following can be mentioned among the most important advantages of this website design style.

  • It has a great impact on the audience
  • It is highly attractive to the audience
  • The time spent by the audience on the site increases.
  • The contents of the site will be shared more by users.

But this design style also has disadvantages.

  • The use of different animations makes the pages of the site heavy.

Collage design

Using this website design style, you can create designs that are different from each other in terms of appearance. Designers have more flexibility in choosing graphic elements to create the background. In these sites, the background is similar to a noticeboard or a messy desk. To collect different forms to create a new whole, designers use more images to create an interesting scene. The best layout in this website design style does not focus only on aesthetics. Designs for this purpose should be chosen that also have content. In these sites, navigation and information flow are usually placed on the page.


This website design style usually uses one or two colors, simple and quiet design, and large typography. Also, the site’s space is not used and will not be considered in the design. This website design style is new, so it is becoming more popular, and more brands are using it.

Website design in the style of minimalism brings the following advantages

  • Simple navigation
  • Increased speed and stability
  • Improved review
  • Reduce code and programming
  • Error control capability
  • Using the space of web hosting servers

Organic website design

Organic is one of the other website design styles that has considerable popularity. This website design style uses natural textures such as wood, paper, and beautiful images or flowers. Organic style has been used in the design of many websites, and their correct use has given a beautiful look to your website design. If you deal with these things in website design, it will be possible for you to design a creative website.

2D website

In this style of site design, icons and two-dimensional pieces are used to beautify the site. 3D effects are rarely used on these sites, so the volume of pages is small, and the user can have more control over the site’s main content. The following are the most important advantages of this design style:

  • High speed of website design
  • A small volume of site pages
  • Powerful SEO

But the disadvantages of this type of website design include the following

  • Today’s stunning effects, such as animations and 3D images, are unavailable on the site.
  • Duplication of the site and its similarity with other sites

3D website

3D websites, like all 3D games and movies, have their fans and their high appeal. This website design style is often suitable for people looking for unique and special templates. On these sites, you will feel yourself inside the store and workspace. Most architecture and home decoration sites use this style of site design to increase the attractiveness of their profession and attract more users to their site. Among the most important advantages of this website design style the following can be mentioned:

  • Unique beauty and charm
  • being special

The most important disadvantages of this design style include the following.

  • The high volume of the site
  • The complexity of the user interfaces for users with little experience.

Single page website

Another common website design style among designers is the single-page website. All the contents of these types of sites are summarized on one page. For some businesses, this design style is considered a trump card. It is not possible to use it for many businesses and internet users.

In these sites, the designer does not need to link, and the contents of a page will be provided to the audience in the form of a scroll. The audience will not need to search to reach the desired section and will have access to the site’s contents in a short period. The content production of these sites is not only textual content; beautiful effects and moving images can be used in them. The most important advantages of these sites include the following:

  • View all site information on one page
  • Optimum use of the site by the user without the need to refer to another page and log in and out of the page
  • Maximum impact on the audience

The most important disadvantages of this design style are the following

  • Poor SEO
  • There will be no possibility of internal linking on the site.
  • Grange site design

This style of website design causes irregular and chaotic website design. This design style is not interesting to many, but as some people like chaotic and messy clothes and accessories, it also has fans. Users often notice neat and clean sites. This design style will suit you if you have a youth clothing store or a club and do similar activities.

Last word

We got acquainted with the types of website design styles. Using them, you can launch your website and create strong communication between you and the users. If you are looking for a professional, practical, and user-friendly website design that is in line with the latest design styles, you can use the website design services and hire a website designer.