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Google data center

Every thing about Google Data center

Take a look at Google Data center

Google Data center

All information on the Internet, such as your sites, your emails, and all the information you have on the Internet. Is on computers call servers.. A Data center is a set of networked servers set up by organizations to distribute, store, and process large amounts of data. The most prominent Data centers in the world can be refer to the Google Data center.

So Every time you use a Google product, you are connect to one of its Data centers around the world.

Recognized by many Internet users as the most powerful search engine in the world. Google needs powerful Data centers to process large amounts of information, and has established many centers around the world for this purpose.

Google Data centers are always busy processing information and do not stop for a moment. As computer systems heat up during data processing, they need equipment to cool themselves. Data centers, which are no exception to this rule, are required to use such solutions. Of course, the search giant of the world has been less open in this regard and has preferred to remain silent. But the company has recently published a number of photos and videos of its most advanced databases. Which we will draw your attention to below.

Different structural parts of Google Data center

  • Colored tubes
  • Cooling towers
  • Cooling equipment
  • Network room
  • Servers
  • Water tank
  • Hard
  • Rack

Colored Tubes of Google

Thousands of meters of colored tubes are using in Google data centers, Google has painted these tubes with bright colors, and of course, this painting is not just for the sake of being interesting and attractive; This painting is done for the user of each of the pipes, for example, the red pipes bring hot water from inside the data center to this part, and the green pipes that you see in the picture receive this hot water from the pink pipes and go to the tower. Cooling cells are transfer outside the data center to cool the water again and this cold water is transfer again to the server room in the data center.

Colored Tubes of Google

Cooling Towers of Google

The image of the steam is above the cooling towers that you want to see the resulting water vapor, and Also this image means that the cooling towers of Kogel data centers are always at the lowest level of humidity and temperature, which is achieved in its own way. It is very efficient.

Cooling towers

Cooling equipment

In this picture, you can see a high profile of the cooling equipment of Google Data Center. Also Inside these pipes, cold water of the Gulf of Finland is store, and by circulating this water inside the data center, it reduces the heat of Google’s always-on equipment and servers. So It can always be on and available to serve you.

Cooling equipment

Network Room of Google Data center

This network room is a room of Google data centers. As you can see in front of the racks and network equipment inside, hanging very clear plastic curtains. In fact, if you look closely at the picture, cold air vents are place on the floor of this room. This keeps the data center equipment cool, so use insulated plastic curtains to keep cold air out and hot air out, as this equipment transmits millions of pieces of information every second. If it gets hot inside, the equipment may be seriously damage.

Network room

Servers of Google Data center

In fact, this is the server floor, or the heart of the data center in the night light, where, as you can see, everything is here on a regular basis, and the servers are up and running so that they can provide great Google services to people all over the world. . This is the Hamina data center in Finland. And Google says that it used to be a paper factory, and Google has transformed it into a data center by rebuilding it and adjusting the necessary infrastructure. The plant is located close to the waters of the Gulf of Finland. And Google uses this water to cool its equipment inside the data center.

Here are the corridors of the servers and the blue LEDs around the servers show that all the servers are fully lit and everything is going well. Google has used the blue LEDs which are both less energy consuming and longer lasting It has lights .And, as in the picture, the power plug of each server is connected to the sockets next to the rack so that the servers use electricity.


Water Tank

This is one of the big tanks for cold water storage .That can store 240,000 gallons of water inside this tank, which means that this tank has a capacity of about 900,000 liters of water and is completely insulate so that no water comes out, the task of this Large tanks send cold water to the heart of Google’s data centers to cool equipment and servers.

Water Tank


As you can see in the picture, Google has arranged the hard drives in rows. In fact, any information that is inside the Google servers in these drives is back up, these corridors are very small and can not be easily enter by humans. That’s why robotic arms are place at the end of each aisle. So that as soon as something happens to the information, the robot takes the desired backup from the shelves and gives it to Google experts to restore the information. In fact, the chances of deleting important user information are zero because Google backs them all up.


Rack of the Google Data center

As you look at Google Data Center, you can see that each of Google Data Center racks has four switches. Switches are actually devices that provide communication between servers and the internal network of the data center. The switches are completely colored and a specific task is set for each color of the cable and each color is used for a specific task. And this makes it much easier and faster if the cables have a problem with a part of the data center. Separate and solve the problem.


Therefore In this article we said structural different parts of google Data center and we hope you enjoy of reading that.