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Do Jews Control The World Economy? A Look At Conspiracy Theories About Bitcoin

Many people believe that the world situation is not going as well as most people think, but that there is careful planning for everything; What is scientifically called “conspiracy theory”. 

World Economy, In a word, conspiracy theory can be considered as not believing in the formal appearance of political, economic and historical events; Disbelief in what is officially accepted. With a little care in the philosophy of creating technologies without the need for trust and intermediaries, such as bitcoin and blockchain, we find that most proponents of the digital currency community are also skeptical or skeptical of what is legally accepted and proposed.

 In fact, creating a financial system that works without the need for a central supplier and supporter is itself an important testament to the distrust of individuals towards the central organizations in power. However, many still believe that this bitcoin is a masterpiece of centralized powers.

Andrew Fenton, author of Digital Currencies, in an articlePublished in the Kevin Telegraph, it examines the traces of conspiracy theories in the creation and formation of digital currency communities. He begins with a story by Vin Armani, a proponent of conspiracy theories.

Do Jews control the world economy?  A look at conspiracy theories about bitcoin
Wayne Armani

In April 2020, Wayne Armani reunited with his family and made his last flight (before global quarantine) to an unknown island in the middle of the Pacific.

The digital currency activist has repeatedly said on his Twitter account, which has 14,000 followers, that the Corona virus outbreak will be used to impose “totalitarian tyranny” in the United States. He says:

Totalitarianism always starts from a critical situation.

Armani is the CEO of CoinText, a platform for digital currency transfer via mobile. He was worried that explicitly expressing his views and connections to the digital currency industry would cause the Gestapo to “kidnap” him! Armani currently lives on Saipan, a Pacific island of 50,000 people.

“Jews fled Germany before the outbreak of World War II,” he said.

This is not the end of the story. Our ability to travel is severely limited and you are getting caught. This is exactly where the passages end, where people who do not want to disappear are removed from the scene. People on the list.

Many in the digital currency community have expressed concern about the loss of civil liberties during the outbreak of the Corona virus, but the ideal has gone far beyond that; A thousand kilometers beyond.

He sees himself not as a conspiracy theorist but as someone trying to challenge society’s assumptions about money and power. Armani says the white paper (introduction article) Bitcoin is often the tool that “wakes up” people and prepares them for an exploratory journey. He states:

I hate conspiracy theories. You do not need a conspiracy at all. All you need is an incentive to break with tradition. The world works in a special way. People act only for their own benefit. As Lord Acton says, power is prone to corruption, and absolute power is utterly corrupt. I think the people you see in the digital currency community are people who have studied economics, you see people who know what government and the nation mean. These people are looking for the power of the nation.

Armani seems to be in a position that some call “paranoid” in American politics. He is a big fan of the English conspiracy theorist David Icke and has been interviewed twice on his YouTube program. He ik’s like thisDescribes the:

Fifteen years ago, when I stumbled upon his work, Ike woke me up… For the past 30 years, everything David has said has been true.

Ic Theories

Do Jews control the world economy?  A look at conspiracy theories about bitcoin
David Ike

Ike believes that cold-blooded aliens rule the world, coming from the planet Alpha Draconis, and can change their appearance into human form. One of these aliens has become a “queen”.

According to Armani, Ike’s theories have “evolved”. More recently, Facebook accounts and YouTube accounts have been fueled by conspiracy theories claiming that 5G Internet is causing the spread of the corona virus.Was blocked.

Caleb Chen, another member of the pro-traditional Bitcoin community, is responsible for marketing one of the most popular VPN providers. Although Chen is not sure about many conspiracy theories, he still spends part of his daily life searching and scrutinizing.Reddit Forums It goes on about conspiracy theories and seeks “alternative explanations” for current world events.

According to Chen, he first became acquainted with extremist conspiracy theorists in the digital currency community. Chen stated:

The first bitcoin session I attended was in 2013. Yes, that’s where I got to know these people. Until I attended bitcoin conferences and gatherings, I had never seen anyone who did not believe that man really landed on the moon, or who believed in the conspiracy theory of the earth.

5G conspiracy theory

According to Kirby Ferguson, author and director of “This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory,” conspiracy theories are prevalent in the digital currency community, although speculation and fringe issues are major concerns. . “Ferguson says:

There is definitely a conspiracy theory subculture in this area. I feel that there is a combination of anti-traditionalism and skepticism towards the media in the digital currency community.

This subculture is large enough to be visible.

About half a million people VideoThey have watched Crypto Chico on YouTube. In this video, the user explains how digital currencies are linked to a conspiracy theory about the outbreak of Covid disease, entitled “Planned global outbreak.”

When a Bitcoin Ben user is not advertising Bitcoin on YouTube or Twitter, he or she would like to write and share about QAnon theory. Kiwanan Theory is a conspiracy theory about a secret government in the United States that seeks to overthrow the Trump administration. The Washington Post describes the idea as follows:

This is a global conspiracy by the satanic perverts who rule the world.

Do Jews control the world economy?  A look at conspiracy theories about bitcoin

Now, what is this 5G conspiracy theory that apparently one in eight people now believes in? The theory states that the prevalence of Covid disease was 19 fictitious issues so that people around the world were unaware of the devastating effects of 5G waves, and that Bill Gates could use his vaccines to implant a microchip in everyone’s body. The whole story is made up by one mindPriest for digital currencies From the small town of Luton in England.

The Trustnodes magazine, which specializes in digital currencies, has devoted much of its content to conspiracy theories in recent months. Among the recent headlines of this magazine “America on the verge of a dictatorshipIt has been and continues to be the idea that quarantine is in fact a way of “suppressing, chaining and enslaving humanity.”

This publication wrote in one of the articles selected by its editor:

Not surprisingly, some people are drawn to the ideas of Alex Jones.

Alex Jones is a well-known theorist in the field of conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy theories about digital currencies

Suspicious actions of profiteers in the digital currency space is one of the reasons why this space has become a suitable platform for conspiracy theories. For example, there are whales that manipulate markets, and as a result, the US Securities and Exchange Commission has consistently evaded accepting Bitcoin exchange traded funds (ETFs).

On the other hand, it has been proven that تترIn fact, it has no one-to-one support for the US dollar; That is, Tetr’s dollar backing is incomplete. Also, many of the projects in this area are just buzzwords that are designed to pocket the capital and assets of naive investors. In addition, on the margins of the CEO’s deathQuadriga Exchange(Quadriga), Gerald Cotten, doubts are high. After Cotton’s death, the Quadriga exchange failed to access the $ 145 million in digital currency of its users, and the matter went so far as to take legal action to exterminate Cotton.

Torsten Hoffman is a filmmaker who, in his new documentary Cryptopia, portrays a conspiracy theory that has been formed about Blockstream, the company that does the main work of developing Bitcoin. He stated:

Every conspiracy theory is always based on some kind of truth, and there is a reality within it that makes it easier to believe.

People in the community Bitcoin Cache There are those who really believe that the limited size of bitcoin blocks is intentional and part of a larger blockchain plan to force people to use scalable solutions such as Lightning Network(Lightning) and Liquid. For example, a Reddit user named BitAlien wrote:

This theory is not a conspiracy, but a conspiracy itself. Blackstream intends to cripple bitcoin and allow banks to take control of us. You have to wake up a rabbit!

Also, some in the bitcoin community believe that Roger Ver, the former Bitcoin sponsor and founder of Bitcoin Cash, intends to destroy Bitcoin in order to increase the price of Bitcoin Cash.

Hoffmann acknowledges that an in-depth investigation into the conspiracy theory has spent a great deal of time examining the “confidential information” of Blackstream, a company accused of bribing various institutions to open its way. But in the end, the reality is much more ordinary and ordinary than it sounds: the two societies just have different views on the scalability of the Chinese bloc. According to Hoffman, in fact, the flow is only about one question:

Is Bitcoin digital money or digital gold? If you believe in one of these two, then you have two different technical solutions in mind.

According to the theory Razor bladeFor any event, the simplest conjecture about its cause is closest to reality. However, this theory does not explain how people come to very strange conclusions. For example, a Reddit user with the username “ShadowOfHarbinger” recently wrote in an article on the site’s bitcoin section that Blockstream actually belongs to the CIA. This user wrote in an indifferent tone, as if everyone is aware of the story:

The CIA intervened in bitcoin affairs between 2012 and 2013. All of this is a series of government operations and conflicts that end in the government’s favor.

This user received 12 positive votes for his controversial comment.

Do Jews control the world economy?  A look at conspiracy theories about bitcoin

It is based on the theory that the CIA invented bitcoin, the theory that the US National Security Agency (NSA) uses the SHA-256 hash algorithm used by bitcoin. Invented And Satoshi Nakamoto means “Central Intelligence Agency” in Japanese.

In search of answers

According to Hoffman, it is not surprising that some people in the bitcoin community have traditional views. He stated:

Bitcoin started from the margins and began to challenge what was commonplace: economic laws, the capitalist system, and everything. In fact, bitcoin has challenged the whole world. So, these people are challenging other issues in our society, and this is probably where these conspiracy theories come into play.

Both digital currency advocates and conspiracy theorists have similar motives: Both see themselves as fighters fighting the corrupt class, whether it be bankers or secret organizations. Both groups are skeptical of organizations and are the most intelligent when it comes to leftist ideas.

And given that the financial system is so vague and extremely complex, it is probably not surprising that some people go astray in their search for the truth. According to David Golumbia, author of The Politics of Bitcoin: Software as Right Wing Extremism, answering the question “What is money?” Is not easy at all. He says:

It is not easy to figure it out, even experts cannot give a precise and complete explanation. In my opinion, many people are looking for an easy explanation. They want something that means something to them. We want everything to be simple, and I realize how frustrating it can be when reality is not what we want it to be.

According to Golombia, conspiracy theory is a simple and clean answer to a complex question.

Similarly, Rob Viglione, the founder of Horizen, says that some people, especially fans of privacy-driven digital currencies (pricing of coins like Monroe), are drawn to big ideas and scenarios. He said:

There is a hypothesis that behind everything in the world there are gangs behind the scenes. Large forces are led by some higher organizations and individuals Large and mysterious forces are the cause of various problems. In my opinion, some people who enter the field of bitcoin think so. Like: We are changing the world. They have great ideas in mind, and of course, it is easy to think that a particular person or organization is behind random events.

Do Jews control the world economy?  A look at conspiracy theories about bitcoin

A similar phenomenon is seen in other parts of the world of economics. Economic analyst Justin Fox wrote in Time Magazine, in a section on a dubious news source called Zero Hedge, that Wall Street traders love conspiracy theories. Zero Hedge’s Twitter account was recently blocked due to false news about the outbreak of the Corona virus. Fox writes:

Wall Street traders are ardent supporters of conspiracy theories. The first reason is that some conspiracy theories really happen in the financial market, and the second is that if you do not have an excuse in the form of a theory, you will be completely confused by the daily movements of the market.

Semi-Dark Federal Reserve

The US Federal Reserve, or the US Federal Reserve, has long been suspected by the Bitcoin community. The organization empowers five unelected government officials to change the dollar’s policies, the world’s main reserve currency, in a completely independent and uncritical manner. As Hoffman points out, this whole concept is strange. He says:

The Federal Reserve is not a government agency, it is owned by private banks. If you say this to someone who does not know, it sounds like a conspiracy theory.

It may seem that a group of conspirators are lowering the price of the currency and have various plans with malicious intent. However, Vigilion says they may be inadvertently and blindly wrong and are only taking aimless action, hoping to help the economy.

Vigilion, who reviewed the Federal Reserve for his doctoral dissertation, explains:

I can boldly say that in my opinion, they do not know what they are doing at all.

The more careful people are in the work of “greedy bankers,” the more likely they are to come up with unpleasant facts. “Ferguson says:

Many of the theories against the Federal Reserve relate to conspiracy theories about the Jews and the Rothschilds, as well as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the like. If you have a question about the Federal Reserve, such as where all this money comes from, etc., you probably come up with ideas that blame the Jews for all the trouble.

Do Jews control the world economy?  A look at conspiracy theories about bitcoinJacob Rothschild (left), elder of the Rothschild family alongside David Rockefeller (right), elder of the Rockefeller family

The Rothschilds are a Jewish and aristocratic family that began their banking business in the 18th century. This family has been the subject of many conspiracy theories about wealth control and global banks. The Zionist / Jewish Elders Protocol is another theory that holds Jewish leaders in control of the world’s economy and politics.

Even if we do not want to get too caught up in such theories, there are still issues. Topics related to digital currency trading on the 8chan online community were filled with hatred against right-wing and anti-Semitic thinking. The website was shut down when its users committed mass killings with firearms three times. Of course, the platform was later relaunched in Darkont by Fork Monroe, Loki, as 8kun.

Neo-Nazis, including computer scientist Andrew Auernheimer, the Stormfront website, and the Daily Stormer website, are also fed and supported by bitcoin donations. The Southern Poverty Law Center recently wrote on its website, citing the identities behind several bitcoin addresses:

Many far-rightists were the first to accept bitcoin, and many benefited from the rise in the digital currency.

Digital gold fanatics

Golombia previously worked on Wall Street, and a few years ago, when Bitcoin was just emerging, he realized that he had heard many similar conspiracy theories before. He stated in this regard:

They were very similar to the conspiracy theories I heard about gold.

Gold bugs have always had some interesting ideas. Some users in the Urban Dictionary, which means slang words and terms, have defined the term “gold bug” as follows:

Related to paranoia (extremist suspicion), conspiracy theories, 9/11 conspiracy theorists, people who are constantly and extremistly preparing for emergencies to survive, tax opponents, racists, anti-Semites and right-wingers. For example, according to a gold digger, real money is gold, and Fiat paper money is worthless and a scam.

Bitcoin’s various narratives of scarce money, fixed supply, inflation protection, market manipulation, and disruption to the Federal Reserve’s printing press can all be attributed to gold diggers.

Everett Millman, a precious metals expert at Gainesville Coins, a company that develops a gold-backed digital currency, believes the idea of ​​”scarce money” is directly related to a deep-seated distrust of the world. Is the economy. Millman says:

Such a view is fundamentally rooted in conspiracy theory. The theory is that the Federal Reserve was founded in 1913 to stage a coup against the honest and straightforward gold-based money system. Thus, the whole hypothesis is involved in conspiracy theory from the beginning. It can be said that this opens the way for other conspiracy theories for extreme gold lovers. If you believe that you have been lied to about something basic, such as how money works, you may easily question the rest of the world. These same emotions are driving the digital currency community.
Do Jews control the world economy?  A look at conspiracy theories about bitcoin
A picture of an old $ 20 backed by gold

Millman says ideas about controlling the Jewish-dominated world that dominate some, albeit small, communities of gold and digital currencies are driving such thoughts and ideas into part of the core discourse of finance. According to him, this can become a real and serious phenomenon. Millman says:

If the whole investment community seems to be working against you, larger conspiracy theories will come to the fore and you will be more likely to accept them.

Bitcoin is born of paranoia (extreme suspicion)

Golombia is not a fan of bitcoin and sees a conspiracy scenario in everything from the concept of “intermediaries” (which he says are reminiscent of ideas related to Jewish power) to hatred of the Federal Reserve. However, he confidently argues that Bitcoin is born of paranoia and is rooted in the thoughts and concerns of cyberpunks who believe they are always under the control of the greater powers. A cypherpunk is a person who believes that the social and political situation must be changed with powerful cryptography and privacy enhancement technologies. Ferguson points out in this regard:

Paranoia is at the heart of the logic of conspiracy.

In his book, Golumbia points out that the Cypherpunks Mailing List, also known as Bitcoin, was a place for extremist ideas to grow and use coding to increase privacy and individual freedoms. By 1994, 700 cipherpunks were connected using this virtual group. Among those cipher punks are the founder of Blockstream, Adam Back, a man withSatoshi Nakamoto Related were Hal Finney, creator of Bit Gold, Nick Szabo, and even someone who calls himself Satoshi Craig Wright.

Do Jews control the world economy?  A look at conspiracy theories about bitcoin
Cyberpunks believe that privacy is the most important asset of individuals on the Internet and that it is not respected by centralized organizations. They see encryption as the only solution.

Cyberpunks paid too much attention to online privacy and government oversight of their relationships. These people saw cryptography as a tool to create an atmosphere free from the control of the powers that be.

Golombia explains:

The problem they constantly faced was money. Their question was, How can we pay when they use our credit cards and track our bank accounts to see what we do? Isn’t it better to pay each other without intermediaries and exchange money without being tracked? Therefore, they used cryptographic technologies to create a variety of tools similar to money.

“Columbia goes on to say:

Bitcoin has probably used five or six similar schemes and projects to create a currency that the government cannot legislate or stop.

In this sense, the technology and purpose of bitcoin is based on the “paranoid style”. Horizon, the founder of Vigilion, mentions that one of the 700 Cypriots was Zooko Wilcox O’Hearn. He was the one who made his private Zoo Quinn, and this Quinn later found a fork named Horizon. Vigilion says:

These technologies emerge almost directly from the heart of the Cypriot punk movement. The idea is that the great powers are watching us, so let’s build something we are no longer watching.

“Even if you are exposed to suspicion and paranoia, it does not mean that they are not looking for you,” says Joseph Heller. As Vigilion pointed out:

Perhaps the biggest conspiracy theory is the idea that the great powers, or NASA, are monitoring everything we do. This, of course, is not far from the truth.

The brilliance of the digital currency community

Do Jews control the world economy?  A look at conspiracy theories about bitcoin

Although the digital currency community is small and in the minority, they are so noisy and influential that they can propagate conspiracy theories about 5G waves. Hoffman points out that many proponents of digital currencies provided accurate and accurate information about the spread of the Corona virus long before the mainstream media. He says:

The information we get from some good sources of digital currencies is much, much better and more complete than the information from the mainstream media. Members of the digital currency community take matters into their own hands because of their distrust of government officials, including journalists, and believe that they can be better reporters. They believe that they can provide a better model of the virus and better update their newsletter than the Wall Street Journal.

Hoffman believes that non-traditional perspectives and a willingness to look beyond the accepted narrative are important strengths in the digital currency community. He says:

Investors who question common beliefs are people who realize every decade what others cannot see. In this case, you can probably see the strong black (unusual and unforeseen event) and use a special solution to a problem that others do not even know about, like what Satoshi did 11 years ago.