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What Sorts Of Works Are Not Suitable To Do With Excel?

What Sorts Of Works Are Not Suitable To Do With Excel?

Despite Its Extensive Capabilities For Computing And Analyzing Data, Excel is Usually Not Suitable For Working With Databases Or Complex Issues And May Not Be Able To Meet All Your Needs.

Excel is an outstanding tool for data processing, But it has its limitations. For example, if you have very complex formulas that make it difficult for you to open an Excel file, it is best to use another file format; But in what case should you look for an alternative to Excel? In this article, we will mention a few examples.

Huge databases

If you do not have much computer skills, you might think that Excel or Google Sheets are the only way to store data. The latest versions of Excel have 16,384 columns and 1,048,576 rows, bringing the total number of cells to 17,179,869,184. Despite this massive amount of data, you have to keep in mind that the computer runs all the Excel data at once; As a result, the computer speed may slow down; But having a hundred or even a thousand lines is not a problem.

However, if you have been analyzing data for years or have multiple users adding information to a file, even powerful computers have trouble loading the data; Because Microsoft loads all the data to open a file. Although Excel is a valuable tool for analyzing short-term data, it can be very wasteful if you need specific data.

An excellent alternative to data storage is to use proprietary database software or services. TThissoftwares have similar features in the same data analysis. If you are a fan of the Microsoft suite, you can also use Microsoft Access. Other alternatives include LibreOffice Base.

Huge databases

Complex data analysis

Microsoft Excel has a wide range of formulas. This software includes the most straightforward procedures from addition and subtraction to complex functions such as net present value and forecasting. However, if you are working with complex and multiple processes, it is better to look for other alternatives. If formulaic variables are based on raw data, Excel is an outstanding tool. Still, if the functions are based on formula cells, it is better to use a dedicated analysis tool.

If spreadsheets rely on multiple formulas, the extra layer of complexity makes errors challenging to detect. If the procedures are three-line and long; Even if you find errors, you can not easily track them. Instead of using Excel for complex scenarios, learn programming languages ​​like Python. The language is easy to understand, and there are plenty of free resources to get you started; But if you do not want to learn the PTO program, you can use a dedicated data analysis tool.

Complex data analysis

Project Management

Before the advent of proprietary project management tools such as Asana and Trello, many people used Microsoft Excel. Setting up projects in Excel is easy, and you can even download templates for this purpose. However, as the team grows and works on larger projects, things get more complicated. Team members will not be able to use the project management file at the same time unless you use the online version of Excel. When you add more complex tasks and sub-tasks, you may encounter a lot of information on one page.

In addition, the more people have access to a file, the greater the likelihood of unwanted data integration. For example, they may inadvertently change formulas or even delete sensitive information. Building and assigning project relationships can also be confusing. For this reason, it is best to use a dedicated project management application to manage your team. Target-based applications allow you and your team to achieve a clear vision for all your needs. You can even assign tasks to specific members so that nothing is hidden from your eyes. If you are looking for affordable options, you can use free online project management tools.

Project management tools


Excel is often used as a form because of its easy access. There are many examples of events and gatherings that use laptops and Excel files to register guests. Using Excel as a form (any spreadsheet) is an ideal option; Because organizers can directly analyze their data. However, there are disadvantages to using Excel as a form:

  • First of all, you have no control over data entry, and anyone can type incorrect information. In addition, there is no data standardization. For example, one person could write New York separately, and another could use the acronym NY, making data analysis difficult.
  • Secondly, if you have multiple registration sites, you will get separate datasets that must integrate. It is time-consuming and can cause data errors and reprocessing; Because some users may have entered their data twice.
  • Third, there is no data privacy. If you use a spreadsheet, anyone can browse the data and gather the information they want. They can even modify existing data.
  • Finally, if you use Excel to register online, find a better alternative to large databases.

Financial data analysis

When you use Excel to track financial data, you may connect to multiple sources. These resources can be other Excel files and online databases, and even financial websites. However, by adding these items, the possibility of errors or reaching outdated information also increases.

For example, in 2012, an incident in J. Pi Morgan occurred where formulas randomly used total prices instead of average prices to calculate risk. It resulted in results for two domains that are more diminutive than the actual amount, with a company’s financial loss of $ 6 billion. Incorrect formulas are part of a set of errors that can lead to massive damage.

Use of proprietary software

Microsoft Excel is an excellent tool for working with small datasets; But if you want to expand the scale of your work, it is better to use dedicated software. Using proprietary software for your purpose will increase speed and optimization. Although some of them require time and money or both, they will pay off in the long run.