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Gaming Consoles Or Gaming Phone?

The advancement of technology makes it possible for gamers to play games with different devices;

Now, the device in question is a home game console, handheld game console, mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Each of these devices can provide a new experience to users so that they can fully enjoy playing a game.

Also, the increasing popularity of the game industry among people has made mobile phone manufacturers think of designing and offering phones that are made only for gamers; But a relatively large budget is required to buy gaming phones, and this makes the question of whether to buy a gaming phone or a game console stick in mind.

If you are also planning to buy one of these two devices and don’t know which one is better to buy, we will also explain the pros and cons of gaming phones and game consoles so that we can positively impact your choice.

The biggest challenge that exists for mobile phones is the fans of Dou Atisheh, who, due to their many differences with other users, do not just want to go through the stages of the game, but they are looking for a complete cinematic experience and excitement in the games. Game consoles don’t have to limit the quality of their games to a small size like the screen of a mobile phone; Therefore, they can provide users with larger and more powerful processors along with more storage space to run a game.


Also, game consoles provide a great and immersive experience with great quality for gamers, which have better output compared to gaming phones. The display of games on game consoles is more vivid, and the sounds are more clear and very close to reality. Also, you will be able to play any type of game with them, but for example, strategy games usually cannot be played on gaming phones.

As a result, the high-level display quality of game consoles on the big screen and their closeness to reality is one of the main factors that make game consoles preferred by gamers over gaming phones.

But the point to be noted is that you cannot carry the home game console with you, So smartphones may have a small screen and lower performance quality, but they can be with you whenever and wherever you want.

In fact, with smartphones, you can put and carry the game world in your pocket.

In addition, gaming phone manufacturers have considered advanced cooling systems and side ports for their phones so that the user does not face any problems while playing long games, especially if the device must be charged simultaneously.

Today, mobile game developers are trying to design games similar to home consoles for phones, which have been somewhat successful. You can now find popular PC and console titles like Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and Diablo on the App Store and Play Store. In general, gaming phones provide users with a more affordable gaming experience because the games in the mobile phone application stores are at a very low price or for free.

In addition, gaming phones are not only for playing games and they can be used for other tasks in everyday life. However, we must say that the size of home consoles has not changed over the years, but smartphones have undergone significant changes, which has attracted many users to get the experience of playing games with mobile phones. As a result, if gaming phones are the winner in terms of portability, game consoles also have the power and quality to play games better than mobile phones.


Five questions you should ask yourself before buying a game console or gaming phone
1. Are you interested in a device-exclusive game?

You should go to game consoles if you are also looking for a specific title. For example, Nintendo Switch handheld game console has a number of exclusive games such as the Kirby game, Animal Crossing game, and Pokémon game. If you have an extensive library of Steam games in mind, the console you need is the Steam Deck, which allows you to play your PC games on it. The cool thing about it is that it also gives you the ability to sync between your PC and handheld console.

Xbox also has popular exclusive games such as Halo game, Gears game, Of War game, and Forza game, which you can also access to more than 600 games by purchasing a Game Pass service subscription for one month or more. In the PlayStation home game console, you can access more games by purchasing a subscription of one month or more from the PlayStation Plus service.

However, the advancement of technology in Android and iPhone smartphones has also made it possible to have a wide library of games on them. If you are a user who spends most of your time outdoors, smartphones may be a better option for gaming due to their easy portability.

2. What battery capacity do you need to play?

A good advantage of home game consoles is their direct connection to the power socket, which leaves no room for concern for users. But Nintendo Switch handheld console will play games between 4.5 and 9 hours, and Steam Deck will be with you for up to 8 hours. It should be noted that there is a big difference in the battery life of smartphones; for example, by comparing iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max, we find that the iPhone 13 Pro Max can play video for up to 24 hours and the iPhone 12 Pro Max can play video for up to 15 hours, which is probably You will get half of it by playing heavy games.

However, smartphones have faster charging capabilities than handheld game consoles. For example, the Steam Deck doesn’t support any fast charging standards, and the Nintendo Switch only supports up to 30W; But some smartphones will also be able to support fast charging up to 120 watts, which will allow you to charge your phone as quickly as possible.

3. Do you need a portable device?

If we were to examine them in terms of portability, we would have to say that smartphones outrank home and handheld game consoles. Because smartphones are designed in small and portable sizes that fit easily in the pocket, But game consoles are only suitable for playing games.
Of course, with handheld game consoles, you can surf the Internet and watch movies. Also, you usually always have your mobile phone with you, and apart from playing, you can use it for photography, filming, talking, listening to music, and many other daily tasks, and if you have free time, you can play games.

4. Is it ok to play with a controller?

Game consoles will probably win in this area. Despite the high flexibility of mobile phone touch screens, physical buttons are still better for playing challenging games.
Because in addition to better performance, additional buttons on the controllers allow you more control; So if you are a person who plays games on your smartphone, you have probably faced this challenge. Your fingers may cover several buttons or even the ability to press several buttons at the same time is limited.
Of course, some gaming phones have additional buttons and more features to improve game performance. You can also overcome this challenge by purchasing additional accessories such as the Razer Kishi V2 smartphone controller.

5. How much budget do you have for the purchase?

The price of gaming phones, due to having more features such as photography, video recording, conversation, sending messages, etc., may seem higher than consoles, which are designed only for games. As a result, you need less budget by choosing handheld and home game consoles.


The best device for gaming is the one that fits your lifestyle. As a result, by weighing the pros and cons of gaming phones and game consoles, you can find out which one is better for you. In the above article, we also tried to present to you all the important points that are needed to be able to compare game consoles with gaming phones; But in the end, it is you who decides which gaming phone is better or game console? We hope to buy a gaming phone or a game console? It has been useful for you.

Are mobile games more popular than console games?

Looking at the reports, console games are more popular, but mobile phone games are among the growing markets.
Is it more economical to buy a gaming phone or a game console?

Considering more features such as making calls, photography, filming, etc. considered for gaming phones, buying a game console seems more economical.

Are the graphics of gaming phone games better or game consoles?

Game consoles are able to show much higher quality than mobile phones due to the lack of size restrictions and playing games on a large screen.