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DPI Or CPI? Which Parameter Indicates The Actual Speed Of The "Mouse" And What Is The Difference Between Them?

DPI Or CPI? Which Parameter Indicates The Actual Speed Of The “Mouse” And What Is The Difference Between Them?

When Buying A “Mouse,” Whether Gaming Or For Everyday Use, We Will See Many Technical And Non-Technical Terms And Components In Front Of Us. One Of The Most Important Of These Is Dpi and Cpi cited.

DPI and CPI, while simply explaining these two technical components, we will discuss their differences and importance when choosing a mouse, and we will help you make a suitable choice.

Due to the increase in the value of foreign currencies against the Iranian rial, buying a new piece has become a difficult task for all of us. Therefore, it is better to be extremely careful when purchasing. When purchasing a mouse, especially gaming mice, we are faced with different components and technical parameters; From sensor type to maximum acceleration, DPI And CPI, And even compatible with RGB LEDs And…

In this article, we will describe two examples of the essential features in the world of mice. DPIAnd CPIWith a description of their differences. Which option is more important when buying a mouse? DPIOr CPI? For this purpose, we will first describe these two cases.

What is DPI

DPI is a Short word abbreviation for Dots Per Inch. As the meaning implies, DPIIt means the number of dots per inch. Probably often with the word DPIYou have encountered it in other sections. DPI is also widely used in photography, printing, and the like. It can say that the print quality and an image depend on the DPI parameter, which shows the number of pixels per inch. By increasing the DPI rate, We see denser points.

In the image industry, monitors, monitors, and even televisions, this parameter is called PPI Is known. PPI Or Pixels Per Inch It also refers to the intensity of the pixels on a screen. It is worth noting that despite the similarity of PPI And DPI, we have to say that we are facing different technical components. You have probably noticed by now that DPI Not is a good element for calculating the performance of a mouse; So what is the reason for using it?

Order of DPI In mice, it is the number of pixels it detects per inch after movement.

Simply put, DPIHigher means moving less mouse to move the cursor. The higher the sensor’s sensitivity in detecting the number of points, the faster the mouse pointer moves with a mouse movement. For home and everyday use,400 ~ 800 DPI also seems to be enough. However, when running the game, it is recommended to use mice with a minimum1600DPIuse.

However, according to the tastes and opinions of gamers, some of them are DPI. They prefer less and, therefore, lower mouse speed. For this purpose, mouse manufacturers use a dedicated key to switch on the sensor’s sensitivity. This key can set the DPI Modify the detected by the sensor, and provide the appropriate speed for users. It is worth noting that this process is also included in the software programs specific to mouse manufacturers.

Many mouse manufacturers now use the DPI component they use their mice to show the sensor’s sensitivity and accuracy. The higher the sensitivity, the faster the mouse. By moving the mouse, the sensor detects the number of dots per inch, and depending on the sensor’s sensitivity, the speed of the mouse pointer on the screen also changes.

What is CPI?

Prepare yourself for more complexity! CPI Abbreviation Counts Per Inch That is, the counts are per inch. CPI necessarily refers to the sensitivity of a mouse. Whatever the CPI, The higher the mouse, the greater the reaction to your hand movements. We remind you that CPISensors inside the mouse to the CMOS sensory are similar for further simplification.

CPI Announces the number of pixels per inch on the mouse sensor’s surface. A mouse is between 100 ~ 12000; As a result, we can say that this mouse can take between 100 and 12,000 steps per inch. Naturally, with increasing CPI number, mouse cursor speed has increased, and you need to move the mouse less to move the cursor. For example, imagine that CPI sensitivity is limited.

But by reducing the CPI rate, We see a decrease in the speed of the mouse pointer. In the previous section, press the DPI keyWe mentioned the aim of changing the mouse speed; It is interesting to note that in many cases, this key is the same as the CPI change key that is the mouse makers call it DPIIntroduce.
Also, some mouse manufacturers, including the Logitech CPI section, make DPICalled and even called “resolution.”

It is somewhat complicated to two components of CPI And DPIDue to the similarity of performance and naming. This complexity increases when companies also encourage it, and in some cases, CPI Take it as DPI Or even introduces a resolution. When mouse manufacturers, in some cases, split the sensor pixels into several sections and put a more significant number in the mouse specification, this complexity increases, and we can even say that we are witnessing black marketing by some manufacturers.

CPI alone can not express the sensitivity and quality of the sensor and the mouse’s performance; Note that many games will allow you to change the mouse’s sensitivity. However, it is not harmful to know that in the case of DPI, If your mouse is low, increasing the sensitivity in the game will not help speed up the mouse, and we will see interference and problems. That’s why DPI gaming mice are recommended to use the above.

Reason for using DPI Instead of CPI What by the builders?

There are two answers to this question. First, a simple solution to this question; The word DPI A technical component is ingrained in the minds, and users are more familiar with DPIhave. But the answer is complex; As long as we talk about both terms, DPIAnd CPIWe are talking about two correct expressions, and in fact, both components are suitable for measuring mouse speed. However, one of them shows the sensitivity in terms of the screen and the other in terms of the sensor’s sensitivity.

Finally, for users, DPI The word is more tangible because we see and follow it on the screen as we move the mouse cursor. However, when we talk about the mouse sensor, the CPI is a specialized and better factor in explaining its sensitivity. Finally, we know that mouse makers today are primarily derived from the word DPI. We used the sensors to show the sensitivity and explained the reasons. Nevertheless, DPI And CPIBoth refer to a case from different perspectives. Now we know that DPI And CPI Both refer to the mouse’s sensitivity.