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5 new SEO techniques that you didn’t know!

Today, many webmasters are looking for new SEO techniques to increase their site traffic, and by doing them, they can have a good ranking on many keywords in their field. But the main question is, what will be the result for our site if we implement these techniques correctly?

So dude, assuming you managed to design the best site for yourself in the first place, would it be in your best interest to have a site that doesn’t generate enough traffic? Definitely not. The goal of many people to create a site is definitely to become a brand and generate income, and unless your site has proper input, it cannot earn a good income.

In order for your site to gain input from Google, you must implement

a set of activities called SEO on your site. Website SEO is time-consuming and has a direct relationship with patience (that is, it is better to be persistent and patient to get results), but not until you get to know the techniques of SEO   training.

Using new SEO techniques that you don’t know will speed up your site’s growth and ranking on many keywords, increase site traffic, and generate revenue for your site. Of course, how to implement these measures is also very important and should be paid attention to, stay with us for more information in this article.

Why should we use new SEO techniques?

It should be noted that site SEO depends on the type of field and its difficulty. For example, if you operate in the fields of buying and selling mobile phones or tickets, etc., you will definitely have tough competitors. Now, with these interpretations, you should consider a long period of time for the SEO of your site so that the ranking is done on the words you want. But not until you learn new SEO techniques.


For example, you want to rank for a keyword that doesn’t have a lot of competition. Of course, by doing natural SEO activity, ranking on this word will be brought, but in order to reduce the time and speed it up, it is enough to use new techniques.

SEO techniques and increase site sales

So far, you have faced many basic topics, in this section, let’s deal with the latest SEO techniques.

In each section, tips and suggestions are provided that you should pay attention to in the SEO process of your site:

  • Quality and publication order of content
    Well, my friend, if I want to tell you very briefly, content that is not of good quality will not have a good ranking from Google. But how should we improve the quality of our content?

First of all, you have to choose the keywords of the content in advance.

For example, if you want to create content for the blog section of your site, it is better to work on topics that are closer to your London pages and internal linking can be easily created.

You should not produce content just for internal linking; the content produced on the site should satisfy the user’s needs. For example, you work in the field of selling wooden chairs. Now you can introduce the best type of chairs in your blog section, the content of this page should be such that the user understands the detailed information about the products, and if there are any doubts about it, he can give you his opinion in the opinion section. This type of content structure is the best quality for your site. (Quality content ultimately leads to user interaction with the site.

But the important issue is the order of publication of content on the site. You cannot publish five articles on the site in one day and repeat the same process five days later. This type of publishing content will be to your detriment. For your better understanding, it is better to mention an example. Let’s say you need 20 articles in a month; now, you can publish every other day.

This type of order will benefit your site.

  • Internal linking in articles
    In the previous section, we fully explained the characteristics of suitable content for you. Now, in this section, we will deal with the internal linking of articles in a specialized way.

In your articles, you should link to landing pages, the main site brand, and other articles of your site on the main keyword. But how? For example, in the article introducing the latest mobile phones in 2023,  you can link to the landing pages of the mobile brand. They have an issue with your site.



  • Give a link to your target pages in the header and footer.
    Every site has created target pages for their business, and their main goal is to SEO these pages and get ranking on them.

First, it is better to start linking in the footer. Suppose you have several target pages and, on the other hand, several important articles; you can create their title in the footer and link to their respective page.

This will cause the user to click on them and, conversely, cause them to be indexed.

In the site’s header, links are generally given to pages that are part of the site’s main pages. For example, the service section of the site or store, etc., creating a title and linking to the target pages gives the user have faster access, and on the other hand, they increase the speed of the index.

  • Correct use of backlinks and reports
    Well, friends, we have reached another important part. For external linking, you must first strengthen your internal linking and then go for external linking.

Of course, your London pages (if you are active in a highly competitive field) will improve the ranking to some extent with the help of internal linking, and from then on you should go for external linking. Backlinking for landing pages and reporting are considered external link-building activities.

But you should pay attention to some important points. Many people use backlinks from comments, and blog profiles, which are just free. (External sites) These kinds of external sites are not related to your field of activity, and if you do not create backlinks correctly, in the long term, it will lead to They will be spammed. For free backlinks, it is recommended to link to your site’s main page on your site’s main brand.


Reputation :

Reputation is more effective than free backlinks. You can produce content of 600 to 3000 words (depending on the posting site) for the report and link to your brand and target pages. The bottom line of our suggestion is to choose sites that have a related field that will have a better impact on the SEO of the pages.


  • Using Social Signal
    for your site is better to open an account on social networks.

By publishing any content in your blog section, you can publish its important parts in social networks as a post. It will also improve the ranking of your site pages. Dear friends, if you want to rank on highly competitive keywords, it is better to think about using the latest SEO techniques at the beginning of your site’s SEO.

Site SEO must be accompanied by patience, and you can be in the top Google results after a few months on highly competitive words. Using the tips and tactics mentioned in this article will help you a lot to get the best results in the shortest possible time.