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Check The RTX 3090 Graphics Card Failure File In New World Game Who Is The Main Culprit? Amazon, EVGA Or User?

 The Death Of Nvidia’s Flagship Graphics Card, The RTX 3090, While The Game Was Running. Most Of The Graphics Cards That Fell Victim To This Game Were EVGA Graphics Cards From The FTW3 Series.

What was the reason for this? Did only the EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 card fall victim to this incident? Is my graphics card also at risk? To find out the answers to these questions.

What exactly happened?

Before we get into any specialized discussions, we need to get to the heart of the matter. Following the release of the beta version of New World, users on the Reddit forum reported a crash of their high-end graphics cards. After hitting the Play option in the launcher and opening the game, users were suddenly faced with a very high frame rate of 6000 frames per second, maximum card fan speeds, maximum core frequency, maximum card power consumption, and finally shutting down the system.

When users restarted the system and ran the game, their systems shut down with a “pop” sound from the graphics card and stopped displaying images; In fact, the graphics cards of these systems burn.

Was the frame rate too high in the menu, causing the cards to be damaged?

To answer this question, we must first consider several cases. The high frame rate in the menu is not something we first encountered in New World. In the Doom Eternal and Farcry 5 game menu, the frame rate reached 7000. Still, the core frequency of the card, in this case, was only a few hundred MHz, and the card was not under pressure at all because the menu of these games was two-dimensional and not three-dimensional.

In the New World game menu, while 6000 frames per second process, the menu scenes were three-dimensional scenes and were rendered instantly. When a 3D scene is rendered at 6000 frames per second, parameters such as power consumption, current, temperature, frequency, and… graphics card are all max.

Approximately half of the graphics card area is covered by power circuits, including jacks, capacitors, MOSFETs, and other power supply elements. When we talk about this pressure on the graphics card, half of it is actually on the verge of an explosion.

We saw the same situation in the old Furmark and Prime95 tests. The software structure of these tests was such that it put pressure on the hardware without any limits. As a result, many graphics cards and processors fell victim to the two tests, just like New World.

Did only the RTX 3090 FTW3 graphics card fall victim?

These graphics cards were mainly models of EVTA RTX 3090 FTW3, But the reason for this does not necessarily indicate a problem with the RTX 3090 FTW3 graphics card. EVGA has released the largest number of RTX 3090 graphics cards to date, and more than any other company has fallen victim to speculators. As a result, most RTX 3090 graphics cards on the global market and gamer systems are from the EVGA FTW3 series. As a result, they are more likely to crash than other cards.

Of course, various graphics cards of different brands such as ASUS Strix and MSI Gaming are among the reports. To date, these graphics cards are on the list of damaged graphics cards:

This problem is not limited to the EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 graphics card!

Why did the graphics card back break under this pressure?

Very well; The graphics cards were under pressure. But shouldn’t the graphics card be able to work under pressure? Why couldn’t these cards survive in this situation? To answer this, let’s take a closer look at how the graphics card is powered from the power supply to the GPU.

The power supply receives 220v AC mains. It then supplies it to the graphics card in the form of 12V DC via PCIe ports. But this voltage can not be used for chipsets in the card and must be set to about 1.2 volts. This current is regulated by VRMs – including chokes, capacitors, MOSFETs, and so on. If for any reason, the power supply is pressurized and the output power fluctuates, VRMs must oscillate so that the processing chipsets do not burn out. VRMs will be damaged if the oscillation of pressure on the power supply is too severe.

If the system processor is a compelling and high-consumption model with many cores, if several pumps and fans are connected to the system, or if the system is overclocked, a powerful power supply will need. When an RTX 3090 graphics card consumes about 400 watts of power, the power consumption of the other components takes a lot of pressure into the power supply.

The same pressure can cause PCIe power fluctuations. As a result of this fluctuation, VRMs are put under a lot of pressure and can cause physical damage to them. The “pop” sound can be caused by the bursting of VRM elements such as capacitors or chokes. Of course, this can only be determined by examining and dissecting the victim cards.

Why were the systems turned off and on once before a complete breakdown?

With the above explanation, you may have imagined that VRMs should carry a whole body of oscillating load when this is not the case. Graphics cards are equipped with a variety of voltage and current protection systems such as “overcurrent protector” (OCP) and power drop protection (power loss for the graphics card is as dangerous as increasing it).

In this scenario, probably for the first time running New World, one of these guards is involved due to a power outage and power outages. In addition to shutting down the system, it is either damaged or overheated (something like burning a fuse). ). When the user restarts the system for the second time, the power drop protector is no longer active due to high temperature or serious damage, or any other cause. As a result, VRMs are once again in full swing, causing them physical damage.

From the above description, it can conclude that the graphics processor of the sacrificed graphics card is most likely healthy.

Is my graphics card compromised?

For non-flagship graphics cards, so far, only one RTX 2070 has been damaged, and one RX 570 has shut down the system once (and the damage card itself). Not seen). Because of the low power consumption of mid-range and low-end graphics cards, there is no serious concern. Due to these cards’ relatively lower power consumption, they are less likely to create critical and unstable conditions.

Statement of the manufacturer and troubleshooting

About a day after the release of the beta version of New World, the game studio released the following statement on the game’s forum:

Hundreds of thousands of users experienced the beta version of the New World game for millions of hours yesterday. Of course, we received a few limited reports of hardware failures of high-end graphics cards while running this game.
New World runs under standard WindowsX interface DirectX connections. We have not seen any signs of widespread failure for the 3090 graphics card, neither in the beta phase nor in the several months of the alpha phase.
Experience the beta version of the New World game is now secure. To increase user confidence, we are releasing a patch today that limits the frame rate of the game in the menu. We are proud of the support that New World receives from users around the world and will listen to their feedback in beta and other phases.
Luxendra Studio

This statement does not make much sense to the user. “We adjusted the frame rate, but there was no problem with the frame rate at all,” the statement summarized. This statement appears to have been written by a lawyer. However, we have to see if the problem is really solved.

RTX 3090 graphics card field test in New World game

Almost two days after reports of damage to the EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 graphics card, the JayzTwoCents YouTube page decided to field test the graphics card in the patched beta version of New World. During the three-hour test of this YouTuber with different BIOSes and profiles, no unusual behavior observe from the RTX 3090 FTW3 graphics card. To be sure, this YouTuber also repeated all the tests with an MSI RTX 3090 Gaming X Trio graphics card; But there was no change in the result.

It can be said that at the moment, the New World game experience is not dangerous for any graphics card.

EVGA responds to FTW3 card failure

In a call to EVGA’s JayzTwoCents YouTube page, the company announced that it had begun the process of sending an alternative graphics card to those who have lost their RTX 3090 FTW3 graphics card. This action of EVGA company is commendable in a situation where the main culprit of the incident is still unknown.

Who is to blame?

It should say that the finger of blame should point at everyone. Graphics card companies, the user himself who has taken the risk of experiencing a beta game, and of course Amazon itself as the game developer, all have to bear some of the responsibility.

Among these, it can say that Amazon’s role in these events is more prominent. The development team of this game, even though this problem also existed in the alpha version, has not solved it for the beta version.

Normally, when such a big problem is seen in a game, the software development team should fix it immediately; Not to bring this problem from the alpha version of the game to its beta version! Did hundreds of multi-thousand dollar graphics cards have to be seriously damaged so that the developers would think about fixing this problem ?!

What do you think about the crash file of high-end graphics cards in the New World? In your opinion, which of the factors we discussed could be the real reason for the graphics card being damaged while running this game? Can Amazon absolve itself of responsibility for this with just one statement? Be sure to share your views with us.