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Charging the battery overnight

Charging the battery overnight

From performance to attractive features, modern smartphones have gone far beyond the nostalgic phones. In terms of battery charging and battery care, they are completely different. The habit of charging the phone during the night was a method that worked very well on nostalgic phones like the Nokia 1100; But for now, this method is a kind of overdose for smart phones and it may ruin your phone’s battery much sooner than you expect! For more information about smartphone battery care and the answer to the question “What happens if the phone is charging overnight?” Continue with Ded9.

Charge the phone overnight

Whether we like it or not, our real world is intertwined with the electronic world, and many of us are only ready to part with our phone when it’s time to sleep and safely leave it on the charger for an energetic morning. Of course, many people continue to charge their phones in the same way, believing that a smartphone has the ability to detect when the phone’s battery is 100% and there will be no problem for it. But according to the experts, do the new phones really have a charger and is it a good idea to charge the phone at night or not? Stay with us in the future.


Overnight charging of the phone

As it is clear from the name of smartphones, they have the ability to detect the level of charge. Most of them automatically stop charging the battery after it reaches 100%. So far, the problems we expected in old phones, such as fire, do not happen.

Therefore, charging the phone during the night is completely safe, you just have to prepare the conditions so that charging the phone from night to morning does not cause damage to the phone, such as generating a lot of heat. It is recommended that when charging the phone from night to morning, remove the phone case, place it on a flat surface, and avoid placing it next to heaters and gas stoves, or placing it under pillows, books, pamphlets, etc. It causes the phone to heat up, avoid it.

Charging the phone overnight is safe, but not without impact on battery life. In general, modern phones need an hour and a half and finally two hours to fully charge; Therefore, long-term charging, such as leaving the phone on charge from night to morning, causes battery erosion or, in a better word, reduces its life.

Charging the phone overnight and reducing battery life

A new phenomenon that occurs as a result of overnight charging is the phenomenon of trickle charging. And what does trickle charging mean? When the phone reaches 100%, it will stop charging automatically. But as soon as a percentage of the charge is naturally reduced, the charger starts working again and charges the battery. Therefore, by charging the phone during the night, the battery is charged many times and its life is taken by producing more heat.

If, despite all this, you still insist on charging your phone during the night, it is suggested to at least reduce the charging speed by using wireless chargers, so that the battery will be fully charged by the morning!

The effect of charging the phone during the night: the type of smartphone battery

The battery plays an important role in the longevity of the phone, perhaps the reason why most phones fail is because of damage to the battery. Nowadays, modern smartphones, laptops and tablets are equipped with lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries are smaller and last longer than older phones, but they need to be charged sooner, which of course depends on the type of work you do with the phone. For example, if the screen is always on with maximum brightness or you are constantly watching movies and series and playing games with your phone, then you probably need more charging!

In a series of phones and smart phones, another type of lithium ion battery called Lipo lithium polymer battery is used. This battery model is sometimes made so thin, about the size of a credit card, and it weighs very little. On the other hand, in addition to its light weight, it also has more power in maintaining the charge. But for care, it is exactly the same as other lithium-ion batteries, and despite them, charging the phone overnight is not recommended.

The effect of charging the phone during the night: the life of the rechargeable battery

In the public mind, it is established that a rechargeable battery lasts a lifetime. It means that with each charge, it should be revived and as long as the phone works, they don’t need to be replaced either. But unfortunately, rechargeable batteries have a certain lifespan.

Charging the battery overnight

The lifespan of batteries depends on three important factors:

Effective time on battery life

Exactly when the phone is turned on, the battery life starts, whether they are used or not. So if you leave the phone in a corner without using it, it will still count as part of the battery life.

Battery cycle

Another thing that has a direct impact on battery life is its life cycle. Each charge from zero to one hundred and its discharge is called a battery life cycle. Each battery has a life cycle of approximately 500 to 1200 complete cycles. Of course, if recommendations such as the use of standard chargers (preferably the phone’s own charger) and the correct way of charging are followed, the life cycle of the battery can be increased to 700 to 1000 cycles and the battery can be used for a long time. That is why it is not recommended to charge the phone until morning.

Temperature affecting battery life

Most phones are made to be used over a wide temperature range. But the increase in temperature leads to chemical reactions in the battery, which is the enemy of its life. For example, Apple’s phone is designed to shut down temporarily if it overheats. And the manufacturer warns that charging the device in a high temperature environment will damage the battery. But fortunately, batteries have relatively better performance in dealing with the cold.

If you plan to charge your phone during the night, be sure to keep the temperature factor in mind so that the high temperature does not decrease the quality of your mobile battery.

Charging the phone during the night: right or wrong?

Well, although modern electronic devices automatically cut off the current as soon as their batteries reach 100%. But considering the life cycle of the battery, every time it is fully charged and fully discharged, it reduces one cycle of its life.

To this end, electronic device manufacturers unanimously state that the best time to charge lithium-ion batteries is between 20% and 80%. Although it is not so easy to keep the charge in this range, but if you pay a little attention to the charging time, you can use it several times the useful life of the battery instead.

To comply with these principles, many manufacturers report 100% charge before the phone reaches 100% charge, so that the phone can be disconnected from the charger sooner. And some other manufacturers, like Asus, limit the maximum charge to 80%.

What to do to increase battery life?

So far, we have examined the effects of leaving the phone in the charger and charging the phone overnight, according to the advice of experts to increase the battery life, keep these things in mind:

When charging, remove the phone case so that the battery does not get too hot.
Try to charge the phone before it reaches less than 30% and disconnect it from the charger before it rises above 80%.
Charging the phone during the night is not a good idea at all and it reduces the battery life.
Avoid placing the phone in very hot places, such as under the sun.
In order to keep the Xiaomi phone charged, it is recommended to activate the battery saving option when the charge is at 60%.
Avoid wasting charge by keeping the screen brightness balanced and turning off additional services.