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Can the Apple Watch detect coronavirus?

Many researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital have claimed that the corona virus can be detected with the Apple Watch because the smartwatch detects the disease by measuring HRV, and everything is revealed to users even before the onset of symptoms.

These days, to diagnose this epidemic, one must see the symptoms of the disease and then see a doctor. Tests are then performed to determine if the person is healthy or has coronary heart disease, from which time they must quarantine and undergo treatment. If we could easily identify people with coronavirus asymptomatic, they could certainly be isolated from society sooner and treated more effectively.

Some time ago, we read in a report published by Digital Trends that this may be done by wearable devices such as the Apple smartwatch . Now, after a study by researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, it is clear how Apple’s smartwatch can detect coronary heart disease before it is officially diagnosed.

The researchers used Apple Watch data to monitor the heart rate variability (HRV) medical standard.

 This criterion is such that it will examine the time between changes in each person’s heart rate during the day and night.

 If the number displayed by the HRV is equal to or greater than the range, it means that the person’s nervous system is reacting to the symptoms in a healthy and active way. 

But if the HRV count is low, it means that the person’s nervous system is having problems adjusting to changes in heart rate, which may not be a good sign.

Many scientists have said that low HRV is one of the symptoms of coronary heart disease and that the virus can be predicted by it. That’s why researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital have hypothesized that the HRV test could be used to diagnose coronavirus.

The researchers not only made this hypothesis, but also 300 employees of the Mount Sinai Health System Unit voluntarily put the Apple Watch on their backs and downloaded and installed a special HRV monitoring app to perform these tests. 

The researchers wrote in their reports that seven days before the volunteers tested positive, they were diagnosed with HRV changes. This means that HRV changes, measured by a device such as the Apple Watch, reveal the symptoms of the disease from one week before the disease.

The findings, published by researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital, are published in an article that states:

“Advances in digital health-oriented devices offer a unique opportunity to cure and control disease.” Many people around the world use devices such as the Apple Watch to monitor their health, which is a way to monitor human health. 

Another option that people have in front of them is to use the app to monitor the vital signs of the body, which is a time consuming task and sometimes a person may forget to enter the desired data in the app.

The accuracy of this article has not yet been reviewed by the medical community and no comments have been made about it. The findings may even be fanciful, but this research shows that wearables like the Apple Watch could help us in the future in the process of identifying and monitoring diseases like Covid 19.