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Back End framework

Web development is an attractive and popular job. But it is not necessarily an easy task. Creating a website requires the cooperation of two separate parts, Front End, which does the beauty of the site. And Back End, which is responsible for the behind-the-scenes work of the website. In fact, Back End is the mobile engine of a site in designing and building. Would you like to learn more about the types of Back End framework that allow us to develop them? So stay tuned.

What is Back End

Back End is the part of a website or application that is not visible to users. in other words, the core and brain of a site is responsible for controlling its logic. Dynamic sites need back end programmers to implement site logic through programming languages. Users do not have access to the code written in the back end and cannot view it.

This part of the site is like a part of iceberg that is below the water surface. The server side communicates directly with the user side and brings to life the components designed in the user interface. The back end developer should receive the information from the database for different purposes and display it to the user after processing if needed. Therefore, back end consists of two parts: site logic and database.

Popular Back End frameworks

A framework is a programming framework that consists of a set of libraries and rules that enable the programmer to achieve the best results with less coding. Most frameworks use the Model-View-Controller software architecture model, or MVC for short. There are a variety of powerful Back End frameworks in development, some of which you learn below.


Laravel is a web development framework using PHP. This framework is an excellent language structure that uses the MVC architecture. Laravel seeks to make web development easier by reducing tasks such as authentication, routing, sessions, and storage that occur in most web projects.


Django is a Python-based framework that follows the philosophy of batteries included. This means that Django can meet all the needs of programmers. This way there is no need to use out-of -framework  modules. Django is for making big plans and is not a good choice for making very small plans, just as no one rents a bus to carry two passengers, it is useless to use Django’s countless facilities for small tasks.

Django provides developers with methods and tools to design a secure and flawless site. Disqus, Mozilla, National Geographic, Pinterest and Instagram are some of the great websites which used Django.


Phoenix is a modern Back End development framework written using the Elixir programming language. The framework works with Erlang’s Virtual Machine and follows the MVC architecture. Due to the fact that Elixir is an application language, it may not be as popular as object-oriented languages, but it is at a high level for building scalable and stable applications and productivity. Phoenix allows you to design optimal applications thanks to Elixirs and features such as concurrency.


ASP.NET is a web application framework that Microsoft built it. It allows programmers to design websites using C#, Visual Basic (VB), and other languages. .NET came in 2016.Because Its code is very stable and reliable, this has made it popular choice for programmers.


Spring is the most popular server-side framework written in Java. This framework is one of the best options for developing Back End and allows developers to design simple because it is reliable and scalable enterprise applications. Spring uses the MVC architecture template and has excellent documentation for developers.


Cake PHP is a fast development framework for PHP. The framework was introduced in 2005 and is now known as a modern PHP framework. CakePHP provides a comprehensive architecture for developing, maintaining, and deploying applications, enabling PHP programmers at all levels to quickly develop powerful web applications. CakePHP uses MVC engineering design and is a good choice for small and large application development.


Philosophy is a simple, lightweight Python-based framework that is also very powerful. This framework helps developers to create a high quality and lightweight web application. In addition, the Philosophy framework is not only fast to set up, but also very flexible. Flask provides extensive documentation, which is great for Python programmers.


Express is a fast and popular Node.js framework. It is fast becoming one of the most popular web frameworks. This popularity has led to the use of this framework by reputable companies such as Accenture, IBM, Uber and many others. This framework provides some of its key features without having to look at the features of Node.js and at the same time takes advantage of the powerful performance of Node.js. Express is fully flexible and supports full applications as well as the REST API. Perhaps the biggest drawback to Express (at least for beginners) is the fact that there is no set way to get things done.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a web development framework written with Ruby on MVC architecture. This popular framework has become a favorite of many developers. Airbnb, GitHub, Hulu and Shopify are the main users of Rails. Rails is a lovely framework for beginners and helps them get started on the web very quickly.

The Rails community in online support forums is quite trustworthy and friendly. Rails has a lot of documentation and tutorials that can help you progress in Ruby on Rails. Ruby Unreal is equipped with a set of tools that allow you to easily do the basics. For example, you can build a basic blog with a single line of code.


In this article, we tried to tell you useful information about Back End framework for development. This is by no means a complete list, but it does provide some insights into the background. If you are eager to learn more about each of these Frameworks, you can get more comprehensive information from each with a little research.

If you want to be a programmer and develop Back End or any other field, do not let broken professions scare you. Remember that an expert in anything was a beginner one day. Only with practice and perseverance can you become a Back End specialist one day. Given the above, which of these frameworks do you prefer to develop?