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Apple may ditch leather iPhone and Apple Watch accessories to protect the environment

Reports suggest Apple wants to ditch leather Apple Watch bands and iPhone cases to protect the environment.

Not long ago, it was said in a report that Apple wants to remove leather cases from the iPhone 15 series. Today, a new report says that Apple Watch leather straps are going to be discontinued. These decisions were probably made in the interest of protecting the environment.

“Mark Garman” from Bloomberg believes that Apple, in addition to the leather cases of the iPhone 15 series, wants to abandon the leather straps of the Apple Watch, and this decision will question the future of their cooperation with the luxury brand Hermes. He considers the proof of this to be the offer of Apple Watch leather straps with a discount of up to 90% to the company’s own employees. Offering such heavy discounts is usually a sign that Apple is trying to destock.

For example, Garman points to Hermès’ $850 Noir Swift Leather Gourmette (Metal) Double Tuor strap, which is now on sale for $85. This reporter wrote on his personal page on the X social network: “Several other accessories, such as many Solo Loop bands in various colors and the MagSafe charging dock, have also been subject to heavy discounts to clear out warehouses.”

Why is Apple possibly ditching its leather accessories?

As we said, one of the reasons for removing leather accessories can be related to environmental policies, because the carbon footprint of using leather is very high. Considering that Apple has always introduced itself as one of the pioneering companies in the field of environment, it is logical that they want to stop the production of leather straps and cases.

But on the other hand, many consumers buy these leather products because of their quality. So the question that arises is whether the company will introduce an alternative to these bands and cases or not.

Should we wait for synthetic or vegetable leather?

A source of knowledge known as Koustami recently announced on the X social network that the new iPhone 15 cases with eco-friendly leather will be launched in eight colors.