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Apple Final Cut Pro Vs. Adobe Premiere Pro; Which One Is Better?

As You Know, Final Cut Pro Software Apple And Adobe Premiere Pro Are Some Of The Most Popular And Well-Known Video Editing Applications And Are Used By Most Content Producers.

But one of the most important questions that occupy the minds of many people interested in editing and graphic work, and we will examine it in the following, is: Which of these two software is more powerful and faster?

Recently, one of the most popular websites in photography, DPReviewA, compared two Final Cut Pro movie editing software apple and Premiere ProAdobe has done both on iOS platforms And put Windows in front of each other.


However, in general, the speed of editing a professional editor can not be attributed to the software he uses, and we know how fast a movie editor can make a movie from start to finish in any of the Final Cut Pro software. Apple and Premiere Pro Edit Adobe is more about his taste and expertise in each of these software. Still, the net performance of this two software is a completely measurable and measurable standard.

In this regard, the experts of the DPReview website A video 8KRecorded by Sony a1 camera Into two parts similar in resolution 4K And convert the same effects and make the settings of both applications as similar as possible (as shown below) to make the best possible comparison.

Then this content is a prototype in several experiments performed on Final Cut Pro software apple, and Premiere ProAdobe has used. Although the obvious differences between the two software, such as different codecs or different rendering settings, it is challenging to design similar tests that equally measure both applications. The experts of this website do their best to match the test conditions. have given.

Computers used in the test The

Experiments were performed on three different computers; A 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop, a24-inch iMac with an M1 processor a Blade 15 Advanced laptop Razer.

Of course, as you know, Final Cut Pro software iOS platform only made by Apple and not for Windows products; So you can not measure the power of this software in Razr laptop, and therefore this mode is not present in comparisons.

The presence of a powerful RTX 3080 graphics card should also be considered Nvidia on a Razer laptop. As a result, utilizing coda cores and hardware acceleration is significant in Premiere Pro software.

The results of tests,

all results of the test group DPReviewIt can be seen in the following diagrams. Keep in mind that the results shown are for the average time of several consecutive runs for each software, and a shorter bar or less time indicates better performance.

The first chart shows the performance of Final Cut Pro software two MacBook Pro devices iMac M1 Apple shows.

The next graph of Premiere Pro software performance Shows all three computers and different benchmarks.

The last chart also shows the performance of the two Final Cut Pro software, apple ( FCP) And Premiere ProAdobe ( PP), In front of each other.

In the table below, you can see all the results obtained numerically, and the winner of each section is marked in green.


  1. It all depends on software optimization.
    Although most tech enthusiasts disagree with Apple’s proprietary policies, such integration between the software and hardware of Cupertino products also has many advantages. As you can see in the diagrams, the Final Cut Pro application, the iMac M1The new Apple has a complete advantage in almost all (except one) tests.
    Also, the performance of Premiere Pro software in the powerful Razer Blade 15 laptop with the presence of the flagship RTX 3080 graphics card and an Intel 8-core processor for FCP software performance is much weaker on the MacBook Pro (with fewer quad-core processors and no separate graphics card).
    Finally, if you are using an Intel processor Mac to edit your videos, Final Cut Pro software is recommended. Use.
  2. Edit video with premiere Provo does not even think about Windows systems without a separate graphics card!
    The Razer Blade 15 Advanced laptop thoughts in these benchmarks to RTX 3080 graphics card Nvidia comes with 16GB of video memory, but the presence of a separate graphics card, even if the fastest and best product is not available, will help you edit quickly.
    Basically, one of the reasons that the Premier Pro software on the MacBook Pro laptop Poor performance is shown by the absence of a separate graphics card and Koda cores.
  3. Net performance is not the whole story, although, in this review, only the net performance final Cut Pro editing software apple and Premiere Pro Adobe has been reviewed. Still, as mentioned at the outset, the speed of editing and the overall performance of an individual depends on the type of project, the expertise, and the taste of the editor.
    In addition, as usual in Apple, in the Final Cut Pro program, The user also has less control over your work settings, such as rendering and codec type but instead feels more stable and faster.

Your opinion about Final Cut Pro software apple and Premiere Pro What is Adobe? Which one do you know best in general?