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Android Programming with Python – Introduction to Android Programming with Python

There are many reasons why you might want to start Android programming with Python . Creating a program that will make you rich and change the world is just one motivation.

After that, start learning coding and using program production tools that you can do yourself.

Programming is a great skill to learn, and Android provides more features in this area for the programmer and has removed many limitations in this area, which is a great option to start Android programming .

The problem is that coding under Android is not easy. Before you want to write a simple hello world application, you need to download and install the android studio software along with jdk and other features.

Then you need to know how to create an APK file and apply the permissions to it and install it on your phone. Even before you can get the output for yourself and see it on the screen, you need to get acquainted with a series of sections in this software.

Python is a very simple and elegant programming language

It is possible for the above reasons. It looks very attractive to you. Python is a very simple and elegant programming language designed with a simple structure.

Most importantly, compiling your code and testing it on your Android device can be done very quickly. Python is a programming language one of the fastest ways to produce and run your own program.


Android programming with Python


In addition, when you get acquainted with more features in Python Android programming and use them, you can use many amazing tricks to enable your mobile phone. In Android programming with Python , it is enough to create a complete APK application with just a few short moves

What is Python?

Python is a relatively new programming language developed by Guido van Rassum in 1991. The common design philosophy of this language is its comprehensibility, in other words, that even a non-coder can follow and understand its codes.

Python uses a lot of white space and makes efficient use of commands, which means it can do a lot of things with fewer lines of commands.

This simplicity and sophistication make Python a good choice for new programmers. For starters, interpreters are available on multitasking platforms, meaning you can run your own code on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

Python is one of the main programming languages ​​that includes a wide range of exciting tools that make it an ideal language for children to learn.


Android programming with Python

Get started with Android programming with Python

By definition about Python, how do we get started with Android programming with Python? If you want to use Python for computer programming, you can download and use Python 2 and 3 to get started.

But in this article, computer programming is not considered and will not be considered much. To start Android programming with Python on an Android device, it is best to use QPython or QPython 3 for now.
QPython is actually a script engine for Python 2, and QPython 3 executes Python 3 code.

Python is an evolving project that is constantly being improved and developed. In order to ensure that your code runs smoothly and easily, you should have the latest version of Python installed, which is currently the latest version of Python version 3.7.3 .

Jumping from version 2 to version 3 is not very complicated and the previous compatibility is maintained, meaning that the code written in version 2 is also applicable in version 3. But the sad part is that some of the popular libraries have been broken in this upgrade


Get started with Android programming with Python


A library is actually a collection of ready-made code and contains functions that programmers use these ready-made libraries to develop their project quickly due to the short development time of such code. If this is your first time learning Python, it is best to start with Python 3 and keep up-to-date with Python.

Why is it better to do Android programming with Python?

  • Python has the ability to run on any of the major operating systems such as Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac, etc., which can be a good option for Android programming .
  • Python provides a meaningful and purposeful language that allows you to develop small and large scale applications for free and without restrictions. Here we conclude that Android programming is very simple with Python.
  • There are a variety of tools provided by Python for both groups of developers and system administrators, meaning that there is a great variety of tools in Android programming with Python .
  • Due to Python’s ability to be flexible and dynamic, users like Google, Yahoo and IBM enjoy working with it, so it can be said that Android programming with Python will be more interesting.
  • The transfer rate and development speed in Python is very high, which allows the same applications to run on all platforms.
  • Python includes rich libraries and many other packages for working on a specific task, so we have no limitations on functions.

The role of Python in mobile development

Mobile application development has become a major part of the business due to its expanding scope. The Python platform framework runs on many operating systems such as Android, Windows 7, Linux and Mac.

Python is a great tool for writing simple scripts and complex multi-threaded programs. The remarkable thing about Android programming with Python is that it has the opportunity to be available for free and coded in unlimited rows.

Developers of Android and iPhone devices use a number of multi-platform development techniques (ie, the ability to run on multiple operating systems) to provide a great mobile application to their client.


Android programming with Python

Applications using Android programming with Python

  • Aarlogic C05 / 3: A PCB tracking application using GSM / GPS developed with Python and supported by Google Map Servers.
  • Pyroute app: A GPS mapping and navigation app suitable for mobile.
  • FoodPlus: A mobile food ordering application that simplifies the process of food ordering and tracking and is designed for food enthusiasts using Android programming with Python.
  • AppBackup: This app jailbreaks iOS devices, enabling support and recovery of mobile store app settings and data.

Android programming using the Kivy library

With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, programmers are looking for Android programming with Python. Thanks to the new library, Python programmers can develop many applications in Android programming with Python using the kivy library .

You need basic knowledge in the field of Android programming with Python. This article introduces the key features of Kivy and then shows you how to discover the layout in Kiwi and some of the available examples.

To be able to use Python for Android programming, you need to use a programming library called Kivy. This library is a multi-platform platform used for Android programming with Python. Before we can start using this programming library, we must install the Kivy library.

Installing Kivy Library may be a bit time consuming and time consuming, but it is absolutely essential for developing the desired Android application.

What is Kivy?

KV in Android Programming is a library that allows you to use Python to design applications for personal computers and mobile phones. This library receives your code and uses your logic to create the desired application, then generates the above apk file.

Programming is done once and we expand it several times

One of the obvious features of kivy is that you cod it once and then you can use it or develop it on several different platforms. Anyone with a smartphone may have trouble finding an amazing app on another device and not being able to find it for their own phone.

It is even more common to produce a useful mobile application that does not have a desktop version. In these cases, everyone may not have a smartphone or want a program that is compatible with all their devices at all times.

With kivy in Android programming with Python, you do not need a developer or programmer for each platform, just one programmer is enough to produce the desired program on all these platforms and extract devices as separate packages for each store application. Slow, so in Android programming with Python, we do not need to design a program several times on different platforms. We design once for all platforms.

Key specifications of kivy

Kivy goes beyond a framework in Android programming with Python for mobile and desktop applications. It can communicate with the hardware of all devices and even perform advanced renderings. In Android programming with Python, KV has access to rendering engines and can even go far beyond a simple web application.


Android programming language with kivy library python


For smartphones, it has the ability to adapt in execution. This is one of the first requirements that compels us to create a native application instead of a responsive web application, although at html5 there is a downside to cameras in browsers at best.


Kivy includes modules for reading and playing movies. It is true that a web application can do this, but experience has shown that sometimes the video quality may be poor. Older phones, on the other hand, may play the video without taking up the full screen, or the memory used to play the video may be higher than expected.

Multi-touch and multi-motion:

Kivy has a powerful input module that allows you to implement multi-touch and multi-motion in your application.

Visual effects and open GL:

Since Kivy has access to OpenGL in Android programming with Python, it can complete a wide array of visual effects with little rendering. Kiwi also uses PyGame, so making games much easier (although you have to rewrite the existing PyGame code for Kivy). PyGame has modules for shape design, rendering, color rendering, and music playback.

Asynchronous network requests:

An important feature of any native app, at least for people like me who travel in and out of the network area, is the ability to complete requests when a network is available. I mean, I like to be able to do work on my phone when I enter the tunnel, and then when I get to a station, I can sync all my work and record it on a cloud database.

UI features

kivy has a number of beautifully designed widgets and controls. You can access and try out the default examples without having to go to a designer, in which case it will be very useful for the rapid advancement of your project.

What do you need to succeed in Android programming with Python with kivy library?

You need to have a comprehensive understanding of Python. It is essential for beginners to be fully get acquaint with Python before starting to learn Android programming with Python with kivy library. You do not need to be an expert Python programmer, but you need to be proficient enough to easily use the APIs and documentation in this language.