basic SEO

An overview of basic SEO topics from beginner to advanced

Learn basic SEO topics from beginner to advanced to increase your website’s income. We should do website SEO step by step and principled. For many people who choose the job of SEO work, the only option in their mind is to earn a lot of money. You should know that earning money through SEO is only possible if you receive SEO training. The operation of optimizing any website is called SEO. If we want to look more closely at SEO, you should know that SEO is not the only website optimization. We will use SEO to overlap content marketing, business relations, conversion rate optimization, public relations, and more. In short, you should know that the sites that perform well on Google are not only good in SEO, but they have also been able to show a unique performance in digital marketing.

Why is SEO important?

A point that is very important in terms of SEO is website traffic. The traffic that Google chooses for your site has several different characteristics. You should check these characteristics to adjust your website to the desired traffic. The importance of getting a high ranking in Google is noticed daily. You can increase your sales if you have an important position at Google. According to statistics, 75% of Google users click only on the first three results that Google shows. By analyzing these statistics, we can conclude that you can get 30% more traffic with stepwise growth.

The importance of ranking higher on Google

Professional SEO is one of the things that has 200 unofficial factors. Each of these 200 factors has been analyzed. Then they concluded that all factors are divided into three main parts. Communication, credibility, and user experience are the most important parts of segmentation. The relevance of content is considered the most important factor in website ranking. You should know very well that the related content should be valid. Authentic and relevant content is required to provide a unique user experience. The more you consider these three factors on your website page, the better your chances of ranking first.

The conversion rate in Google with SEO

One of the points that were very important in the past was the conversion rate. Of course, you should know that the conversion rate has become more important in SEO topics. The conversion rate in SEO is known as the percentage of people who have become site members and buyers through optimization. If you get thousands of entries for the phone purchase page every day, 10 of them will undoubtedly become buyers. The conversion rate related to the purchase of a phone should be around 10%. In the past, many SEOs worked only on attracting traffic.

But today, the website traffic and SEO ranking become valuable if it has a unique conversion rate. For example, if you can rank in Google on the keyword “luggage,” it is not worth it. But its value will increase when you get a good conversion rate from this keyboard. SEO experts prefer words like “buying luggage” to the word “luggage.” The keyword “buying luggage” has a higher conversion rate than the word “luggage.”

SEO issues and the time-consuming nature of website SEO success

One of the most important topics of SEO, which is very important, is the time process of SEO success. Many people who are SEOs of different websites want to know how much time it takes to be successful in SEO. It will determine the time of SEO success based on different factors. Considering your competitors and website keywords, you should know that SEO is a time-consuming project. It will take four months to start SEO on the websites until you reach your goals.

Of course, in some websites where the competition is fierce, you should know that SEO takes up to 18 months. If you want fast traffic for your car buying and selling website and only have two months, you should know that SEO is not a good option for you. You can get more sales through Google click ads and social networks. But if you are thinking of building and designing an attractive and powerful website, you should consider long-term and professional SEO.

SEO topics and keyword research

In SEO topics, you need to know the step-by-step steps of keyword research. Some of the most important steps that are very important are:

1. Find the seed words

In the first step of website SEO, you must choose the right keywords related to your website. Each keyword is called a seed. One of the most important reasons why these website words are called seeds is that they grow like seeds, and then they will take leaves. Seed keywords are different from other keywords. Every internet business needs to have five to ten seed words.

2. Development of keywords

One of the other steps you should pay attention to in SEO topics to find keywords is the development of words. The keywords you choose to start with are the most important. You should cultivate this sample of words and turn them into more. You need online tools to grow and develop them. The Google keyboard planner is the best tool to grow and develop seed words. The keyboard panel tool is for the Google program and is free for users. You must first log into your keyboard account to develop any keyboard keywords. Then follow the steps of keyword development in detail.

3. Clustering for site SEO

Keyword clustering is considered another important step in keyword research. Clustering is one of keyword research’s most important and difficult activities. This step helps you group related words. You will understand the value of keywords well in clustering. At this point, you will find out how much effort you have to put into those keywords. Clustering tools are different. Normally, SEOs will cluster each keyword with an Excel file.