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Everything you need to know about how to write keywords for SEO

Being in the world of the Internet requires acquiring smart and accurate knowledge. To succeed in internet businesses and attract an audience in this field, certain principles have been defined, one of the most important of which is to follow the principles of SEO, and one of the most basic steps in this direction is to pay attention to how to write keywords for SEO.

This issue is important from two aspects. One is what word to choose as the main keyword, and more importantly, how and to what extent this keyword should be included in the text, ultimately attracting the audience and increasing the number of views. In this article, we will examine these two important aspects.

Why is the way to write keywords for SEO effective in attracting the audience and increasing visitors?

The main keyword is the most important identifier and representative of your type of business and internet activity, so the way to write a keyword for SEO allows you to present yourself in the wide and global field of the Internet as it deserves the attention of the audience. And search engines are introduced.

Choosing the right keyword that fully covers your purpose and the audience’s needs will make the search engine perform a better classification and understand the subject of your activity in a very short time. It is a positive feature for you and your internet activity.

How to choose a suitable keyword for SEO?

The first and most important point in writing a keyword for SEO is to choose the word that will bring you the most visits, and for this, you must take a close look at the needs of your target audience and your type of business.

For example, if you are a website designer, ensure that website design for interior decoration has more audience or website design for transportation companies.

Or for example, if you have an online store for pregnancy and baby accessories, be careful that it is more profitable for you to search for the term “pregnancy pants” or “baby anti-reflux mattress.”

Although using the trial and error method is very effective in this field, to get rid of confusion in the world of words, it is better first to ask yourself what the word you have chosen has to do with your activity. If the audience searches for this word, will they get what they and you want? Will he be satisfied with the content on your site?

What other words might generate similar hits and lead the audience to your site? What are the most common phrases and questions in the field of your internet activity? In one sentence, it can be said that your chosen keyword should be in such a way that, in addition to stimulating the audience’s curiosity, it meets their different needs in a completely honest, attractive, and practical way.

The important thing in this context is the length of the main keyword, which should not be too short or too long. Finally, pages that have attractive, practical, and useful content and the audience can quickly reach their purpose and answer their question by referring to them. It will be listed in the top results of search engines and will naturally have more views.

Aimless repetition of keywords causes the loss of audience, and Google has also considered a penalty for many meaningless repetitions.

How to write keywords for SEO?

Along with choosing the right keyword, how to write the keyword is also very important for SEO. At this stage, the production of basic and practical content becomes important. In the past, high keyword repetition in the text was one of the principles of SEO. Still, today these purposeless repetitions cause the loss of audience, and Google has also considered fines for many meaningless repetitions.

Therefore, the way to write a keyword for SEO should be so that the word in question is repeated a reasonable number of times and in a scattered form and appropriate to the content in the text. The standard density for these repetitions is about half to two percent of the entire text.

To maintain the appropriateness of the dispersion, it is better to use the main keyword in addition to the text, in the meta description, the main and sub-titles of the content, and at the same time, do not neglect to use it in the ALT of the image, because this work, in addition to the logical increase in the number of repetitions, It allows the audience to know what the subject of the image was even if the image is not opened.

Should the main keyword be short or long?

The next important thing about how to write a keyword for SEO is the length of the phrase or keyword. Interestingly, the use of relatively long keywords is much more effective in attracting real audiences and customers. For example, someone who searches for the phrase “men’s shoes” is very likely that he is just looking for web surfing and recreational browsing of internet sites.

But the person who searches for “men’s black leather shoes size 40” is most likely a customer who has a serious intention to find the right item and buy it. Therefore, regarding the main keywords, keep in mind that the text keyword, in addition to being specific and non-repetitive, should also cover the needs of real customers.

Here are a few interesting points to note about how to write keywords for SEO

When choosing and using keywords, look at the topic from the perspective of users and audiences. What are they looking for? What questions do they have, and how do they type the desired content in the search engine?

With the help of the Google Keyword Planner tool, you can see the most used or useless words in searches.

Regarding how to write keywords for SEO, always remember that you must produce audience-friendly content, not just content that is of interest to Google because inserting superficial content in which only the keyword is repeated repeatedly. Ultimately the audience does not answer his question or what he needs. He will soon remove your site and page from the competitive world of the Internet.

The last point is that to avoid boring repetition and exaggeration, try to use synonyms and similar keywords in addition to the main keyword. And always remember that for Google and search engines, audience satisfaction is more important than any other principle, so when creating content, first pay attention to the needs and characteristics of the target audience.