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buying a ready-made website

Advantages of buying a ready-made website

Buying a ready-made website is one of the choices you always face in the path of internet businesses. As you know, there are two ways to have a website in front of you. The first is using pre-made and ready-made sites, and the second is designing a site independently. Naturally, each of these two methods has its advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we intend to count them.

What is a prefab site? How is buying a ready site?

Instead of doing website design for each client, some website design companies have prepared a set of ready-made features and templates – which are often in WordPress and CMC – in advance. Now it is the customer’s turn to choose among them. In other words, everything is already prepared, and the customer takes the wheel the rest of the way.

The advantages of using and buying ready-made websites

Ready-made websites have special advantages. For them, things like much lower cost, faster delivery speed, fewer defects, and simpler user interface can be mentioned:

Very low cost of pre-made and ready-made sites

Sites specially designed are more expensive than buying a ready-made site due to the attention to detail and the design team’s salary.

Faster delivery speed of prefabricated and ready sites

Website design is a time-consuming process. Because you are building something from scratch. So it takes more time than a ready-made site, and buying it is faster.

Pre-made and ready-made sites have fewer defects.

Usually, ready sites are executed and checked after preparation by designers. This causes technical defects in them to be detected and corrected quickly. For this reason, structural and surface defects are less visible in ready-made sites. Of course, it should be noted that not in the long term.

The simple user interface of pre-made and ready-made sites

Perhaps the most important feature of buying ready-to-use sites is their ease of use. Because using and setting up this system does not require special technical knowledge and professional complexities. On the other hand, due to the common defects of this system after preparation, it does not require any additional settings. It can be used easily during the operation of these sites.

The final design considers the customer’s taste.

Ready and prefabricated sites are not like houses; They can be changed. Changed the color, changed the graphics, or in any way tampered with their original layout and made a change. Therefore, using this system, you can order designers according to your taste so that they can make changes. The final design can be an amalgamation of the designs and packages you have chosen from the rest of the ideas.

Disadvantages of using pre-made and ready-made sites

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Buying a ready-made site also has disadvantages. Including security and low speed, low stability and high costs in the long term, etc., which we will mention below:

Low security of prefabricated and ready-made sites

The sources of the websites are available to the rest of the programmers, So everyone has access to it. It’s like locking the door of a jewelry box with locks to which everyone has the key. In this way, ready-made sites are not recommended by security experts.

Low speed of pre-made and ready-made sites

It should be noted that this problem is seen in most ready-made websites, and in other words, most of them suffer from it. But in sites where this problem occurs, the main reason is the extent of programming and numerous facilities. These things cause the speed to decrease, and if you keep this issue in mind at the very beginning, you can prevent it from happening.

Lack of stability of prefabricated and ready-made sites

This defect manifests itself in the long term mainly because a large amount of information and data affected the site’s performance in the period mentioned.

High costs of providing and developing ready sites or expanding them

Ready-made sites cannot be updated like designed sites. And the changes are applied on a case-by-case basis; for example, the colors of different parts can be changed, the texts can be changed, or the templates can be changed to another pre-made template. Now, if you want to apply more comprehensive changes, it is necessary to do a lot of work from the beginning, and in some cases, it even involves re-coding.

For this reason, you must pay a significant fee to the design company to apply these changes. To conclude, it’s good to remember it’s true that you pay less to start with ready-made sites than designed sites, but you have to pay more to develop and maintain the site.

The high volume of files

In website design, the graphic design team produces small files, and the HTML team also helps reduce the file size and size. As in ready-made WordPress sites, we deal with ready-made facilities that have a large volume. For example, if a typical website with a custom design is 30 megabytes, a ready-made website template may reach 80 megabytes.

Pre-made and ready-made sites are not exclusive.

Suppose that the logo of Benz and BMW were similar or that McDonald’s and KFC both offered the same food model. Exclusive format, color, and shape can be your superiority in your internet business. But ready-made sites usually use templates that are available on the Internet. Therefore, other people have access to these templates and can use them, so your site will look like other people’s sites.


Ready-made sites generally refer to sites whose templates are pre-made, and the site owner chooses his favorite items from among the available options. It also has advantages like faster delivery speed and no site design costs. Still, nothing is perfect, so if we want to count the disadvantages of this system, we must mention the lack of stability and the high cost of developing these types of sites.