install Hotjar

A look at the application and how to install Hotjar

Installing Hotjar will help you have a more realistic view of what is happening on the site. Hotjar, regardless of the numbers and figures that analytics generally gives you, does it show you exactly how the audience behaved from the moment they entered the site? What path have they taken? Why do they leave the site quickly? Where is your site facing problems and issues like this?

What is hotjar, and what exactly is it used for?

Hotjar installation can be considered the most important secret to your success in the world of internet business. Professionals in the business world have an unwritten rule: “Whatever is good for the customer is good for your business.” She eats.” Installing Hotjar tells you exactly what is useful for which customer. With the help of Hotjar, you can use all analytical elements such as bounce rate, conversion rate, and everything that analytics provides you in a practical and useful way.

Installing Hotjar allows you to observe the path taken by users and find out the reason for the rise and fall of things such as site traffic, conversion rate, etc. Hotjar can tell you which part of your site had a problem and caused the user to close the page. Installing Hotjar allows you to monitor the complete and accurate analysis of user behavior from the beginning of entering the site to the moment of exit. All these events are provided to you in the form of recorded video, thermal maps, etc.

Installing Hotjar is a special magnifying glass that tells you what is attractive to which user. Although analytics provides detailed information about various site topics, this information is very general. Hotjar installs various polls on the site and obtains part of the information in this way. In a word, Hotjar can be considered a supplement and interpreter of analytics.

Why is it important to install Hotjar?

Hotjar installation is important, especially for you who, like thousands of site managers, are looking to improve the status of your site and increase the conversion rate and issues like that. It can tell you what is happening on your site most accurately and clearly in a completely visual way? Hotjar can even tell you which part of the site he got bored of and closed the page with deep accuracy in the user’s behavior.

Most importantly, all these things are done automatically and quickly, and you don’t need to do anything special. The good news is that in addition to all these things, ease of use and reasonable price are also features of Hotjar. Just install Hotjar to get all these benefits.

How to install Hotjar?

In general, the most important stage of Hotjar installation is the stage of receiving the code. Hotjar needs this code to collect information from the site. Of course, before taking any action, measure your site’s activity. If your site has more than two thousand visits per day and you need more than three heat maps and many reports, it is better to get the paid version of this tool. Here is how to install it. We explain Hotjar in simple language.

How to install Hotjar is not so difficult. Just enter the Hotjar site. Enter your email address, site domain, and business information, and create a dedicated user account. After creating a user account, you must enter the Organizations & Sites section, find your account and receive the dedicated code.

The received code must be entered in the <head> section of the site. Of course, if the tag manager is active for the site, you can easily enter this code in the tag manager. After entering the code, you must go to the Hotjar dashboard and confirm the registration. You should give Hotjar a few minutes to run. After that, you can easily use this useful and powerful tool. As soon as the code is entered, Hotjar starts recording information.

What facilities and advantages does Hotjar have?

Installing Hotjar is useful. It is no longer a secret. This interesting service by analyzing user behavior tells you where your site needs to be revised and changed. You find bugs that analytics could never find. For example, you may find that many users do not refer to the bottom of the site. Therefore, by moving the icons to the top of the site, the level of user interaction with your site will improve significantly.

Installing Hotjar allows you to monitor all the user’s movements. As soon as the user enters your site, all his activities, even his mouse movements and everything he types will be recorded. In addition, you will also know information such as the type of device, operating system, and browser version of the user. Hotjar installation has more interesting features.

For example, showing the site’s hottest pointshe most used and most attractive parts of your site, and the important thing is that you get all this information at a glance. In short, the strengths and weaknesses of your site can be identified with a glance and in a fraction of a second. By designing interesting forms, Hotjar determines the level of satisfaction and, of course, the user’s needs. Interestingly, even minor questions that confuse the user and discourage him from filling out the form are identified.