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25 Free And Very Useful Tools And Services That Can Be Found On The Internet

The internet is a wonderful place. You can answer questions that you previously could only by asking technical experts or doing a lot of searching in libraries.

The Internet has connected all human beings closely and has long been an indicator of well-being and beyond that a fundamental human right.

But it is interesting to know that there are free tools on the Internet that many times we think there is only a paid version of them. We sometimes find services on the Internet that do the work of complex paid software.

In this post, I will share some of the most interesting ones with you:

1- Photopea

It is a Photoshop clone and, interestingly, it is completely free. It only displays a series of ads on the sidebar that are not annoying.

2- Gothenburg project

Many are familiar with the Gutenberg project and many are not yet!

If you are a seeker, you can find a lot of classic books on this site. I once used this site to find the original version of books, compare them with translations, and learn tutorials.

3- Khan Academy

There are plenty of courses in the field that you can not even think of can be found on the Khan Academy website.

With the help of Khan Academy, you can participate in a prestigious university course and even gain knowledge and experience in fields that are separate from your routine educational background.

4- Skiplagged

Of course, this tool does not help us. But it has a very interesting function and prevents airlines from financially abusing customers. Skiplagged calculates which airlines are cheaper to travel from city A to B and even shows you how much you can save if you travel through an intermediary city and switch flights in that city.

The site performed so well that United Airlines complained.

5- Scihub

You can find a lot of academic books and textbooks on this site.

6- My 90s TV

This one is really interesting. This site is a nostalgia TV and shows you old TV shows, music videos, movies, and trailers from the 70s, 80s, and 90s on the skin of an old TV.

7- Archive site

Many of you are familiar with this one. An archive site is a real archive of web and culture archives. In it, you can find everything valuable old from DOS games to old books and magazines and even old copies of sites, some of which no longer exist externally.

8- Gimp

How do you know Gimp ?! A free photo editor with features comparable to the basic features of Photoshop.

9- Freecycle

It is an interesting internet service to get rid of tools and goods that are no longer useful to you and do not intend to wait long for a buyer to find them.

10- Unsplash site

Sometimes it is difficult to find high-quality photos in a field that is not copyrighted. With Unsplash, you can browse and use the world of free photos that photographers themselves have given free access to.

11- 1aauto, be your car repairman

In the first step, you may think that this site is just a site for selling and supplying car parts. But with the help of its videos, you can get acquainted with car parts and find out how you can replace them and repair your car.

12- Camelcamelcamel site

A site that compares the price of a product on different sales sites so you can find the cheapest place. In Iran, of course, we have sites with similar functions. But what a benefit that most prices are so high and the price difference is not significant!

13. Duolingo language training site

A site for teaching different languages.

14. Future site

Want an email sent to you years later? Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl. In the next decade or two, write down your current goals and aspirations.

Of course, if this site and you have survived by then!

15- Zotero

Free tools for researching and combining different information sources and easily referring to the sources used, both in footnotes and in the text.

16- Library Genesis

Another source for finding textbooks and academic books

17- Terms Of Service; Didn’t Read

We often do not read the terms of use of the services at all and very quickly press the OK or next‌ button and move on.

This site is for the lazy and bored and explains these conditions to you in a good format and clear and simple language.

18. Openlearn site

British site, containing various training courses and even valuable documentaries.

19. Heavens-Above site

If you want to know which bright spots in the night sky of the International Space Station, the Hubble Space Telescope, or the Starlinic satellites are, or are at all, visible to you, use this site, which also has an Android app.

20- Flightradar24

A site to show you live air traffic. If you want to know, for example, what flights are currently flying over Iran, you can use this site.

21- Melody Ml site

A very interesting service. You can give the mp3 format of music to this site so that later the version, for example, without the singer’s voice and only the background music will be emailed to you.

22- Blender

Free 3D tool and open-source video editor

23- Thenounproject

Free icon and photo finder

24- The Anki Flashcard

Make a flashcard for yourself so you can memorize complex and escape lessons.

25- Codecademy

A site for teaching coding in different languages. Of course for amateur coders.