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Bandwidth Exceeded Limits and Countermeasures

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded – Reasons – What to do

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded - Reasons - What to do

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Whenever someone gets a notification that says Bandwidth Limit Exceeded, they usually call their developer or a development company in a panic.

What is Bandwidth and Bandwidth transfer?

  • Bandwidth measures the amount of data transmitted through a connection over time.
  • Also called the data transfer rate, it is usually expressed in bits per second (bps).

Nowadays, it seems like more and more people have started using the Internet for their business. Social and e-commerce sites are also good reasons for increased Internet usage. At the same time, many people are unfamiliar with Bandwidth, even if they own a website.

Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred at one time.

Regarding hosting, bandwidth is the maximum amount of data transferred each month or given period. Data transfer is the amount of data that is transferred between your site and your visitor’s browser. For example,r, your website homepage size is one megabyte, so whenever visitors visit your website homepage, their browser will download one megabyte of data. Based on file size and visits, the data transfer can be calculated.

How to keep track of bandwidth transfer

You can see bandwidth usage on your cPanel account


Exceeded transfer rate

Furthermore, you may also get an email notification if your site exceeds data transfer for a given month.

Bandwidth effects on your website

Your website will load slower as the less Bandwidth your account has. No matter how faster connection types your website visitors have. You often see pages unavailable on some sites because of the maximum amount of data allowed to be transferred. In this case, visitors will need to wait for their turn.


Unavailable because Bandwidth Exceeded

First of all,  you will need to determine the required Bandwidth for your website, which can be identified by the size of your website(or can, say, website pages) and several visitors in the given time frame. Most times, it is measured every month. The main goal is to ensure that all visitors can visit your website without waiting for their turn and without any problems.

Furthermore, You can determine the required Bandwidth for your site based on the following:

  • Expected number of visitors per month (including unique and repeated)
  • Page size
  • Anticipated number of page views by visitor

How to review the Bandwidth from your cPanel

1. Using AWSTATS


AWSTATS2. Webalizer stats

Webalizer stats

3. Usage Stats


What to do when the bandwidth limit is exceeded?
Well, in this case, you will have two options, either you can upgrade the package and increase it, or you can reduce the size of content with like:

  • Decrease the amount of data downloaded each time
  • Decrease the usage of images
  • Reduce the resolution of images
  • Use the exact length of the print you need to show on the page
  • Split the significant page into multiple pages (you can show different information on different pages so visitor’s browsers will download only content they are interested in)
  • Remove videos or music used in the background
  • Remove or restrict large downloads
  • In addition, there can be many others as well


Hotlinking is also referred to as bandwidth theft. It means someone shows data on their site directly with links. For example, I have an image on my site like here and someone offers a picture instantly on their site like <img src=”” alt=” image”/> then it is hotlinking. As a result, whenever visitors visit that page with an idea, the data will be transferred from my server to show that image. And in this case, your data transfer usage will be higher than expected.

We can prevent hotlinking using the .htaccess configuration file. In this file, we can write rules to protect any asset usage directly on another site.
The example script to prevent the case I showed earlier can be:

  • RewriteEngine On
  • RewriteCond % !^$
  • RewriteCond % !^http://(www\.)?*$     [NC]
  • RewriteRule .*\.(gif|jpg)$ – [NC,F,L]

Finally, please share your thoughts and opinions about your experience regarding the bandwidth limit being exceeded for your site. In case if you have better suggestions on what to do when the bandwidth limit is exceeded, please share your thoughts via comments or connect with me.


Bandwidth Exceeded Limits and Countermeasures

Have you ever been a friend of IDwebhost when a web page, sometimes we find a case that our web page cannot be accessed as usual instead, the message “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” appears? As ordinary people about IT, we certainly think that maybe the server is down or there are problems technical problems with the connection and the server.

So the only well-known way is to ask our hosting and domain provider, “What’s wrong with our web???

And usually, the support is only limited to explaining that your bandwidth quota has run out; please refill it immediately. Just relax. Usually, the bandwidth quota is monthly, so if one day we run out of bandwidth, the next month, our website will automatically be accessible again. But do we have to wait for the turn of the month to be able to reaccess our website? The following is a simple discussion regarding bandwidth.

Meaning of bandwidth limit exceeded

I try to explain in simple language what limited bandwidth exceeded is. It can be interpreted that bandwidth use in the hosting account exceeded the quota. For example, our bandwidth quota is 1GB/month; it turns out that it’s only been running for two weeks, and usage is already above it, so until the 1st of the next month, our web page will be decorated with beautiful writing “bandwidth limit exceeded.”

How do you calculate bandwidth usage?

It’s easy; a simple example is that we have a web page with a size of 1 megabyte; in a day, people open it 20 times, so the result is that our bandwidth usage that day is 20 megabytes. To find out the size of our web page, you can use the Firebug addon on Firefox or Chrome.

I only have a little traffic, but why is the bandwidth crazy??

Be patient… don’t rush to blame the hosting provider! Try to see if your post contains large images. Or maybe there are also malicious machines that like to roam around sucking up your articles and pictures; of course, this will eat up bandwidth too. Please use a plugin such as destructive behavior, pc robots, and text to deal with these evil machines. Or if the image you like is copied and the link is placed on another web, please do hotlink protection.

My traffic is very high. Is there a solution to save bandwidth?

Choosing a template wisely is possible; using a compressor plugin, for example, to compress HTML, CSS, and compressed images. Not bad for saving bandwidth.

How to find out what’s consuming the most bandwidth on the web?

It’s pretty straightforward; please log in to cpanel, click awstats, and pay attention to bandwidth usage details; it explains everything that causes your bandwidth quota to run out quickly.


In short, the error 509 bandwidth limit exceeded shows up when the allotted website bandwidth is ultimately used. Today, we saw a few recommendations from our Support Engineers to avoid this problem.