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16 Powerful Tools To Make Various Changes On Android Phones Without The Need For Root

One Of The Most Important Features Of Android Phones Is The Ability To Customize And Make Various Changes In Features And Appearance. 

Various Changes, However, if these devices can root, then access to maximum capabilities and features in this area will be possible.

 However, it should note that this also has its risks and disadvantages. The best thing to do with these interpretations is to use various tools that do not require rooting smartphones to use them.

These days, some advanced users of Android phones prefer to access their maximum capabilities and features by rooting their devices. However, deciding whether to root Android phones by amateur or regular users is not an easy task. These users are always looking for tools that allow them to customize their phones without root. Thanks to these features, you can also help improve the performance of smartphones.

It should say that rooting smartphones is a risky and somewhat dangerous process for these devices, as it eliminates the warranty to repair or replace them. More importantly, it is much easier for hackers to install malware on rooted phones, and they can more easily take full control of these devices.

But it should note that rooting smartphones also has important benefits.

 In this way, users can access admin and management parts of all their phones and easily ROM , MOD , And install informal frameworks on them.

Due to these factors, the vast majority of security experts recommend that only professional users root their smartphones, and other users, to change the appearance and capabilities of their devices, use a variety of tools that These days they are easy to find, to use.

This article will introduce 16 powerful tools that users can use without any problems to make various changes in their non-rooted Android phones. Some of these tools change the appearance of others, and others provide additional capabilities for users to have better performance and energy efficiency of their smartphones.

Customization in the notifications and status bar

When it comes to customizing or changing the look of your smartphone, the notifications or status bar can be one of the most critical parts. At the moment, various tools have been introduced to make changes in the notifications section and the status bar of smartphones, the most important of which we will review below.

Navbar Apps

Navbar apps well-known program in the field of status bar customization and how to display notifications. Users can use this program to change the color displayed for this section or even upload a photo to display. Another important feature of this program is the ability to select and design a dedicated status bar for each of the installed programs.

You can download this program through this link.

Status application

StatusA great app for customizing the notification bar on smartphones. Using this program, you can change the color of the notification bar or display different animations and icons in different sections. In the free version of this program, other features are also available for customizing different sections but can only be found in the Pro version, And non-free had all of them.

Status applications are designed to display the new status bar designed by users on the default bar of the Android operating system. This program is compatible with devices running Android 4.4 and newer.

This program is available through this link.

Energy Bar program

As the name implies, it can make changes to the appearance of the battery status display icon. Energy Bar programs can provide a new look for this icon by changing the thickness, color, display direction, and amount of transparency. Among the other great features of this program, we can mention various and attractive animations displayed after connecting smartphones to the power supply and will undoubtedly surprise any user.

The support team for this program claims that Energy Bar, After installation on smartphones, does not apply any processing load on the processor and is activated only when it needs to display changes in battery charge.

Energy Bar It can perform well without the need to root devices. Of course, users must be able to access notifications to use this program’s capabilities.

You can download this program for your device through this link.

Navigation Gestures app

Designing new gadgets has always been an exciting competition between smartphone makers and Android software designers. Developers are always trying to make quick access to different parts of Android phones easier than ever before by designing creative gestures.

Gestures used to navigate between different pages, by default from the Android Pie operating system, are available to smartphone users. Although it has been a long time since the release of this operating system, many devices still use older versions of the Android operating system and, as a result, do not have these gestures. In addition, these gestures are currently only available to a limited number of new smartphones.

The good news is that there is a program called Navigation GesturesIt can bring these navigation gestures to most smartphones. In addition to various gestures, users can also create custom gestures to their liking in this program. Some of the features of this program are only in the non-free and Pro versions available to users. Fans can download this version of Navigation Gestures Buy for $ 1.49.

Navigation Gestures app you can download through this link.

MIUI-ify program

Maybe you are one of those users who, although interested in G.They do not have Xiaomi keys but find its user interface beautiful and admirable. MIUI-ify programs can bring the beautiful user interface of Xiaomi phones to your Android device. This app should be the best choice for users interested in the MIUI interface To know.

MIUI-ify program can change the status bar and notification and other elements related to the smartphone user interface. Thanks to the use of this program, users can take control of various sections such as icon set, music player application interface, notification settings, brightness adjustment bar, and so on.

The basic version of the MIUI-ify program is available for free, but access to special features is only possible in the non-free version. This is the version of MIUI-yet that is currently available for $ 7.49. You can download the basic version of this program through this link.

General changes in the appearance of the smartphone interface

Shared application

If you are tired of the Android operating system sharing page, the Shared app is be installed all on your phone. This program can customize the sharing page of this operating system to make better use of it.

Users can use the Shared app, Customize the Android operating system sharing page to their liking by various apps and contacts. Installing and designing this page is a bit time-consuming, but it should note that after doing this, sharing information will be much faster and easier than before.

Shared is a free program and does not display any special ads. You can download this program through this link.

Immersive Mode Manager program

This app is one of the best tools that any gamer can have when using an Android device. Immersive Mode app, Has the ability to play a specific game or application in full-screen mode) Implemented. Another great feature of this program is Immersive Mode Which causes all programs and games to run on full screen.

This app is designed to use every millimeter of the screen on smartphones to display apps and games properly. Unfortunately, this app is only available for free, and users will have to pay $ 1.99 to use it.

You can download this useful and excellent program for your phone through this link.

MUVIZ Nav Bar Visualizer

This app can play music on a smartphone; displays beautiful light effects on the screen and navigation bar or status. These visual effects have the ability to be moved by users from one place on the screen to another. Another great feature of this program is the ability to customize and edit these effects extensively.

In addition to changing the shape, dimensions, and color, users can also change the display type of these effects. In this program, there is the ability to automatically arrange these light effects in the status bar or under the navigation bar. Program MUVIZ Nav Bar Visualizer It is compatible with almost all music players and can create these light effects accurately and in good coordination.

If you are interested in the world of music and you also enjoy customizing your phone, we recommend that you do not hesitate to install this program on your device. Program MUVIZ Nav Bar VisualizerAvailable via this link.

Edge Mask program

If you are interested in the curved screens found in Samsung flagship phones, we recommend the Edge Mask apply. This app can make the corners of your phone screen round and polished. A feature that can now access on the Samsung Galaxy S as well as many other phones. In the latest version of the program, which has just been released, you can create a lighting system at the edges of the screen, like the Galaxy S8 and 9.

Other great features of this program include its ability to hide cuts related to the selfie camera. Edge Mask can perform tricks by creating attractive animations or creative wallpapers to hide this cut from people.

Edge Mask program has a simple user interface, and this makes it easy to use. You can download this program through this link.

Pixoff program

PixoffA great program to reduce the energy consumption of smartphones and thus increase their battery charging time. This smart app can turn off unused pixels on AMOLED displays and Help smartphones use energy much more efficiently than before.

In principle, it should be said PixoffIt is a complex program that gives its users a lot of options in choosing the right pattern to turn off the pixels. This app is even capable of Night Light Also filters available in the Android operating system to reduce the destructive effect of blue screen lights.

Pixoff program is fully compatible with phones running Android 4.4 or later. The program is also available for free to interested parties but displays promotional content for users. To use this app, you must have AMOLED displays make sure on your phone. This program can also be downloaded through this link.

Audify Notifications Read

The introduction of this program does not require much explanation because its name expresses its capabilities and features. Audify Notifications ReadIt is an attractive program that can convert incoming notifications into voice messages and deliver them to users. The point is, these announcements can hear in a variety of ways. Program Audify Notifications Read It supports wireless and cordless headphones and can even play audio notifications through the built-in speakers in smartphones.

Another important feature of this program is an intelligent control center for incoming notifications. This program has a special menu where you can see the latest read notifications. There is also a feature in the settings menu of this phone that allows users to stop reading notifications with one touch of the screen.

Audify Notifications ReadIt can also view notifications on a Chromecast device Connect to save or even communicate to users via the car’s Bluetooth speakers.

This app is compatible with all apps installed on smartphones and can even remember the exact location of users’ car parks. Audify Notifications ReadIt’s a free app, but it also displays promotional content. Access to this program is possible through this link.

Powerline program

PowerlineIs is a simple but functional program that can measure the operating frequency of the CPU; display it on the status bar. Of course, this feature can be important for gamers or heavy processing with their phone. Next to the CPU frequency, Users can define other indicators such as the number of unsolicited text messages, number of failed calls, CPU operating frequency, storage memory, CPU usage, etc., and display it in the status bar phone.

The powerline program even allows you to customize markers. Users can determine the dimensions, color, transparency, etc., of these markers according to their taste. You can download this program through this link.

CPU Temperature program

By installing the CPU Temperature program smartphones, CPU temperature can access very quickly and easily at any time. The program can also display this information in the status bar of Android devices, along with the amount of RAM usage and the amount of battery charge. Users can also change the color and unit of the information displayed and implement various settings for better performance.

CPU Temperature program is available via this link.

Customize Wallpapers

UndoubtedlyHomePageOne of the most important aspects of any Android phone is; Because this page is seen and used by users more than any other page in smartphones. With this in mind, it should say that choosing a beautiful background image for the Home page can be very important and help to improve the appearance of any smartphone.

Now you can find programs that can provide a host of beautiful and high-quality wallpapers together. In addition, some of these applications allow access to live and animated wallpapers that are displayed on the Home screen. It can be beautiful. Below we introduce the best of these programs.

HexShaders app

HexShadersIs is a powerful live wallpaper app that helps reduce the energy consumption of devices when using these wallpapers. It is normal for live wallpapers to charge batteries faster than normal, but in HexShadersLive, wallpapers are cleverly designed to reduce energy consumption significantly.

In the HexShaders app, the pixels that make up wallpapers are designed to be octagonal to reduce the overall volume and reduce their resolution slightly. However, the wallpapers of this program are displayed in a way that has a beautiful appearance and prevents excessive energy consumption.

 HexShadersIt is a free program that enthusiasts can download through this link.

Tapet app

TapetIs is a program that can automatically generate various wallpapers and display them on the Home screen display from Android devices. After installing this program, users can view the Home page every time and see a new background image. Tapet uses different patterns and colors to produce its own wallpapers, so the chances of seeing a duplicate image are meager.

This program has various mathematical functions that allow it to create various images in various shapes and forms, which also have excellent quality and resolution. Users can program the app to display only one still image instead of displaying multiple images by going to the settings menu. It is also possible to control the wallpapers produced by this program through its accompanying widget.

You can download this program through this link.

Muzei Live Wallpaper app

Muzei Live Wallpaper is a popular background application for the Android operating system that, as its name implies, can display live wallpapers on the Home screen. Displayed. In addition to beautiful wallpapers, some of which are inspired by well-known works of art, this program also has the ability to implement blurring effects on these images, which makes icons and widgets still clearly visible…

Muzei Live Wallpaper applet is also able to provide users with additional information about each of their wallpapers. To access this information, double-tap the background image or the Muzei app Open.

This program is also available for free through this link.

The above are programs that you can use to make changes in different parts of your smartphone without root. Surely there are other great programs in this field that are hidden from our view. If you are familiar with another similar and suitable program, you can introduce it to other users in the comments section and us.