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13 Profitable Information Technology (IT) Jobs With The Highest Salaries In The World

IT Professionals Have Many Job Opportunities With The Ideal Set Of Skills. If You Are An Application Architect Or Information Security Analyst, You Will Not Face Any Particular Problem In Finding A Suitable Job Due To The Market Demand For Your Specialty. 

This article will look at some high-paying IT jobs that are expected to be even hotter in the next few years.

1. The prominent data engineer

Businesses need people who can use large amounts of raw data to identify and explain strategies, decisions, and new ideas. A data engineer earns an average of about $ 163,000 a year. These specialists typically prepare a company’s software, and hardware architecture and the systems people need to work with data. A prominent data engineer typically has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a high degree in mathematics and database work.

2. Developer of mobile applications

If you look at the apps on your mobile phone and tablet, you can see why companies are hiring mobile app developers. These people should have sufficient knowledge in coding with mobile frameworks and mobile development languages, ​​and web development languages. The average salary for mobile app developers is $ 146,000 a year.

3. Information Security Manager

Candidates who offer companies this attractive job must have a solid technical background in systems and networks security and have the necessary ability to lead a team. High skill in analyzing and solving problems and interacting with team members is essential. Information security managers, like other departments, must follow the rules and regulations.

Information systems security managers need to improve their knowledge of new security trends and new methods of countering attacks. Employers often request certificates similar to CISSP or CompTIA Security Plus. IT professionals earn an average of $ 143,000 a year.

4. Application Architect

Application architect is one of the most lucrative IT jobs that almost any company needs to improve existing applications or add new applications to their existing infrastructure. Specialists in this field are people who receive an average of $ 141,000 a year. These people are responsible for designing the main parts of the applications, including the user interface, middleware, and infrastructure. These people have the necessary communication and planning skills. In addition to high technical ability, these people must be able to lead and manage teams well.

5. Data Architect

These IT professionals are responsible for designing complex and infrastructural processes to make strategic business decisions. They translate business requirements into information-driven banking solutions and are also responsible for data storage and how information is organized. Ensuring that the security of databases is in good condition is part of their job. These people earn an average of $ 141,000 a year.

6. Database Manager

Databases are in almost all jobs, and as a result, database managers are in most positions. Their job is to maintain and support the information bank environment. These people help companies use strategic data to achieve their goals. These people earn an average of $ 133,000 a year. Database managers, especially in large organizations, are faced with a considerable amount of data to be managed, and as a result, they must have strong leadership skills, strategic planning.

7. Data Security Analyzer

Data security analysts need to understand computer and network security, including firewall management, encryption technologies, and network protocols. This job requires excellent communication and problem-solving skills. A data security analyst must be fully aware of its security processes and governance policies to do its job correctly. A professional certificate similar to CISSP is effective in obtaining this job. The average salary of a data security analyst is $ 129,000 a year.

8. Software Engineer

The average salary of a software engineer is $ 125,000 a year. They design and create the features needed for software and applications, and as a result, the demand for these people is high. Software engineers must have strong knowledge of information systems. Most companies attract people who have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related fields. Mastery of a programming language and strong communication skills are also essential.

9. Cloud / Wireless Network Engineer

Offices that use wireless technology and develop their mobile applications alone are a strong reason that doubles the need for cloud engineers and wireless networks. Wireless/cloud network engineers must have expertise in every aspect of network technology and have a strong background in wireless equipment and standards and WLAC design. Analytical and problem-solving skills are essential for this job. People with a CWNP degree do not have a problem getting these jobs. The average salary of a network engineer is $ 125,000 per year.

10. Data scientist

This group of IT professionals uses their knowledge in statistics and modeling to create complex data from various sources. To earn an average salary of $ 125,000 a year, a data scientist must have sufficient knowledge of mathematics and computer science, and statistics. Proficiency in the Python or Java programming language is often required.

11. Senior web developer

In most cases, a senior web developer will have to gather the business requirements and specify the features to build a web application to make the web interface attractive. Senior web developers provide technical advice to web admins and integrate backend and frontend systems. Senior web developers should have sufficient experience in PHP, Ruby on Rails and content management systems, and frontend. The old web developers should have several years of experience managing the technical features of the web. The average salary of a senior web developer is $ 123,000 a year.

12. Site reliability engineer

The site engineer evaluates a site’s performance to ensure that programs and code work smoothly. They can code like a software developer and bridge the gap between development and operations teams. That’s why they’re one of the most lucrative jobs in the information technology world. These people earn an average of $ 122,000 a year. These people primarily work in technical support teams, and in addition to eliminating the shortcomings, they also provide emergency support.

13. System Engineer

System engineers examine a company’s physical infrastructure, including hardware and software. If a system does not work correctly and, if necessary, it is debugged (checked for physical problems and fixed), the system is reconfigured. System engineers must have strong communication skills to analyze technical information and communicate it to non-technical users in simple language. The average salary of a system engineer is $ 106,000 a year.