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10 Things You Didn’t Think Your Smartphone Would Do

Did You Know That Your Cell Phone Can Do Things You May Not Have Known About? For Example, It Is Possible To Take Very Detailed Photos With A Drop Of Water, While The Camera Lens Of The Phone Is Not Macro, Or It Is Even Possible To Design A Stylus Film For All Phones.

Hidden phone codes

If you open the phone dialing program and enter the code # 06 # *, you will see the serial number and IMEI code. The above feature is handy when buying second-hand phones to make sure the box is the same box in which the phone is located.

Secret code to check phone hardware.

If you open the phone dialing application and enter the code # * 0 # *, you will see the full application, allowing you to test the phone hardware fully. The app that appears lets you test the phone’s various hardware from screen testing to touch screen health testing, speaker testing, and testing of all sensors inside the phone, including fingerprints.

 Note, however, that this code can only use on Android phones. If the phones do not have powerful hardware, the implementation of this program is accompanied by a slight delay.

A stylus for all Android phones

Undoubtedly, many of us like to have a phone equipped with a stylus. However, phones with a stylus are not cheap, and buying a separate pen has its drawbacks. However, with an interesting trick, you can use a stylus on your Android phone. All you have to do is get a pen or a pen. Just drag the negative pole of the battery on the screen to get a pen.

 If you do not have a battery at home, you still have the chance to get a pen for yourself through a simple trick. In this method, all you need is a pencil and an aluminum sheet. All you have to do is wrap a pencil around the pencil and hold a pen. What is the advantage of these two methods?

The answer is simple, and you no longer need to touch the screen with dirty hands or, in winter, take your hands off the glove and work with the phone screen.

How to use the mouse on an Android phone?

You have two options for this. The first option is a cordless phone. If you have a keyboard and mouse at home that are wireless and you do not use them, connect the mouse and keyboard dongle to the phone, and that’s it! You can now use the mouse and keyboard on the phone. If you do not want to use this method, you need a Bluetooth mouse in the second method.

First, turn on the mouse Bluetooth and then turn on the phone’s Bluetooth and wait for the mouse to be detected by the phone. Continue to connect the mouse, and that’s it! You can now use the mouse on your phone without occupying the phone port.

How to make the light of the phone light softer and better?

As you know, when you turn on the phone in a dark environment (especially when the power is off at various intervals), you receive a very sharp light. However, to get more incandescent and better light, just put a glass of water on the phone’s camera. Of course, make sure the glass and water are clear.

How to test the health of the phone control?

Sometimes the TV remote control does not work properly, and you do not know the problem is from the TV or phone. To make sure that the TV control is safe or not, open the phone camera, place the TV control in front of it and press a button on the phone. If you notice that the control responds and the light turns on and off, it indicates that the control is sound.

Filtering for the camera

Have you ever had the problem of wanting to shoot a very bright object, but the object’s light is so great that it is impossible to shoot well? There is a simple trick to solve this problem. Just place your sunglasses in front of the phone’s camera and take photos to soften the light and take better photos. Interestingly, if you use sunglasses with different colors, you actually have access to different color filters that allow you to take interesting photos.

How to check the alignment of an object?

If you do not have a device for leveling at home or no one at home can help you with leveling, the phone camera will help you in this regard. There is no need to install additional software; type Bubble Level in Google to get the level. Now you need to place the phone on the frame or device to be able to adjust it.

Macro photography

Some phones do not have a macro lens, and some do not have excellent quality. For example, users can place a drop of water on the phone’s selfie camera and take macro photos. However, before doing this, you must make sure that water droplets do not penetrate the speaker and damage it.

Tap with the phone

If you disagree with your friend about a topic and like to use the old tap method, but you do not have any coins, use your phone and say to Google Assistant, “Hey Google, Flip a Coin” after a few seconds. Reacts. The above trick can also use in connection with iOS phones. Of course, you should use the term Siri, Flip a Coin on iPhones.