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Why choose PHP language?

You may be wondering what are the benefits of PHP and why choose PHP as your web design programming language? In this article, we intend to examine this important question. To answer this question, you need to know the advantages of PHP over other programming languages. So in the continuation of this article, join us to know what advantages PHP programming language has over other server-side programming languages.

Recognize the benefits of PHP

As you know, many programming languages ​​such as asp, python, etc. are active in the field of web design. But the PHP programming language is always out of competition with these winning programming languages. Among the most important benefits of PHP are the following:

  • Created for web design.
  • Open source and free.
  • It has a large and active association.
  • It has a wide range of applications in the field of web.
  • Supports various programming paradigms.
  • Multi-platform.
  • Many documents and learning resources.
  • More job opportunities than other programming languages.
  • It is easy to maintain.

In the rest of this article, we’ll take a look at the benefits of PHP.

PHP language is for web designing If you remember, in the previous section we mentioned that Rasmus Lerdorf from Denmark designed the PHP language in 1994 with the goal of managing his personal website. The PHP language exist to this day. Therefore, the functions and commands defined in PHP are specifically for web designing, and in using it, you will not need to be familiar with a lot of irrelevant and unnecessary programming terms.

PHP is an open source language

PHP is a completely free programming language, which is a comparative advantage over other programming languages ​​such as ASP. Because you can use PHP language without spending money and if you are happy with it, you can choose that language for your regular use.

What does open source mean?

Another feature we mentioned is that PHP is “open source”. Open source means that the original source code of the program is available to the public and there is no need to obtain a license or spend to use that source code. This feature makes the original PHP language source code easily available to users and developers around the world, reviewed by them, and eventually upgraded.

You may be wondering why this feature should be important to us. It may seem trivial to you that open source language is meaningless, and you think to yourself, “I just want to code and get on with my work, and I don’t care how the code is going to execute and what is behind the code.” It passes. ” But this kind of view is completely wrong and extremely dangerous for a programmer.

The openness of a language is a great advantage from the point of view of professional and experienced programmers. Because in the future, they may need to develop a programming language based on different user needs or by expanding the project. The best example to show the importance of this feature is the development of PHP language by Facebook. Facebook was originally on the PHP language, but as it expanded, the Facebook development team needed to develop PHP, so they created the HACK programming language. (This feature demonstrates the high scalability of the PHP programming language)

PHP has a large and active developer community

Today, the two main factors of support and updating play a significant role in the success or failure of a programming language. In the world of computers and the Internet, every technology must be able to provide features and capabilities to its users in order to gain their opinion and trust. The large community that supports and develops the PHP programming language is therefore always striving to make coding with this programming language easier and more enjoyable for its users. Excellent support and updates for PHP language is one of the main factors in the popularity of this language.

PHP has a wide range of applications in the web

In the world of the web, the PHP programming language plays a key role. According to official statistics from W3Techs, by 2018, about 83.1% of the world’s sites use PHP. On the other hand, content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. are using PHP language, among which WordPress alone accounts for 32% of the world’s sites. It is also interesting to know that according to the statistics of the official PHP site, PHP language is in more than 240 million websites so far.

PHP language is in the development and creation of large sites such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, etc., and is the owner of the top web development frameworks such as Laravel, Symphony, Code Igniter, etc. This factor indicates that the scope of application of PHP in the field of web is very large and comprehensive. So by learning PHP you can learn PHP-based tools faster and develop them according to your user needs.

PHP is Multi Paradigm

Another strength of the PHP language is that it is multi-paradigm. But before we talk about the benefits of this feature in PHP, you need to know what the paradigm means.

tip : Paradigms refer to different methods in the programming process in order to find the best way to perform a particular operation and task. Each programming language can support one or more paradigms or programming methods.

The difference between object-oriented and procedure in the php programming language

For example, programs written in PHP can be completely procedural or implemented in a completely object-oriented manner. The point here is that these two methods are in stark contrast to each other. Of course, it is possible that part of a program is written procedurally and the other part is object-oriented. How you write and choose the paradigm or programming method is entirely up to you.

In procedural programming, the written operations are performed one by one from top to bottom in order to finally execute the program completely. As mentioned in the previous section of the comprehensive PHP guide, object-oriented PHP feature was added to this language from version 5 onwards. Object orientation in programming can solve many problems for you and make the coding process easier.

Because the concepts of objectivism are so close to the real world, it will be easy for the programmer to understand. In object-orientation, unlike the procedural method, instead of dealing with a large number of variables and functions, you work directly with objects.

With object-oriented coding, in addition to making it easier to manage and maintain your code, the amount and time of coding will be greatly reduced. Another advantage of object-oriented coding is that you can easily use the code you once wrote in other projects, and this feature can greatly reduce your coding. So with object-oriented, you can better implement large and organizational programs and not get involved in the problems and complexities of procedural programming!

So with the PHP programming language, you are no longer limited to one particular coding method, and you can use procedural or object-oriented methods to design and develop websites and applications, depending on your needs.

Being a multi-platform PHP platform is one of the best benefits of php

Other advantages of PHP include being cross-platform or cross-platform, which allows you to run PHP on a Windows server, Macintosh server or Linux server without any problems. If you remember, it was mentioned in the previous section that the result of PHP code is sent to the user’s browser in HTML format.

So it does not matter what kind of system the user is using and there is no need to install any additional plugins or software to run them and having a web browser is enough for them. Therefore, using PHP will not impose any restrictions on you and your users.

On the other hand, PHP is fully compatible with most of the world’s leading web servers, including Apache HTTP Server, Nginx, etc. PHP also supports most popular databases, including Mysql, MongoDB, SQLite, and more.

Easy PHP langauge training is one of the best features of this programming language

Learning PHP is easier for those who want to experience coding for the first time than for other server-side languages. The popularity and many applications of PHP in the field of web design has caused this programming language to be considered by many people, which has led to many documents and tutorials in the form of virtual tutorials, face-to-face classes, books, etc. in different languages. Including the sweet Persian language. These tutorials can pave the way for you to become a PHP expert and conquer its peaks.

One of the great resources to start learning PHP is the official PHP site documentation. Of course, to use the official PHP site documentation, you must be fluent in English. Also, if you are interested in teaching PHP in Persian, you can use the virtual tutorials on the SunLearn site and use it to see all the PHP training topics in a completely project-oriented way.

There are many PHP job opportunities

Certainly one of the important factors in choosing a programming language is the job opportunities and the extent of the job market for that programmer. Therefore, it should be noted that in addition to the fact that more than 32% of the world’s sites are based on the WordPress content management system, which is based on PHP, more than 70% of websites in Iran, including web market leaders (Snap, Snap Food, NetBurg, Digitala, Alpek, etc.) have chosen PHP programming language as their main language.

This is why the programming market is in dire need of PHP expertise. So if you choose PHP, there is now a very special opportunity for you to enter the job market in this area.

PHP language is easy to maintain

You must be saying to yourself, “Does the programming language also need maintenance?” In answer to your question, we must say yes. One of the main reasons for the migration of a large website from ASP to PHP was the heavy maintenance costs the ASP language.

Because companies and developers in the field of web are eager to developing software or applications that encounter the least bugs or errors, and if they encounter them, they can fix them at the lowest cost. Because PHP has more web developers and is easier to troubleshoot and debug, companies and developers using PHP will definitely spend less money on maintaining their applications.

In general, finding a skilled workforce is more difficult and costly for programming languages ​​that have fewer programmers in the job market. For example, if you want to build a strong translation team in your city to translate a foreign language, choosing which language will have the most specialized workforce for you at a lower cost? English or Chinese? English definitely has the most specialized workforce, and if you want to choose a language like Chinese, it will definitely be difficult to find a professional translator, and on the other hand, it will cost you more due to the lack of manpower in this field.

Finally, why choose PHP?

PHP has a huge share of the web market. On the other hand, it is an open source language that supports paradigms, various web servers and the world’s top databases. In addition, the PHP language has a good job market and its language specialists will never be idle. A future PHP language podcast has explored this issue well. So PHP is one of the best options to enter the world of web programming.