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What is the Redux Library and what are its benefits?

JavaScript was originally used as a language to make web pages dynamic. But with the passage of time and the development of new frameworks, it was able to open its way to various fields such as mobile application development, server-side programming and game development. The main strength of JavaScript is derived from these frameworks, frameworks such as Redux, Vue.Js or React played an important role in the development of this language. In this article, we want to introduce you to the Redux framework to know what it is and what its benefits are in programming.

What is the Redux framework?

Redux is a JavaScript library used to build the interface of applications and web pages. This library manages various states in JavaScript applications. What is the meaning of state now? As you know, computer programs store their data in variables, each of which takes up some space in computer memory (RAM). The content of that part of the memory, when the software is running, is called the program state. By knowing the State, we can better understand it.

It provides a template for better and more efficient management of various situations in the program. This library is not very old and was released in 2015. It is mostly used as a complement to libraries such as Angular or React. This library with all its dependencies (Dependency) is only 2 KB in size and by using it, you do not have to worry about the weight of your project. Also, due to the open source nature of this project, its code is available in GateHub and you can read it.

What is the use of the Redux framework?

Its development team says that this library is not the shortest or fastest way to reach the goal. They suggest that you visit this library when you encounter a problem with your project. If you do not need to manage situations, you do not need to use it. Because not only does it not solve the problem, it will make the job harder and more complicated.

If you have worked with other JavaScript frameworks such as React, you know that these frameworks themselves have a feature that allows you to manage different situations in the program. We recommend that you use the same systems before you learn it, as it will most likely meet your needs and you can fully implement your program. But if your program is complex and you have a hard time figuring out where states are stored or how they change during programming. It is the best library available that you can use to manage States.

What is the relationship between Flux and Redux? How do these two libraries work?

It is heavily influenced by the Flux concept introduced by Facebook. Flux consists of a three-part model with the letters action, stores and dispatcher. Just like MVC, which uses Model, View, and Controller, these three parts are interconnected and work together. In the following, we will look at how Flux works with an example, but before that, if you do not know what MVC is and how it works, you can read the following article.

Working with Redux is easy, and you can start learning this library only by knowing and understanding concepts such as Middleware, Reducer or store. In fact, if you already have experience working with Flux, you will feel at home when you learn Redux. Even if you have no knowledge of Flux, it will still be easy to work with Redux. Before continuing the discussion, it is better to get acquainted with some general concepts.

First it is better to know Action

Action is a signal that transmits information and data to the store. Next we have a concept called Reducer that shows how the states of an application react by sending information from Action to the Store. Now think of Store as an object that puts the two together. Knowing this makes it easier to talk about the Flux framework.

User Interface is the same as our application interface. If the user clicks on a specific part of the page, an action is sent to the Dispatcher from the User Interface. You may be wondering why our action is not sent directly to the Store. Because Dispatcher acts like an interface and there are many benefits to using it. Think of the Dispatcher as a filter that checks if sent requests are valid. Now our action enters the Stores and the information is stored there. After updating the states, the resulting changes are returned to the User Interface and the user sees the changes in the program.

Redux is very similar to Flux. Like Flux, we are dealing with a three-part model that shares action in both frameworks. That is, the data is transmitted through Action. In Redux we work with a store so the sum of s is removed from the Stores. Also, there is no such thing as a Dispatcher and we use Reducer instead. This time the scenario changes a little.

After an event such as a user clicking on a page, the User Interface sends this click to Middleware in the form of an action. Next, Middleware creates a new state and sends it to the Store. The store returns each state to the User Interface by changing it. Also keep in mind that Flux is a structure and Redux is a library.

Redux is compatible with which languages ​​and frameworks and what are the benefits of using it?

Redux is used to store data in the display layer. The main application of Redux is alongside frameworks such as React and React Native. But it can be used in Angular, Angular2, Vue, Mithril and other JS libraries because Redux has no problem integrating with other frameworks. This framework easily integrates with other languages ​​with a simple mechanism.

Reduction makes debugging the program easier. Due to its neat structure, it is easy to find software bugs and test software inside this library. Redax also has the ability to get from the Render server. In this case you have to send the state program to the server and the server responds to it. Then the required sections are converted to HTML and sent to the user.

Redux is also a great option for use in large projects, as it has been present in well-known projects. Redux has been used in projects such as the new WordPress admin page (, the Twitter site in the mobile version, and the new Firefox browser debugger.


In this article, we looked at what Redux is and how it works. Whenever you feel that React does not meet your needs and the project is getting bigger and more complex, Redux can be a work-in-progress. Of course, do not forget that Redux is not suitable for beginners. It is better to check the various aspects before using it.