MikroTik VPS

MikroTik Virtual Server is a Server that Uses MikroTik RouterOS Operating System. This Server has a Variety of uses that have made it highly Popular among network professionals. Buying a MikroTik Virtual Server is suitable for people who need a server for specific configurations, especially network configuration.

By Purchasing MikroTik VPS from Ded9, you will get a server with adequate Bandwidth, high stability and access to the management panel, while all MikroTik Virtual Servers have high-speed ports, 99.9% uptime, and the ability to upgrade in addition to low prices.

There are two methods for connecting and configuring MikroTik Virtual Server Routers:

  • Using a web browser and through the HTTP protocol.
  • Windows software WINBOX Using WINBOX to manage and configure the MikroTik Virtual Server, which is one of the most common tools.

MikroTik VPS

Mikrotik - VPS - 2

8.00 $ / Monthly

CPU: Xeon 2 core (1600 MHz)


Hard Disk: 10GB H.D.D
PORT: 1Gbps
IP: One
Bandwidth: 2TB

Mikrotik - VPS - 4

13.00 $ / Monthly

CPU: Xeon 3 core (2500 MHz)


Hard Disk: 10GB H.D.D
PORT: 1Gbps
IP: One
Bandwidth: 4TB

Mikrotik - VPS - 8

21.00 $ / Monthly

CPU: Xeon 4 core (3000 MHz)


Hard Disk: 10GB H.D.D
PORT: 1Gbps
IP: One
Bandwidth: 8TB

Mikrotik - VDS

26.00 $ / Monthly

CPU: 4 core (3500 MHz)


Hard Disk: 10 GB H.D.D
PORT: 1Gbps
IP: One
Bandwidth: 12TB

MikroTik Virtual Server Features

Low cost Mikrotik virtual servers which reduces costs.

Easy management Mikrotik VirtualServers can be Managed.

Share  Resources Multiple Users can use a Virtual Server

Safety and Security These Services Use High-Security


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Share processes and data secure lona need to know basis

Safe and Secured

our team assured your web site is always safe and secure

Our Dedicated Support

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • You have complete freedom to configure the operating system voluntarily.
  • Select applications for different operating systems such as Linux or Windows Server.
  • You are free to configure the server.
  • This is a flexible solution that enables you to use VPS for a variety of purposes.


  • Hosting server in Ded9 that fully complies with all quality and security standards.
  • Ded9 is one of the most secure service providers and has the highest possible score.
  • Routing
  • wireless
  • Proxy server
  • Private V.P.N
  • User management
  • ECMP routing
  • Hosting multiple
  • Virtual Machines
  • Network testing and development
  • Backup and restore
  • Authentication

It can be provided with configuration and free installation for hosting with CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu Linux operating systems, as well as with Windows Server operating systems 2019, 2022 versions.

1.Log into your client area account.

2.Navigate to your package details.

3. Click on Services in the menu and select your Active Services.

4.You should see list of services if you have more than one.

5.Click Active on the right.

6.Scroll down in server information

7.Click on Reinstall OS

8.Choose your operating system.

9.Set a strong password

10.Wait until the OS installed on your VPS.

Advantages of MikroTik Server

  • High speed: Mikrotik server speed is very high because Mikrotik is a light operating system with a very simple configuration process and requires few resources. High speed is one of the important advantages of this server.
  • VNC console: not only this service, but all the IPs that Shopping Server offers you have console-to-server capability.
  • Low cost: The cost of these servers is much lower than other servers.
  • Exclusive resources: All its resources belong exclusively to you.

We Offer

The Services You Receive

Automatic OS Installation

Automatic installation of operating systems on a server is one of ShopingServer key features. Due to this feature a customer can get a ready-to-go server right after the payment has been made.

OS Support

CentOS 7, 8; Debian 9, 10, 11 ; Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04, 22.04; Windows Server, 2019, 2022.

Console Access

In our services, you have direct access to the server console

Pay With BTC

You can pay your invoices in renew VPS or new order VPS with BTC