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Top 7 Code Sharing Sites for Developers

In this article, we will get to know the top 7 code sharing sites for developers.

Building an app for developers is a challenging task, especially when you are a beginner or a self-taught developer!

Most of the time programmers get stuck in their own project errors. Sometimes making some special features becomes difficult and involved and at that moment you just want a code ready to use.

In all these cases, you may need the help of a programmer friend or colleague. And naturally, that person should search your code to find and fix the error, and of course any other help to your project that needs access to your code.

Here is the importance of code sharing sites. These sites are created to share your code with other people in order to fix bugs or help with your project.

These code sharing sites allow developers to share specific pieces of code, functions or code snippets. Developers

And the only thing you have to do as a developer is to copy-paste your code on these websites

and then give this link to your team members or friends.

There are many code sharing sites on the internet with different features, you should choose the best one based on your needs.

In this article, we have prepared 7 useful and better code sharing sites for you that you can use.

Github gist


You probably know Github gist, the most popular code sharing site for solving code problems for developers. This site helps millions of open source developers to collaborate with their team members, share code snippets and even projects.

This site from Git, a version control system, allows you to publish your code according to your updated versions, or you can even use large projects, and you can even change and publish them and get points.

Also, in order to solve the problems, you can enter your code on this site through GATE. And give the link to your friend or colleague.



Codepen   was created for front-end web developers and allows you to work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript through the browser. On this site, you basically create a “pen”. This means that you have set up a piece of code to be shared.

Codepen is the best site to showcase your work and also see the amazing things others are doing with the web.

You can also check other people’s fonts, which means you can check other programmers’ code from here. For example, if you want to add pages to your project, you can check their various links, and even customize them according to your needs and enter the codes into your project.

Codepen is also very suitable for troubleshooting problems and criticisms. And it supports many famous CSS processors including LESS and SASS. For better integration and additional features like private fonts, asset uploads, working with others in real-time with Collab mode, and more, you can sign up for the $9/month Pro version. Of course, you can subscribe to this site to use a series of better facilities.



JSFiddle was one of the first code sharing sites of its time and is still going strong. Using this website is very simple and straightforward.

For work, you separate four panels or sub-windows. Each panel is dedicated to writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript code respectively. Any code you write in these panels, you can preview and check its output in the fourth panel, which is for the result.

JSFiddle has good and beautiful features. You can import different JS libraries and it also allows you to save your code in personal memory.



Codepad is the best among all the sites we have mentioned so far. This website not only allows you to work with HTML, CSS and JS, but also allows you to use different programming languages.

In addition to web development languages, you can work on C, C++, Python, PHP, Java, and more.

This site is a remarkable community of developers, who can help you save money on your projects by using code snippets. Few code sharing websites support multiple languages ​​and that’s why we said Codepad is the best.

You can create private and public projects in Codepad. And share your code with your group.




Codeshare is very popular and popular because of its convenience, in fact, it allows you to share your code with other developers in real-time.

You do not need to register on this site! The only thing you have to do is to copy-paste your code there and then give the link to your team members or your coding friend for access.

Codeshare also has video chat features for better collaboration. But be aware that you cannot save your work permanently on this site, and after two weeks, the shared code will be removed from the site.

JS Bin


JS Bin is another code sharing site that allows you to write code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This JS Bi also supports other languages ​​such as Markdown, Jade and Sass.

The user interface of this site is quite simple and straightforward. The whole page is divided into different tabs, and you can switch between code language tabs or console output tab as needed.

You can also add jquery, angular, react and other libraries. And finally, share the complete output along with the code with other developers.

JS Bin also has a pro version. The professional version provides some additional features, such as the ability to backup your work to Dropbox, use vanity URLs, or create personal inboxes protected from public viewing.



Liveweave is another powerful code sharing site that has many features. This site provides web development solutions for HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

You can use different JS libraries in it and it also allows you to use color palettes and other framework management tools.

Another good feature of Liveweave is that it has its own CSS code generator. And you can use it to generate fake text or for your own projects.

The entire window is divided into independent panels dedicated to writing code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can write the code in these panels independently and see and check the output of your code in a separate reserved panel.

By using these code sharing sites, don’t worry about your unsolvable bugs anymore, because you can easily share any part of your code and your friend or colleague can help you quickly!

Well, my dear friend, when you ask someone for help, which platform do you prefer to use? Be sure to leave us a comment and don’t miss the rest of the articles on the site.