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The Best Password Managers for 2023

The Best Password Managers for 2023

Once upon a time, we needed to create a user account, we specified the date of birth or “1234” as a password, but now using such simple and mundane passwords is like pointing a weapon at yourself and shooting, because by doing this, you provide the necessary ground for hackers to attack. The possibility of forgetting the password, the use of repeated and simple passwords, and information leakage are among the most important factors that led to the development of password management programs.

Password management tools protect your passwords in the safest possible way so that they are not affected by hacking and intrusion, the best of which are 1Password and Bitwarden.

It’s time to get to know a little more about password management programs so that with the right choice, you can save the complex passwords you specify for each website, application and platform in a secure database and put aside the worries about forgetting them:


Table of Contents

  • Why do we need a password management program?
  • 1. 1Password
  • 2. Bitwarden
  • 3. Dashlane
  • 4. NordPass
  • 5. Keeper
  • 6. KeePass
  • 7. Enpass
  • 8. LogMeOnce
  • 9. RoboForm
  • 10. RememBear
  • Which password management program is better?

Why do we need a password management program?

According to the surveys, each user has an average of 70 to 80 passwords, and when you are going to use a strong and complex password, it is almost impossible to remember each of these passwords. Using a password management program will help you set strong passwords for sites and applications and easily go through the process of remembering and protecting your passwords, which are your digital heritage.

The password you need when creating a user account is suggested by password management programs. Also, weak and repetitive passwords that you have already set will be flagged so that you can replace them with stronger ones. With that being said, by using the password manager, you create a safe and strong database of your passwords that whenever you need to log in to your account, this program will provide you with the right password and if you have multiple accounts, it will also provide you with a list of different passwords.

Maybe now you are thinking that when the browser itself, for example, Google Chrome, does the same thing, what is the need to look for the best password management programs?

Although famous browsers like Google Chrome also save your different passwords, browser-based password management is more limited.

The main reason security experts recommend using a password management program is that browsers do not specialize in password management and have other priorities. For example, the password suggested by browsers is not strong compared to password management programs, but on the other hand, password management programs have a unique purpose and by adding advanced features and capabilities, they advance password management tasks in a specialized way.

So when you are going to register on many sites and you are sensitive about your passwords and you don’t want to expose your sensitive data and information to hackers because of carelessness, you should consider using a strong and safe password management program.

For example, a professional trader who decides to buy a virtual trading server in order to have a fixed IP and fast transactions, should not expose his sensitive account information to hacking and lose all his efforts in a few minutes due to the use of a simple password.


So, as a result, if you are thinking of saving your passwords and online information in the safest possible way, creating complex and unbreakable passwords, or keeping your peace of mind when you forget your passwords, you need a companion to entrust the password management tasks to him.

Let us introduce you to the best digital companions:

1. 1Password


1Password is one of the best password management programs that provides users with a variety of simple and user-friendly features. 1Password has a great performance in encryption and uses good security methods that if you set the main password of 1Password with great sensitivity and precision, you can be sure that you are not going to get hit by this program.

This program works on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iPhone, Android and web browsers, and this feature allows you to synchronize your different devices and be more free to access your passwords.

Watchtower is one of the interesting features of this tool. This feature helps you identify weak and vulnerable passwords and change it, and in this process, a companion called 1Password is by your side to provide you with the necessary guidance.

Travel Mode is one of the useful features of 1Password that users such as students or business owners who are constantly traveling can use it to temporarily disable the passwords of some websites or applications so that they do not face problems during inspections. Even if, for example, you lost your phone and installed this program on your laptop, you can set your passwords in “Safe for Travel” mode so that all your personal information is inaccessible.

Controlling the entry of corporate teams, storing API keys and private certificates, preventing sensitive information from being copied on the keyboard, using AES 256-bit encryption technique, compatibility with different browsers and devices, and the ability to more securely share items stored in the program are other features of 1Password.

2. Bitwarden



The weakness that 1Password has is compensated by Bitwarden. Even in its free plan, this program offers the necessary features for managing passwords on different devices, and that is why Bitwarden is one of the first things that comes to mind when talking about free password management tools.

So if you want to store your passwords and sensitive information safely and offline and have other features such as two-step authentication and password synchronization between different devices, you don’t need to pay a fee and your work can be done with the same free version.

This program is available for Windows, Android, Linux, Mac and iOS and also offers extensions for Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Edge browsers.

Benefiting from 1 GB storage space, additional authentication options, password generator and advanced support, specifying another user for emergency access to passwords, etc. are among the features of Bitwarden’s paid plans. If you want to receive these features, you should purchase the appropriate plan.

In general, openness, cost-effectiveness, providing access reports, secure password sharing, compatibility with all types of devices and browsers, more secure authentication, and high speed are the main features of this password management tool.

– According to some reports, sometimes the program’s Edge browser extension has problems and is unable to automatically complete some forms.

3. Dashlane


Dashlane has not experienced a single data leak to date and offers powerful features for creating and protecting passwords and data. The compatibility of this program with all kinds of Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices and different browsers makes you not have any problem with the synchronization of passwords. The dashboard of this program is very modern and simple, and with it you can monitor all users of a Dashlane account and login information. If you have already specified a weak password for some of your accounts, this program will highlight all those passwords to eliminate the vulnerability of your accounts.

Also, the use of a special security architecture and AES 256-bit encryption creates a safe space for storing your passwords, and it doesn’t matter if you use the free version or the paid version, all your passwords will benefit from this safe space. Of course, the free version has limitations. For example, your Dashlane account can only be one user and you can only store 50 passwords at most, and you should not expect to benefit from its dark web scanner feature by using the free version.

In general, if you are thinking of a password management program that is equipped with other features such as dark web scanning, built-in VPN, continuous checking of the safety and health of passwords, compatibility with different devices and browsers, digital wallet, advanced authentication and warning system for dangerous cases, in addition to safe storage of passwords, Dashlane is a good choice for you, a choice that can be more expensive. – If you are using Dashlane’s free plan, you should not expect to sync your passwords across devices, as your free Dashlane account can only be used on one device.


4. NordPass


Those who are familiar with the security and efficiency of NordVPN, know very well that NordPass does not lack in the field of password management. This program offers all the basics for safe password management in its free plan, and due to the many features and capabilities, it was able to reach the level of older competitors like Dashlane in a short time.

Although this program is not as strong as Bitwarden, but with its free plan, you will have access to storing an unlimited number of passwords, secure password generation, advanced multi-step authentication, automatic synchronization on different devices and browsers, which can be a great advantage for you.

With NordPass paid plans, you also get access to password health reports, data breach monitoring, secure data sharing, password history, the ability to attach files to any item in the password database, and 3GB of storage space. Also, with the trial period, you can use the paid plans without paying anything for 30 days and see if you need their features or if the free plan can meet your needs.

– If you need to create multiple user accounts, you need a special setup process and additional costs.

5. Keeper



If the cost is not important to you and you are only thinking of using a password management program and if needed by using more security plugins to customize your business security according to your needs, Keeper is the best option that you can choose.

This program does not have any free plan and you can only test its performance during its 30-day trial period and purchase it after you are sure.

Like most of its competitors, Keeper is compatible with various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS, and has provided suitable extensions for popular browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome.

Using this program, you can not only easily create complex passwords, but you will also act very quickly in accessing these passwords.

Two-step authentication, more advanced security, user activity reports, management console, offline mode without internet, the possibility of storing files and documents of any kind and 10 GB of internal memory are some of the features that you can get by purchasing a Keeper plan.

– Taking advantage of advanced authentication facilities such as biometrics requires independent programs.

6. KeePass


KeePass is a completely free and open source password management program that is optimized for use on Windows systems, but unofficial options are also available for Linux, Mac, Android and iOS systems.

Overall, this tool is specially designed. If you have a lot of technical knowledge and like to use a free password management program, KeePass is the right choice for you.

This program puts all passwords in a database and performs encryption for the entire database. Using this program is a bit difficult and requires technical knowledge because it is you who must synchronize the database file using file services such as Dropbox.

– KeePass is a bit hard to learn and its interface is more complex compared to other programs.

7. Enpass


If saving passwords in the desktop program is your priority, Enpass is the right option for you. The desktop program of this program has no restrictions for Windows, Mac and Linux, but the free mobile program for Android and iOS is limited to 25 passwords.

Enpass is unique in that it allows you to save your password database anywhere and access it offline. Of course, because there is no centralized server that makes this file available to you, you must save this password file yourself in a personal cloud storage space such as Dropbox or iCloud.

This program saves the data with AES-256 encryption technique and SQLCIPHER extension, and if you want, you can lock this data with one main click and an encrypted key so that if hackers get access to it, they cannot use it without having the main password.

Saving passwords safely, monitoring passwords and creating secure passwords are the most enjoyable things you can do with this program.

– This service is free for you when you are only satisfied with its desktop version, but if you need its mobile version, you have to pay the fee.

8. LogMeOnce



LogMeOnce is one of the best password management apps that allows users to access their passwords cross-platform and log in to their LogMeOnce account using a fingerprint, pin, or photo on a browser, desktop, or mobile.

The free version of this app is ad-supported and does a good job of creating secure passwords and storing passwords and two-step authentication and can be used on unlimited devices. Customizable dashboard, possibility of customization, scheduled logins and advanced authentication are other features of this program.

– LogMeOnce is limited in the number of secure notes, credit cards, and passwords that can be shared, which can be waived by paying additional fees.

9. RoboForm


RoboForm is one of the oldest password management programs, the use of which does not require special expertise and knowledge, and you can easily start using this program.

If you want to make sure that no one but you enters your password vault, you can use its two-step authentication. It should be noted that all the data you upload to this vault is locked with AES-256 encryption technique.

Although this program is compatible with different platforms such as Android, iOS and desktop, but if you are looking for better performance and more updates, it is recommended to use its browser extension. RoboForm plugin is available in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Safari browsers and is ready to save your passwords.

The generation of standard passwords, easier logins, the ability to share passwords, monitoring the dark web, providing the necessary reports for the health of passwords, etc. are among the most important features of this program.

– It is not possible to store passwords in the cloud.

10. RememBear



If you are looking for an attractive program that makes password management as easy as possible and has a fun user interface, you can count on RememBear.

Using this program does not require special technical knowledge, and with its simple and fun user interface, you can manage your passwords on different platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, and benefit from its features in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari extensions.

The free version of this program is more complete compared to other options and the unlimited storage of passwords is one of the valuable features of this version.

Secure storage of notes and credit card information with the free version can only be done on one device.

Maybe you have come across LastPass program while checking the list of the best password management programs. Although this program is one of the best because of the features of its free version and its advanced storage and synchronization facilities, unfortunately it was attacked in 2022 and could not stop the theft of its users’ data, the main reason for which was weak encryption levels.

Therefore, it was not right to include this program in the list of the best password management programs. So it is better to pay attention to the security of your passwords and look for safer programs to save your passwords.

Which password management program is better?

The main advantage of using a password management program is that instead of hundreds of passwords, you only remember one password and use it as a key to access your password vault.

All of these programs can meet your expectations, but only if you identify your needs and see which program is the most suitable for you.

  • Is the level of features of the free plan important to you?
  • How compatible is it with different platforms?
  • Can you afford to pay more for more advanced features?
  • Do you just want to save passwords or do you need other features?
  • Is it important for you to disable access to passwords?
  • Is cloud storage of passwords important to you?
  • Do you need to synchronize passwords on different devices?

So identify your needs and then decide which password management program is right for you.

But in general, 1Password and Bitwarden are among the best options that perform tasks related to creating and managing passwords in the safest and most advanced way possible. The possibility of synchronizing passwords, AES-256 encryption, functional capabilities are some of the features that have made these two among the best.


With password management programs, you no longer have to remember all your passwords because these programs, in addition to creating secure and complex passwords, also remember passwords for you and provide additional features to improve the user experience. According to the reviews, 1Password program is advanced in terms of features and Bitwarden can become your favorite program because of providing advanced features for free.

Thank you for staying with us until the end of the article. We hope that reading this article was useful for you. If you have any questions, requests and need guidance, you can contact us by registering your opinion so that we can answer you as soon as possible.