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ReactJs and AngularJs

ReactJs and AngularJs Comparison

ReactJs and AngularJs Comparison

These two popular frameworks, ReactJs and AngularJs, are almost the most widely used tools for web application development these days. In this article, we intend to explain and compare all the advantages and disadvantages of these two frameworks to choose for You make it as easy as possible.

Choosing the best framework for developing applications and websites is very important. This choice is so important that it can lead to longer project life, faster project development, and better code retention. The number of JavaScript tools is constantly expanding and choosing the right technology has become a big and difficult challenge.

First we want to have a brief introduction of the two ReactJs and AngularJs frameworks:

Introduction of AngularJs framework

AngularJS is an open source JavaScript framework came in 2009. This framework helps you to create single-page applications (SPA). One-page applications that only require HTML, CSS and JavaScript on behalf of the client.

As you know, one-page apps do not need to reload the page, which means that if you want to go from page to page, this is done without reloading the browser (as Ajax) and if you click on the button Click back to the previous or next page, this action is done without pause and quickly, and this is very effective in improving the speed and user experience of your site.

In general, Angularjs has changed the way the web. You can now develop your website using the most powerful and compatible JavaScript Framework AngularJS. Undoubtedly, JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJs, Ember, etc. are the future of web development.

Introducing the ReactJS framework

React JS is one of the fastest and most popular Javascript libraries managed and maintained by Facebook, Instagram and a community of independent web developers.

React is an open source and of course free JavaScript library for UI design. This JavaScript library was released to the public in May 2013. It is interesting to know that this framework was first created by one of the active engineers on Facebook.

The important thing about Reactjs is that this Library is solely responsible for the View section in the MVC design pattern. The view or interface is actually related to the display of components, and of course ReactJS does the tasks of displaying components instead of the MVC pattern. Another application of ReactJS is to design and create one-page websites.

Advantages and disadvantages of Reactjs

ReactJS has a definite list of benefits that ultimately makes it one of the most popular libraries among developers. But the main question is what are the main advantages of ReactJS that have made it so popular among developers?


One of the common problems with most JavaScript-based frameworks is that the underlying development of applications in the backend slows down, a problem that actually goes back to the user interface and its components because of the different components of the user interface. They are completely restored and modernized by a series of user actions. This is a problem for backend development.

This is completely different in the React framework. Developers in this framework can refresh only one page or part of it instead of completely updating the user interface. This saves internet usage and hardware inventory.

The main purpose of this is to use a virtual DOM optimally and lightly instead of using the DOM in tree and classic mode. This mode enables even complex applications that use a lot of logic modes to run on devices with lower specifications. Using this mode, we have achieved applications that have a very high rate in terms of performance compared to other frameworks.

First advantage – ease of learning:

One of the most important and basic features of ReactJS framework is its simple and easy learning. React compared to Angular, especially version 2, has been able to show good capabilities in this area. Users do not need strange and complex abilities to learn this framework.

It can be said that a relative knowledge of JSX is almost enough to learn ReactJs at the beginning. JSX, like HTML, is used to express coding styles. Of course, this ability is only suitable for getting started with this framework. If you want to learn more about ReactJS concepts, reading JSX alone will not help you much. Some developers believe that this framework is very easy to learn, while others completely disagree.

Ease of learning ReactJS framework is true as long as basic concepts such as Data Binding are introduced, in which case more and more extensive studies are needed. But in general, React can be considered superior to Angular in terms of ease of learning.

The second advantage – the ability to develop flexibly:

One of the most important features of the ReactJS framework is the ability to flexibly develop code. Having the opportunity to connect the various parts of a website development enables developers to design the front-end design of that website in a way that is perfectly compatible with the other parts of the website.

ReactJS is based on the view model, while angular is based on the MVVM. This makes ReactJS more compatible than angularjs.

In application development, developers can also add or remove additional application-related components in the ReactJS framework. In addition, having a standard interface in React Native can fill the space between JavaScript and local applications.


One of the main problems with using ReactJS is that to develop a website, you have to use libraries and other components along with it, and this causes the speed of developing an application reducing greatly. Therefore, it can be said that using ReactJS is not suitable for projects that have a time limit.

ReactJS is just a View layer and has limitations for connecting and communicating with older MVC-based frameworks.

The last disadvantage of ReactJS is that it is a simple framework for beginners to learn, but it requires specialized knowledge in the field of web and programming to learn more advanced topics and concepts.

Advantages and disadvantages of AngularJS:

AngularJS is one of the complete open source tools for web development. As mentioned in the introduction of this framework, this framework is more than anything else in one-page applications. In fact, this framework is one of the best options for building such applications.


We must first point out that this framework is entirely on the MVC model. The MVC model is actually a software architecture that divides the software structure into three parts: model, view, and controller. MVC gives the developer the ability to separate different parts of the software and have more complete control over each of these parts separately.

The AngularJS architecture has now been converted from MVC to MVVM, in which case we can separate the logical part of the application from the user interface. In fact, in this case, there are two ways for Data Binding, which makes the application can better respond to user operations based on resources.

Another advantage of Angular is that it has a lot of documentation to learn and answer questions.


As mentioned in this framework, there are two ways for Data Binding that based on hardware resources can have a good performance in responding to user operations. But overuse of hardware resources in a device can reduce its performance. Therefore, AngularJS shows lower performance than ReactJS in this regard.

Learning AngularJS can be difficult for novice developers due to its almost complex syntax.

Conclusion! ReactJs and AngularJs

As a short and general conclusion, if you are looking to develop a flexible application with maximum compatibility, using ReactJS can be a good option for you, and if you are looking to develop a powerful application with more resources. Using the AngularJS framework could be a better option for you.