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Knowing 30 important colors in website design part 2

Knowing 30 important colors in website design part 2

Knowing 30 important colors in website design

What are the most important colors in website design? What are the best colors in website design? When building a website, pay attention to the visual elements of the site, especially the color scheme. Choosing the right colors is very important because 21% of visitors leave a website with strange colors. Since there are so many website color schemes, choosing the right one can be challenging. In the previous article, we explained the second 10 items for you ded9 companions, and now the last 10 items are at your service:

11. Pastel and neutral purple

Keep the background of the website simple to highlight other elements. For example, the Empathy Experiment website uses a light pastel purple gradient background. Gradient colors make the background of your website attractive yet simple. The desaturated background contrasts the vibrant colors of the 3D moving objects and makes them stand out. For texts and buttons, it uses neutral colors of white and black. Contrasting colors help visitors recognize important information and maintain focus.


Colors Used: Pastel Purple (#C5ADC5), Light Steel Blue (#B2B5E0)

12. Sea blue and electric blue

Blue is generally considered the color of trust, making it a popular choice for important business website color schemes. Finlor’s website is a great inspiration for a blue color scheme. The color palette of Finlor’s website is primarily blue. Navy blue dominates the website’s background, with electric blue and white as complementary colors. Different shades of blue allow the logistics company to show itself as trustworthy. Brighter secondary colors improve the visibility of texts and CTA elements, resulting in a better user experience.


Colors used: dark blue (#01257D), electric blue (#00FFFF)

13. Color gradient, white and dark blue

If you want to add colors to your website, use color gradients. With gradients, you can experiment with important color schemes without overwhelming your website. A website that makes good use of color gradients is Stripe. Half of its homepage background is a dynamic color gradient, while the other half is simply white. Uses white for elements on colorful backgrounds, including navigation menus and images. As for the text, white and very dark blue have been used to ensure legibility. The combination of gradients and neutral colors make the website lively yet clean.

رنگ مهم

Colors used: white lilac (#F8F8F9), dark blue (#111439), color gradient

14. Beige, orange and white

The color scheme of the company’s website consists mainly of shades of beige, with orange and white as complementary colors. These warm colors are reminiscent of human skin and are perfect for a skin care e-commerce site. The skin only uses orange for important elements. Combining an attention-grabbing color like orange with neutral colors makes CTAs more attractive. To achieve better readability, it uses white color for text for beige and orange contrast.

رنگ مهم

Colors used: beige (#CD9C8A), orange (#FF5100), white (#FFFFFF)

15. White and blue gray

Blue evokes a sense of calm, which is perfect for the Blue Lagoon website. This website showcases the company’s relaxing hotel experience. The color scheme of the hot spring resort website uses subtle shades of blue-gray and white, reminiscent of the water and steam of a hot spring. Grayish blue works better for a calm color palette than other blues because it is less vibrant. Pairing a white background with blue-grey results in a minimal site with a subdued look. As for the text and buttons, Blue Lagoon uses gray and dark brown. Despite using a muted important color, the CTAs still stand out thanks to the white space.

رنگ مهم

Colors used: blue-gray (#96C2DB, #E5EDF1), white (#FFFFFF)

16. Bright red and white

Some website color schemes work well to emphasize the website design, such as two-tone colors for a two-column web design. As the best horror scenes website shows, bright red and white can complement the website design. The two-column site highlights it. Using contrasting colors together can help visually separate website content. In addition, the combination of red with a neutral color such as white makes the first color more striking. What makes the best horror scenes unique is the unusual red and white color palette. This color combination is different from other black and red horror website color schemes.

رنگ مهم

Colors Used: Smoky White (#F0F0F0), Bright Red (#E7473C)

17. Classic blue, turquoise and gold

As Slumber shows, a dark color palette is perfect for a calm-looking website. Slumber uses a darker classic blue to mimic the night sky. This darker blue evokes a cozy and calm feeling and matches the slogan “The app that lulls you to sleep”. The Audio Library app avoids vivid colors to maintain the calm vibe of the website. Instead, he chooses dark turquoise and gold for accent colors. Although not vibrant turquoise and gold, these colors are visible above the dark blue background. This way, visitors can still read the text and navigate the website easily.

Colors used: classic dark blue (#0A1828), turquoise (#178582), gold (#BFA181)

18. Yellow and blue

Yellow is the color of optimism, creativity and wisdom – a good choice for a business website. However, web designers may want to avoid bright yellow as the primary color. Bright yellow can quickly grab the attention of visitors and overpower other colors. If you plan to use yellow, use the bank website color scheme as inspiration. The banking service company uses yellow as background and blue as complementary color. Blue is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel and allows the first color to stand out when used together. Using blue as the accent color increases the visibility of CTAs against the vibrant environment.

انتخاب رنگ در طراحی

Colors used: yellow (#FFCE32), Prussian blue (#1D63FF)

19. Dark royal blue and gold

The Sotheby’s website color scheme is a great option for a website that aims to look professional and ready. This website mainly uses a dark royal blue shade with white and gold accents. Royal blue is a stylish color due to its history with the British monarchy. Meanwhile, gold symbolizes prestige, wealth and success, perfect for the luxury real estate company’s website. When paired together, the combination of dark royal blue and gold creates a classy and neat website. This website color scheme also helps the company build its reputation among visitors.

انتخاب رنگ در طراحی

Colors used: blue (#002349), gold (#957C3D)

20. Blue, beige and coral red

Combining three colors can be tricky because some colors are likely to clash. But when done well, the result can be surprisingly pleasing. Dollar Shave Club is a website that does the tricolor combination well. The color schemes of the personal care company’s website are centered around coral red and beige. Although coral red and beige are usually paired with neutral colors, Dollar Shave Club opts for blue instead. The personal makeup company uses dark blue as the main color of the website to contrast the beige and coral red, allowing important elements to stand out more. Blue is also ideal for this website, which mainly sells men’s grooming products. Men may prefer blue because the color is usually associated with masculinity.

شناخت 30 رنگ مهم در طراحی وب سایت که باید بدانید

Colors used: dark blue (#001233), light coral red (#FF595A), beige (#CAC0B3)