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Javascript Application Framework, Javascript Frameworks Are Tools

JavaScript frameworks are tools that you can use to automate the processes on a website, thus enhancing the user experience (UX) of the site. 

In this article, we want to introduce you to 3 JavaScript application frameworks.

JavaScript frameworks are tools that you can use to automate the processes on a website, thus enhancing the user experience (UX) of the site. These tools also provide you with more efficient and faster ways to develop your website due to the numerous components and modules they have.

If you are new to the field of programming and JavaScript, learning the JavaScript framework is a great option for you. However, in the following we are going to introduce some JavaScript frameworks that are a good option for beginners. Be with Fisit .


3 functional and famous JavaScript frameworks



The Vue Framework is a great framework for developing single-page applications, or SPAs, that can be easily integrated into a server-side language, one by one. Also, if you are interested in developing PWAs, the Vue framework is your choice.

This JavaScript framework has a command line interface that makes it easy to add to a project or start and build. When running the program, all you have to do is install it via the npm install method or connect it directly to the CDN.

Using the Vue framework, you can separate your DOM elements and use them as separate entities in different files, so that each entity will have its own JavaScript and CSS components.


React is a component-based framework of the JavaScript library created in 2011 by Jordan Walke, now a developer at Facebook. Although according to the React documentation. It’s a library, but many users consider it a framework because it supports all front-end applications independently.

React simplifies complex activities by considering each section as a separate web page. One of the features of the React library is that you can decide to use a specific element in the DOM without affecting other elements.

In general, the fact that you can use a small portion of React on your app means that you can use it as a library.

React is one of the most widely used JavaScript frameworks. Even large websites and applications such as Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Airbnb, Discord, etc. have taken power from React. Just like Vue, this framework is great for beginners and will be easy for people who only know the basics of JavaScript to learn.

The framework itself is divided into Reactjs and React Native, with minor differences between them, and if you know Reactjs well, React Native will be easy for you to use.



Angular is an MVC-based framework that was developed in 2010 and introduced in 2012 by Google. This framework was first used to design one-page websites (SPA), which greatly speeds up the process by updating information without fully loading the website.

Angular framework divides a web page into one or more components, each of which consists of three other parts, including template (component template that renders output from Angular in html format), class (including variables, JavaScript functions And Angular commands, etc.) and metadata (determine which class and component component make up).

In general, Angular makes HTML much more powerful and allows the use of conditional commands, loops, data binding, etc. in HTML commands.

It is interesting to know that Angular is much larger and has more resources than vue and react, this tool is used in large and organizational projects.