Install Windows 11 Drivers; Update Training For All Windows Drivers

Install Windows 11 Drivers; Update Training For All Windows Drivers

The First And Most Important Step After Each Installation Of Windows Is To Install The Drivers. In This Tutorial, You Will Get Acquainted With Various Methods Of Installing Drivers In Windows 10 And 11.

Windows 11 Drivers, Half of the process of setting up a laptop or computer is dedicated to installing hardware drivers. Installing drivers thoroughly and fundamentally is just as important as installing Windows itself. Suppose you have just purchased a laptop that Windows did not have previously installed and had to install it. For some reason, you decided to format the hard drive and reinstall Windows after the installation process. In that case, you should install the drivers at the end of the installation. Make sure you have all the necessary drivers.

Although in the case of new products, efforts to remove the burden from the user’s shoulders and the device to be ready immediately after installing Windows have come close to promising results, some users have problems in the case of older machines or sometimes new products. It includes not recognizing the hardware, not automatically installing the driver, installing the old or buggy version, etc. In this article, we decided to teach you how to fully and adequately install drivers in Windows 10 and 11.

What is a driver?

By definition, provided by Microsoft, in simple terms, a driver (Hardware or Device Driver) is software that provides a platform between the operating system and the hardware. Drivers, except those with a contractual standard for identifying relevant hardware by the operating system, are written by hardware component makers and contain code that allows the operating system to determine the appropriate component and data that a software application needs to run smoothly. Reading them from hardware is available to that software.

To better understand the subject, consider the example that you have installed a video calling application that requires access to your webcam and microphone to receive your audio and video. The driver acts here as an interpreter of the input and output commands, creating a bridge between the software and the hardware. On the other hand, hardware components are produced in various models, and by different manufacturers, so as long as the hardware is unknown, no data can be sent to or received from it.

Of course, this is a general definition of the driver concept. The driver has a variety of software and hardware and is also used to create different levels of access to the operating system and hardware.

Where should drivers be installed?

In the final stages of installing Windows, the main drivers and the system necessary to work with the system are installed. Also, some hardware, such as sound and network cards, which generally require driver downloads, can be used without an Internet connection if they support PnP (Plug & Play) technology.

However, installing Windows never means installing all the drivers, and if you want your device to work correctly, you need to install all the drivers thoroughly. But how to do this and how?

According to the definition of drivers, we understand the importance and impact on the performance of system components, so the installation of drivers must be done carefully and sensitively. Sensitivity means using specific sources and choosing the correct version to download and install. It may even be necessary to install the drivers in several different ways, and using one method is not enough.

You may have thought about tools for automatically scanning and installing drivers, but it is recommended that you do not use these tools until you have to. You must use the Windows Update and the product or hardware manufacturer’s website to download the drivers. These two methods are the best way to install the driver, which we will discuss.

Install drivers via Windows Update

The first, simplest, and most common way to install and update drivers is to use Windows’s Windows update features. To make it easier for users to install the drivers, Microsoft has used its update platform to deliver the drivers in the same way in addition to the operating system updates so that the device is ready to operate faster than ever, which is why it has the most extensive collection of hard drives.

Suppose your device cannot connect wirelessly or wirelessly due to a lack of a network driver. Therefore, you recommend connecting your device to thInternetet at the end of the Windows installation process. In that case, you can use the next section, download the network driver with another device from thManufacturer’s’s site or share your phone internet by connecting a USB cable to the device (USB tethering) and let the.

Newer versions of Windows, such as Windows 10 and 11, usually start installing unknown drivers provided by the thManufacturerer automatically; this process can take between one and several hours, depending on the speed thInternetet. But to speed up this process, you can go to Windows settings and Windows Update section and click on Check for updates. After a few minutes, new updates will display along with the driver updates, and from there, you can watch the driver installation process.

Install drivers from Windows Update

You will need to restart your system after the drivers are installed. Then find Device Manager in the Windows search box and click on it. On the page shown to you, check that there are no unknown drivers left. Unknown drivers are displayed in a row called Other devices. If you see an item, you should go to the manufacturers’ site and find the driver in the way described in the next section.

How to install drivers from thManufacturer’s’s site

Many vital drivers such as graphics card, network, and sound are installed by Windows Update when the device is connected to the internet. Still, in cases where the appliance can not link to thInternetet (for example, the network card driver is not installed), you should go to the site. Go to thManufacturerer and enter your device model and get the drivers for your laptop.

But installing the driver from the Manufacturer’s site is not limited to the device not being connected to thInternetet; even if Windows has established all the drivers, unfortunately, older versions of the drivers are installed in many cases. If you are not obsessed with not updating the driver version and do not have any sensitivity, you can easily skip it. The device will continue to work with the same driver installed, but if you are one of the people who care about the latest driver version, you should. Let’s say that this requires a little careful consideration.

Unfortunately, many of the drivers are provided by Microsoft. Since Microsoft servers host countless drivers for millions of pieces of hardware, newer versions are not available much later than versions that the developer does not post on their website.

On the other hand, updating the drivers is very important.

Older versions of drivers can sometimes have bugs and problems. It can be the source of many issues such as high battery consumption, reduced performance, crashing programs, or even the blue screen of death, or newer versions to increase stability and fix problems.

The next point is that sometimes on the Manufacturer’s site, there may be drivers or software that Windows do not even detect until they are installed, or the thManufacturerer has released patches to fix the problem. In older products, manufacturers usually release the driver in a removable program (DC or Legacy drivers), which allows the user to change the settings of different parts of the hardware. The driver is installed in the process. While installing the driver from Windows Update, the software does not install it in many cases.

Manufacturers have partnered with Microsoft to separate drivers from its management software in newer products. Windows detects what kind of hardware you are using, installs the driver from Windows Update, and installs its software (Hardware Support App), which the thManufacturerer can update independently of the driver through the Microsoft Store (DCH drivers). . So in new products, this problem is almost solved. Still, if you are using older products, you should remember that it is not enough to install drivers through Windows Update.

On chance, the device cannot connect to thInternetet (wired or wireless). So in three cases, you need to go to the manufacturers’ websites to install the drivers:

  • Install versions of newer drivers than the versions provided by Windows Update.
  • Install management software (control panel) Hardware and other software with the relevant hardware driver.

We now go to the driver’s installation from the manufacturers’ website; here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation. First of all, the parts of your device may have been supplied by different manufacturers, even though you know the exact model.

For example, the network card of a laptop model may be provided by both Intel and MediaTek. In this case, if you enter the support page of your device, you will probably encounter several types of network card drivers with different manufacturers. It is especially true for drivers such as network cards, sound, Bluetooth, card readers, and touchpads.

One solution is to download all the available drivers and start installing them initially; if windows are not compatible with the downloaded driver, it will not install it or fail. But to prevent over-downloading and ensure that you do not download the incompatible driver, assuming that your device does not have internet access.

do the following steps in the first step:

  • Download the DriverIdentifer software and transfer it to the system where you want to install the drivers. This software is a tool to identify unknown drivers by searching for hardware code or Hardware ID. The device works by searching for this ID on the web, looking for any driver compatible with this ID, so users can find and install drivers that are not included in the Windows installation file.
  • Run the software and check I do not have an internet connection, and click on Scan now.

Find unknown DriverIdentifier drivers

  • Wait a few minutes for the software to scan all the hardware. Open and submit your system information to show you a list of unidentified drivers. A unique HTML file of your device is generated, which is related to all installed and unknown drivers and can be found on another device that has Internet access.
  • After scanning, the software will ask you to specify the path to save the file, transfer it to another device, and open it there.

Find unknown DriverIdentifier drivers

  • Then open the HTML file on each device connected to the internet. Finally, you will see a list of all the drivers. The manufacturer name is specified in the Manufacturer column, but if the manufacturer name did not enter, click the Download or Update option at the bottom of each driver.

Find unknown DriverIdentifier drivers

  • On the page that opens, go to the bottom of the page, and by looking at the OEM and Driver columns from the table that shows the latest available drivers, you can find the name of the thManufacturerer. For example, here PCI Simple Communications Controller, the thManufacturerer of which is unknown. By clicking on Download and viewing the list of drivers, we find that this section is related to Intel chipsets, and the Management Engine Interface driver must be installed. Keep this page open until the next steps.

Find unknown DriverIdentifier drivers

The next step is to identify the exact model of the laptop or motherboard to find it on the Manufacturer’s site. There are several ways to do this:

  • On the same page that shows the list of drivers, from the Manufacturer and Model section at the top of the page, write down the brand and model of your device.

Find unknown DriverIdentifier drivers

  • Refer to the device label or label, which is usually located on the back of the laptop and ready-made bags, and write down the model from the part where the Model number is written. The exact model is also affixed to the label on the product carton.

In systems where there is no company label and also its model is shown as To Be filled by OEM, System Product Name or Unknown in Windows; Use this method to find its model:

  • Use the arrow keys (Win + R) to open Run, type cmd, and press Enter to open the Windows Command Prompt.
  • After opening the command line, type the following phrase and press Enter:

wmic baseboard get product Manufacturer, version, serial number

Now you can see that the exact model of the device is displayed even with its serial number. The Manufacturer, Product, SerialNumber, and Version columns show the hardware version, serial number, model, and Manufacturer’s brand.

Find the device model using CMD

Now that you have this information, you can go to the product manufacturer’s site to find the drivers, which are given below, the support page of some companies, and how to download them.

How to install Asus drivers

  • Go to the Asus Download Center page.
  • Please enter your device’s name or model number in the first box to view your device from the drop-down list and click on it, then left-click on Driver & Utility.

Download Asus drivers

  • On the next screen, click on the Driver & Tools tab and select your laptop BIOS model from the first part (this is the model number of your device. Some different series of a model may come with other chipsets and chips or features, so it is professional. Or note the end number).

Download Asus drivers

  • From the Please select OS section, select your operating system version; If the installed Windows is newer and not in the list, select the latest version of Windows.

Download Asus drivers

The drivers are now shown to you in different categories. Here are three things to do:

  • First, check what drivers and software to download in each Category. For example, in the Networking section of one of the Asus laptops, LAN drivers, Ethernet controllers, WLANs, and Radio Controls must be installed.
  • The second is to check the driver manufacturer. We now use DriverIdentfier to identify the component maker. For example, both Intel and MediaTek provide WLAN or Wireless LAN.

Download Asus drivers

  • Third, you need to find the latest driver version. If the driver is installed by Windows Update, to find out if the newest version is installed, look for the relevant driver in the DriverIdentifer output list and check the version. If it is older, download the more recent version from Asus. You can also invert the version number by pressing Ctrl + F, which, if identical, means the latest driver is installed.


  • Click on Download to find the desired driver. If the downloaded file is an executable file (EXE), open it and select Install instead of Extract during the installation process. If the file is compressed, unzip it in the appropriate place and run the Setup file or file in EXE format to install.

Install the rest of the drivers in the same way. Some are peripherals used to enable your device’s peripherals (for example, Function Key). You must install drivers for both on laptops equipped with a separate GPU.

Finally, you can now use the MyASUS application to update them after installing all the drivers. Of course, the program only supports devices whose BIOS supports the ASUS System Control Interface feature.

How to install Dell drivers

If your system is Dell-branded and has Internet access, you can automatically use the Dell SupportAssist tool to install or update all the drivers. Still, if you do not need a network driver, you can download and install the drivers manually using For another device, follow these steps:

Download Dell drivers

  • In the Manually find a specific driver for section, click Find drivers.

Download Dell drivers

  • From the Operating system section, select your current version of Windows. From the Category section, choose a category for which you want to install the related drivers so that not all downloads are displayed at once to make them easier to find.

Download Dell drivers

  • Use the DriverIdentifer tool to find the model or manufacturer name of the hardware module. If the driver is installed by Windows Update, check its version from the Version column and see the details of the version anManufacturerer on the site by clicking on the arrow option next to Download.

Download Dell drivers

  • Click on Download to make sure the developer is the same and the version on the site is newer. If the downloaded file is EXE, open it and select Install instead of Extract during the installation process. And if the file is compressed, unzip it in the appropriate place and run the Setup file or file in EXE format to install.

By changing the Category, install the rest of the drivers simultaneously. You must install drivers for both on laptops equipped with a separate GPU. Some are peripherals used to enable your device’s peripherals (for example, Function Key).

How to install Lenovo drivers

If your system is Lenovo branded and has Internet access, you can automatically use the Lenovo Service Bridge tool to install or update all the drivers. for this job:

Download Lenovo drivers

  • A pop-up window will appear; wait a few seconds, confirm the terms and conditions, and tap Continue.

Download Lenovo drivers

  • Click No; I did not see this window (Download Lenovo Service Bridge).

Download Lenovo drivers

  • Confirm the terms and conditions again and click Download. After installing it, refresh the page and click Detect Product once again to be directed to the download page for your device drivers.

Download Lenovo drivers

However, if you do not need to download and install the drivers manually due to the lack of network drivers, use the following steps to perform the following steps:

  • Go to the Lenovo PC Support page.
  • In the Search PC Support section, enter your device model, and in the drop-down menu that opens, click the Downloads option below the displayed model.

Download Lenovo drivers

  • On the next screen, click the Manual Update tab. From the Operating Systems section, select the current version of Windows installed on your device and the default version chosen to display the drivers.

Download Lenovo drivers

  • From the What Component Are You Looking For section, log in to install each Category’s drivers.
  • Use the DriverIdentifier to find the thManufacturerer of the driver you want, and also check the version in the Version column if the driver is installed by Windows Update. If the installed version is not installed or is old, download the newer version by clicking on the driver name and selecting the Download icon.

Download Lenovo drivers

  • If the downloaded file is an executable file (EXE), open it and select Install instead of Extract during the installation process. If the file is compressed, unzip it in the appropriate place and run the Setup file or file in EXE format to install.

Install the rest of the drivers in the same way. Some are peripherals used to enable your device’s peripherals (for example, Function Key). You must install drivers for both on laptops equipped with a separate GPU.

How to install HP drivers

Suppose your system is HP-branded and has Internet access. In that case, you can automatically use the HP Support Assistant tool to install or update all the drivers, but if you do not need to download and install the drivers manually due to the lack of a network driver, Use another device to perform the following steps:

  • Go to the HP Customer Support page and select your device type.
  • In the section where the phrase enter your serial number is written and the serial number, you can also search for the device model shown in the drop-down list.

Download HP drivers

  • After selecting the model, you must specify the operating system version. In Identify and select OS, type Windows, and in Select, select its performance (for example, version 21H2) and click Submit. On some models, you will take directly to the product page, where you can select a different OS to change the operating system version to display compatible drivers.

Download HP drivers

  • Next, click on the All drivers section and click on it to install the drivers for each CateCategorye the DriverIdentifier to find the thManufacturerer of the driver you want and check the version in the Version column if the driver is installed by Windows Update. If the installed version is not installed or is old, click Download.

Download HP drivers

  • If you encounter such a page, click on No thanks, I will download and install manually and wait for the file to be downloaded.

Download HP drivers

  • And if the downloaded file is an executable file (EXE), open it and follow the installation steps. And if the file is compressed, unzip it in the appropriate place and run the Setup file or file in EXE format to install.

Install the rest of the drivers in the same way. Note that you must have a driver for both laptops with a separate GPU. Some are peripherals used to enable your device’s peripherals (for example, Function Key).


You may need to restart your system at the end of each driver installation cycle. We also remind you again that you do not need to install all the files placed for Download. Some of them are related to the firmware update of some components, such as storage memory or BIOS, which do not need to be re-run next time.

There may also be peripherals from other companies that merely suggest software and do not require installation. So when downloading, pay attention to the Driver tag next to the name or when selecting a category.

How to update chipset and graphics drivers

After your device expires, the thManufacturerer will usually stop releasing newer versions of drivers unless, in particular and emergency cases, the thManufacturerer decides to terminate newer versions to fix any security issues or vulnerabilities.

Many of these drivers are manufactured and distributed by hardware companies at the behest of the device manufacturer. At the end of this time, no new version will produce unless it is still used in more unique products and a more recent version is found using tools such as Driver identifier.

However, some hardware manufacturers offer their drivers as universal software. It means that the software has drivers compatible with many hardware manufactured by that company. The software automatically scans the hardware on the system and installs compatible drivers or provides tools to monitor the design and provide compatible drivers. They give.

Fortunately, two major companies, Intel and AMD, which are significant players in the processor and motherboard chipset industry, regularly update their GPU and motherboard chipset drivers. Even after the device is out of stock, you can get it up several years later. Benefit from newer versions.

How to update Intel chipset and graphics drivers

Intel has developed an Intel Driver & Support Assistant (DSA) tool to update its drivers, downloaded from this link. By installing this plugin, Intel will check your system and notify you if a driver needs updates, and you can get updates directly from Intel.

One of the advantages of this tool is that, in addition to the GPU and chipset driver, you can update the WiFi and Bluetooth network driver or any Intel hardware module using this tool.

This software examines your system under a browser, and you can install them if there is a new update. After installation, you need to restart the computer once, and after that, this tool will perform its activity in the background and notify you if there is a new update. You can also right-click on its icon in the taskbar and click Check for new drivers.

Download Intel drivers

Download Intel Graphics Card Driver

If you do not want to install this tool, you can look for drivers related to graphics, chipsets, WiFi, and Bluetooth in the Intel Download Center.

How to update AMD chipset and graphics drivers

AMD has also developed a tool called AMD Software Installer to make it easier for users to find and install drivers, which you can download from this page. By installing and running this software, your system first checks for compatibility and finally offers you the drivers and software needed to install it on your device.

Download AMD drivers

In the first step, if your system is equipped with a Radeon graphics card or GPU integrated with the company’s APUs, first, the Radeon graphics driver and control panel software are displayed for installation. In the next step, if you use the company’s chips and chipset, The required drivers and updates are shown.

Download AMD motherboard chipset drivers

You will also have two choices when installing a graphic driver. One of the recommended drivers, the most stable and approved by Microsoft, means that they do not have bugs or problems. Another is the Optional driver, which gets new features and capabilities and compatibility with new games faster with this edition, but may have bugs or bugs.

Download AMD Radeon graphics drivers

After installing the driver and system requirements, the Software Installer tool is installed as software and stays in the computer to check for further updates. Whenever a new version of the drivers is available, it notifies you that you can use it to perform the update. Give.

If you do not want to install this tool, you can search for the name of the product or hardware in the AMD Drivers and Support section and Download and install the drivers manually.

How to update the Nvidia graphics driver

NVIDIA graphics card drivers are usually updated regularly, and most manufacturers do not post new updates on their product support pages. To install newer versions:

  • Enter the Nvidia download page.
  • You can view and choose the exact product model from the Product section in the following. Select your graphic model by specifying the product series, graphic series, and then it’s model; For example, if you are using a GeForce RTX 3050, first set the Product type to GeForce and the Product series to GeForce RTX 30 series. Note that you must select Notebooks if you are using a laptop.
  • Depending on your preference in gaming or content production applications, select one of the GameReady Driver or Studio Driver options. Select the operating system version from the Download type section. Set the language to English and click Search.

Download Nvidia Graphics Driver

  • The appropriate driver for your graphics card will be displayed on the next screen, which you can download by selecting Download. To ensure that the driver is chosen correctly for you, you can click on the Supported Product tab and see the supported models.

Download Nvidia Graphics Driver

  • Execute the downloaded file and follow the installation steps. We recommend that, during the installation process, select the Custom (Advanced) option and select the Perform a clean installation option to remove the previous driver and its settings and replace it with the new version to avoid possible problems and bugs.

Download Nvidia Graphics Driver

If your system has Internet access, the Nvidia driver will usually be installed automatically from Windows Update so that you can identify its model from Control Panel> Device manager> Display adapters. But if the initial driver is not installed, your graphics will be displayed as a Microsoft Basic Display Adapter in Device Manager.

There are three solutions to this problem. First, connect your device to thInternetet and check for updates through Windows to update the drivers automatically; But if you do not want to do the rest of the updates, you can use the following methods to identify the Nvidia graphic model:

  • In Device Manager, right-click on Basic Display Adapter and select Update Driver. Then choose Search automatically for drivers and wait a few minutes for the driver to download. After installing the driver, the correct model is displayed.

Basic Display Adapter driver update

  • In Device Manager, right-click on Basic Display Adapter and select Properties. Go to the Details tab and set Property to Hardware ids. Copy the first or second parameter and search thInternetet to find the name of the graphic from the web results.

See graphic driver details

If your system has two graphics cards or a separate graphics processor, you may not find secondary graphics in Device Manager. for solving this problem:

  • From the top menu in Device Manager, select View and enable Show hidden devices.

Show hidden drivers

  • In the Display adapters subset, you will probably see a hidden driver with an unknown name; if so, right-click on it and select Properties.
  • Go to the Details tab and set Property to Hardware ids. Copy the first or second parameter and search thInternetet to find the name of the graphic from the web results.

See graphic driver details

Also, if your graphics are not very old, you can log in to this page and download the GeForce Experience software. After installing and running it, you will need an Nvidia account. After logging in or creating a new account, you can download the latest compatible version of the graphics driver directly from Nvidia by clicking on the Drivers section.

How to detect and install unknown drivers and update old drivers

If your system is outdated, most drivers will probably display anonymously after installing Windows, some of which may be installed with an Internet connection. Still, Microsoft does not cover all of the hardware. Older hardware drivers, in particular, are sometimes only available on the disc that came with the product.

Can partially resolve This issue by going to manufacturers’ websites and downloading the drivers. Still, if the drivers provided are for much older versions of Windows, you will probably have an incompatibility problem and will not be able to install them on newer windows.

To install anonymous drivers, you must search thInternetet for the Hardware ID, which is unique to each piece of hardware, and find a compatible driver. But since finding a driver through a search is not easy, using the DriverIdentifier tool will make it easier.

The DriverIdentifier site has almost the complete database of hardware drivers. Its software also scans the system entirely and, based on its database, introduces drivers compatible with unknown hardware components. The user can download it either from the site’s servers or directly from the developer site, where there is less concern about malware infection, potential problems, or malfunctions.

In the following, we will describe the installation method and its use. Note that when installing the driver, follow the steps mentioned in the article; That is, first try to find the unknown driver through Windows Update. If you cannot install it, see the driver you want through the manufacturers’ website (product or hardware) using the above methods. If you cannot install it again, get help from this software or other similar software.

  • Download and install the software from this link.
  • Run the software and click on Scan now. Also, make sure your device is connected to thInternetet.

Find unknown DriverIdentifier drivers

  • Wait a few minutes for the software to scan all the hardware, and then a browser page will open, showing you the hardware specifications of your system and a list of all installed and unknown drivers on this website and your courier. Of course, this page is for you only, and no one else has access to it.
  • On this page, unknown drivers are marked with an asterisk (?) And placed at the top of the list. Click Download to install each one.

Find unknown DriverIdentifier drivers

  • On the next page, go to the bottom of the page and where it shows a table of available drivers. Here you may find several drivers, not all of which may be suitable for your device, so:

1. First, look for a driver that the product manufacturer has published. For example, here is the Management Engine Interface driver, which is related to Intel-made chipsets, published both by Intel itself and by manufacturers that have used similar chipsets in their products.

2. Here again, there may be several drivers with the same version from the samManufacturerer. Still, you have to be more careful in choosing the right one because they may differ in compatibility with different versions of Windows or the product model. For example, from the same driver with the HP manufacturer, there are two numbers that by searching the filename in Google, you can find out what the product is related to it.

Find unknown DriverIdentifier drivers

3. In most cases, you do not need to do this. Most drivers, especially older hardware, usually do not have more than one or two versions. Still, according to the recommendations of this site, if you do not find the right driver for the product and operating system version, you can install the latest version you see from the component manufacturer (not the product). Go to other versions.

  • After selecting the desired version, click on Download in front of it. On the next page, click on the specified icon to be directed to the download page.

Find unknown DriverIdentifier drivers

  • The download process starts automatically from the most appropriate source on this page. Still, if it does not start, you can download the file directly from the manufacturers’ website by clicking here. If the file is not available or you encounter an error, click on the link Th.e second is to click here to download from the Driver identifier server.

Find unknown DriverIdentifier drivers

After downloading the file:

1. Execute it (EXE) and proceed with the installation process.

2. If the file is compressed, first decompress it. If you see a file with the extension cmd or bat or ps1, right-click on it and click Run as administrator to complete the installation. Usually, a setup file or an executable file inside the folder’s contents is opened when the installation is done.

3. But if none of these files exist, you need to install or update the driver through Device Manager to do this:

  • Open Run with the Win + R key combination, type devmgmt. MSC and press Enter.
  • Right-click on the first option and click Add drivers.

Install the driver from Device Manager

  • Select the Browse option and select the folder that contains the driver’s contents. Finally, click Next and wait for the unknown drivers to be installed. It is best to put all the drivers you downloaded in one folder to install all the required drivers in one step.

Install the driver from Device Manager

Fixed an error The third-party inf does not contain digital signature information when installing the driver.

Driver digital signature error

Sometimes due to the obsolescence or miscellaneousness of some hardware, their driver does not have a valid digital signature, so when you install them, you will encounter the error the third-party inf does not contain digital signature information. Follow these steps to overcome this limitation:

  • Enter cmd in the Windows search box, right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.
  • Enter the following phrase on the command line and press Enter:

bcdedit /set load options DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS & bcdedit /set test signing on

  • Restart the device and install the driver again according to the above steps. After installing the driver, open the command line again in Administrator mode and return Windows to its previous state by entering the following command:

bcdedit /set load options DENABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS & bcdedit /set test signing off

  • Restart your system at the end.

Fixed an issue with displaying old drivers in Windows Update

Sometimes after updating some drivers, mainly graphics, from the Windows update, the older version of the driver will reappear by mistake. Windows will automatically download the older version if users ignore it and replace it with a newer one.

The driver that Windows Update provides for your system is customized and configured by the originaManufacturerer of the component to fit your device model. The feature is fully compatible with the entire system.

These customizations, called OEM-specific customizations, are generally not present in the versions that the component manufacturer puts on their website, but installing a driver from the manufacturers’ website usually does not pose a problem for that particular component. In addition, some companies, such as Intel, have set up a mechanism for releasing new versions of drivers, which, if installed in the available versions, will preserve these personalizations for each device model to prevent bugs or possible problems.

They do not release new updates, but they want their graphics to have the latest features, optimizations, more compatibility with new tools and games, and their hands to be more open to customizations. Therefore, it may not be possible to consider the display of the old driver as a bug, but since updating the driver of new products with non-custom versions is not a problem, replacing the new driver with the old one will annoy users, especially users who are no longer by thManufacturerer for the device. You can use one of the following methods to solve this problem:

Hide driver updates

The most common and straightforward solution is to hide the old driver update. By doing this, Windows will ignore the hidden driver update, but you may need to do it again after a while due to the release of a new version.

  • Download the tool to hide Windows updates from this link and run it.
  • On the page that appears, click Next and wait a few minutes for all updates to be checked.

Hide drivers in Windows

  • Click on Hide updates.

Hide drivers in Windows

  • Select the driver update that you do not want Windows to install automatically on the next screen, click Next and finally Finish.

Hide drivers in Windows

Roll back the driver method or restore to the previous version

One interesting way to prevent the driver from being updated is to install the driver once through the Manufacturer’s site, let Windows install the old driver, and then restore it to the previous version that you installed manually.

It will allow Windows to detect the latest driver installed as a defective or problematic driver and refuse to display it as a new update. However, in this case, if a more recent version is released through the Windows update, you still have to repeat these steps. To restore the driver to the previous version, follow these steps:

  • Open Run with the Win + R key combination, type devmgmt.MSC and press Enter.
  • Right-click on the desired driver and click Properties.

Restore the driver to the previous version in Windows

  • Go to the Driver tab and click the Roll Back Driver option.

Restore the driver to the previous version in Windows

  • Select one of the reasons to return to the previous version and click OK in the following menu.

Disable driver updates via Windows Update

This method does not make much sense because it applies this restriction to all drivers. But if you want to make sure that the drivers are not updated spontaneously, the drivers will be stopped forever and until you return them to their previous state; for this, if you use the Pro or Enterprise version of Windows:

  • Open Run with the Win + R key combination, type gpedit.MSC and press Enter.
  • From the navigation menu on the left, go to Computer configuartion> Administrative Templates> Windows Components and click on the Windows Update folder.
  • Look for the Do not include drivers with Windows Updates option in the right pane. In Windows 11, this section is under the Windows Update submenu and the Manage updates section offered from Windows Update.

Disable driver update in Windows

  • Once found, double-click on it, and from the window that opens, set its status to Enable and click OK.

Disable driver update in Windows

If you are using the basic or Home versions of Windows:

  • Open Run with the Win + R key combination, type PowerShell, and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter.
  • Copy the following statement and paste it into the PowerShell window:

$regkeys =





foreach ($regkey in $regkeys){

$test = test-path -path $regkey


New-Item -Path $regKey


Set-ItemProperty -Path $regkey -Name ExcludeWUDriversInQualityUpdate -Value 1


foreach ($regkey in $regkeys){write-host $regkey}

From now on, Windows Update will disable driver updates.


We hope you find this helpful tutorial. If you have any questions about installing the drivers or a problem with this process, please share them with users and us in the comments section.