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How to Set up an Addon Domain in cPanel ?

How to Set up an Addon Domain in cPanel ?

After buying a virtual server or hosting plan with cPanel control panel, are you thinking about how you can use this plan to host multiple domains or websites? Don’t worry, Addon Domain in cPanel is the key to get the answer to this question!

Creating an Addon Domain in cPanel with the aim of implementing new sites is done by a hosting plan, which is completed with references to the Domains section of cPanel and in a few simple steps.

Knowing how to create an Addon Domain in cPanel makes you free to use your main domain to create websites with different content and themes, which is a smart move in the web world:

What is Addon Domain?

Let’s look at the matter in the most superficial way possible. Domain name is the name by which Internet users know your website, but behind the scenes, the necessary connections between the browser and the server are made through the IP address. This domain name is only meaningful for the dns server because this server is the part that translates the domain name to the IP address (or vice versa). Each domain must be registered before use and must be “unique” among all the websites in the world.

But what is Addon Domain? An extension domain is an additional domain that is related to the main domain but appears as a second website with its own content and theme. Just like hosting plans that are managed by a control panel, the management of the main domain and all additional domains related to it is done by a shared cPanel account. If you use cPanel to manage the main domain, this additional domain is related to the same cPanel account and the process of creating and managing all domains related to the main domain is done by this control panel.

Creating an Addon Domain in cPanel is a very smart and practical idea and it allows you to create and manage multiple websites, email addresses, additional hosting services, email forwarders using cPanel related to your hosting plan, each of which Has a separate domain name from them.

Surely you also understand why this is a smart idea? In addition to managing websites or services more easily, on the other hand, you can easily create multiple websites without the need to purchase multiple hosting plans. Saving time and money allows you to focus more on the important aspects of developing and marketing your business.

How does Addon Domain work?


The topic of subdomain is completely different from additional domain, but some people confuse these two terms. When you visit, you know that it is a subdomain of and is just part of the website.

But the Addon Domain is a completely separate website, which makes it impossible for visitors to notice the connection between the main domain and the additional domains. Especially if each domain name is completely different.

When you create an additional domain, 3 things happen:

1. A new directory is created in ‘public_html’.

This directory is the location of the new website application files that you have considered for the additional domain.

2. A subdomain is created for the main domain and linked to the new directory.

3. 3 URL paths associated with the subdomain name are set that can be used to access the new directory.

For example, if the subdomain address is and the primary domain is, the following 3 paths are available to assign to the additional domain address:

  • Ded9.

All of these have directory access and are website addresses. If you don’t want the visitor to notice that the domain is redundant, it is better to choose

Steps to create Addon Domain in cPanel

1- Log in to your cPanel account.

If you have problems logging in to your cPanel account, you can get help from the tutorial article on how to log in to cPanel.


2- Go to the Domains section.

Scroll down and click on Domains or Addon Domains in the Domains section.

With both of these sections you can create additional domains and they have almost the same process.
If you use the Domains section. Follow the steps below:

– Click on Domains


– Click on Create a New Domain button.


Enter the domain name.


The important part of this page is the tick for the Share Document root option. If you do not remove this check, your new site will use the home directory of the main domain and it will not actually be a new site.

So, to create a new site with different content, you should check this option so that the new domain has its own directory.


– Register the domain.

If you like the additional domain name and its folder, click Submit to register the domain.


If the domain is successfully registered, you will see its name in the list of domains.


If you click on the Document Root of this site, you will notice that the program, tools and code section is empty and the space is ready to create a new site.

If you go back to the Domains section, you can access additional sections by using the Manage option.


This page is the part you need to set up email addresses, redirects and other features related to the new domain. Also, if you intend to delete the domain, you must do so through this page.
If you use the Addon Domains section. Follow the steps below:

– Click on Addon Domains.

From the Domains section, click the Addon Domains tool.

Enter the domain name.

By placing the domain name in the New Domain Name section, the other two fields are automatically set.


Click on Add Domain.

Preferably, do not check the Create a FTP option and click on Add Domain to register the domain.

If you want to create an FTP account for your additional domain, check the Create an FTP account option. The FTP username field will be filled automatically, so just enter the password and fill it again and click Add Domain.


After completing the domain registration process, if you see the following message, the domain registration has been successfully completed.

Important points you need to know about Addon Domain in cPanel!

  • Hosting plan resources are shared between the primary domain and additional domains.
  • If the hosting plan is not able to manage all the websites, the websites will be disrupted and this will affect the SEO.
  • Usually, the hosting provider’s support services are only available for the main domain.
  • If any changes are made to the server, all domains and websites will be affected.
  • If the hacker gets access to the main account, he can disrupt all the websites related to that account.
  • Any changes in the DNS of the main account will also affect the additional domains.
  • If you configure the domain and website content correctly, you don’t need to worry about how it will be indexed by Google.



By creating several websites in one hosting account, you not only save money, but also the process of managing websites becomes easier. Creating an addon domain in cPanel is done in a few simple steps and you just need to choose a new domain name and after creating the domain, put the necessary content for the website in its special folder and make your website available to internet users.

Thank you for staying with us until the end of the article. We hope that reading this article was useful for you. If you have any questions, requests and need guidance, you can contact us by registering your opinion so that we can answer you as soon as possible.