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How to register your location in Google Maps?

In this article, we will show you how to register a place in Google Maps. You can do this tutorial for both mobile and desktop versions of Google Maps. If you have a business that you want to register in Google Map, be sure to follow this article to the end.

The benefits of registering an address on Google Maps

Google Maps is more than just a simple navigation map. This service is now the most robust customer resource for small and local businesses. With the help of Google Map, you can create a separate page for your business and advertise your business with just a few clicks. This service is available to all companies that can verify their location. If you have not yet registered your location in Google Maps, it is better to know that you will lose many benefits. In the following, we will examine these benefits in more detail.

1- Google = Internet

Perhaps the most important advantage of registering with Google is that Google is now the largest search engine in the world. Google is synonymous with the internet. As the most famous search engine and with the most respected websites such as YouTube, Gmail, and the largest source of Android applications, namely Google Play, continues to operate powerfully. In short, Google is a huge company, and partnering with this brand as a small business owner will have significant advantages. Finally, all these benefits will be free for you!

2- Easy management

Managing Google Map service is relatively easy, and in addition, it provides you with incredible abilities. For example, if you have not yet created a site for your business, you can still use this service. It is enough to prove that you own this business. Google uses three to authenticate you: call, SMS, or postcard. Of course, if your business is already registered under another name or phone number, you should only use the third method. According to Google, postcard authentication is the most reliable method possible and usually takes seven days. Of course, unfortunately, using this method can not be done in our country!

3- Extra access

Google location registration allows you to keep your current customers and seek new audiences. Almost all of us search the internet first to buy a product or service. You have probably seen Google Maps and suggested places many times among these searches. These days, customers find your business on Google, rate your business there, and introduce you to their friends. This attractive Google service has re-promoted word of mouth.

As we said, location registration in Google has become one of the most popular online services. The information recorded in this excellent service is now the most trustworthy source for finding a good place, good restaurant, cafe, and other business. This service will be especially effective for small and unknown companies in this highly competitive market. If you want your business to grow fast, Google your location and get your business to be the first offer in your local area.

Step-by-step tutorial for registering locations on Google Maps

Using mobile

Open Google Maps. The icon of this program is like pinning a place on the map. The map view will probably open for you first. If you have not already logged in, you will be asked to create an account at this point (To create an account, you must first create an email in the Gmail service.)

1. Click on the three lines at the top left to bring up a drop-down menu.

2. Click on the “Add a missing place” option. It will take you to the Add Location page.

3- In this step, you must enter the name of the desired location. To do this, click on the “Name” option at the top of the page and type the place’s name.

4- Now, you have to enter the address. Click on the “Address” field and enter the desired address. If necessary, be sure to add the name of the province, city, and zip code. Note that the more accurate the address and the more information you enter, the faster Google will confirm the existence of such a place. Then click on “Mark location on map” and select your exact address on the map.

5- Choose your location category. Click “Category” and select the category to which your location relates. To get the result faster, you can type the desired class in this field.

6- Now click on “Add phone, hours, website and photos” to add contact information and so on.

7- In this section, you can also enter unneeded information. To join a phone number, click on “Phone” and add the phone number of the desired location. You can also join the website address and business hours. You can also add pictures of your business in the photos section.

8- To send information, click on the triangle icon at the top right of the image. Your request was quickly sent to Google. You will usually receive an email confirming or not confirming your registration within two weeks.

Using a computer

The steps on a computer are pretty similar to a mobile:

1- Sign in to Google Maps. Type “” in your browser. If you have already created an account, you can add the preferred location. Otherwise, click on the “Sign in” option at the top right of the screen and enter your Gmail with the password.

2- Click the three lines at the top left to bring up a drop-down menu.

3- Click on the “Add a missing place” option at the bottom menu. It will bring up the “Add a place” window at the top left of the screen.

4- Enter the name of the place. Click “Name” at the top of the page and type the name of the area you want to add.

5- Enter the location address. Click on “Address” and type the address of the desired location. If necessary, add the name of the province, city, and zip code.

6- Select a location category. To do this, click on the “Category” option and select one of the relevant categories in the drop-down list (for example, restaurant). To get the result faster, you can type the preferred category in this field.

7- In this section, you can also enter unnecessary information. To join a phone number, click on “Phone” and add the phone number of the desired location. You can also join the website address and business hours.

8- Submit your request. To do this, click on the blue option at the bottom right. If the preferred location is not already registered in Google Map, your request to add a new site will be sent to Google. You will usually receive an email confirming or not confirming your registration within two weeks. But if the place is already registered on Google Map, the current address of this place will be displayed for you, and a message will appear stating that such a place exists. In this case, click on the “Submit anyway” option. It may be due to the similarity of the name, address, and other location information with your location.

Is registering on Google Maps essential and influential in SEO?

Getting sufficient traffic through search engines is essential for any business. But finding the fastest, most effective, and easiest way to communicate between you and your audience is always challenging. If you have a company that targets local customers, marketing through Google Maps will be the best way possible.

When it comes to local SEO, Google Maps helps local customers find you easily by searching for your business name or related keywords. But to do that, Google needs to know where your business is or whether it exists abroad! It is where Google Maps comes into play, and by registering your location on the service, you are informing Google bots about the place and context of your business.

In addition, if there is nothing to offer from Google Maps when searching for relevant keywords or at least your business name, it will not be a good sign for the potential customer, and you will not have much chance against rivals in Google Maps list.

Therefore, registering a place in Google Maps is very important and will significantly impact SEO. So to get the best results, make sure you are higher in Google Maps results than your competitors. Generally, Google only shows three businesses to the user on the first search results page. So if you can see your business in the top 3 in different keywords, you will get significant traffic!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my location is in Google Maps or not?

To find out your desired location is already registered in Google Map, go to the Google site and search for the name of the place plus the city of the selected location. Then click on the “Maps” tab at the top. In this list, you can see the map of the town and businesses with the same name. If you did not find the name of the place you are looking for, your location is not yet listed on Google Maps. But if you found the area but you did not add it, if you own it, you can do the necessary authentication and prove to Google that you own the place or business.

How often is Google Maps updated?

Google Maps often has real-time data and information. But as a general rule, Google Maps is wholly updated every 1 to 3 years.


There is no doubt about the power of Google and the benefits it can bring to your local business. But the question is, are you taking advantage of this? Of course, registering your location in Google is one of the things that will make you superior to your rivals. Other features include solid communications and support, Google ads, and more. Combining these items can significantly increase your sales. We hope you enjoy the success of registering with Google Maps for more business.