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How to become an SEO specialist?

How to become an SEO specialist? Today, there are few people who are unaware of the importance of SEO and its place in the success of online businesses. Dealing with SEO is the most important part of marketing planning. Thousands of educational, news, and shopping websites are designed and implemented daily.

All of them need to reach the first list of Google results to compete with other websites related to their field of work. SEO is one of the main parts of planning in digital marketing. In the meantime, the SEO expert has the most important task. Optimizing sites is an issue that cannot be easily ignored. In other words, the presence of an SEO expert is essential in all online businesses.

Who is an SEO expert? What does SEO mean? How to become a professional SEO? What knowledge and skills does an SEO expert need? How long does it take to learn SEO? How much is SEO income? And… are among the questions that may arise for any person who wants to work in this field. If you are one of these people and want to know more about SEO and the tasks of an SEO specialist, stay with us until the end of this article.

What is meant by an SEO specialist?

What is the duty of an SEO expert, and how to become an SEO expert? If we want to answer this question in one sentence, we must say that an SEO expert is someone who is responsible for optimizing websites in search engines. Undoubtedly, you are aware of the importance of SEO and the impact of site ranking on attracting visitors and increasing organic traffic to sites.

SEO rank is the most important factor in the introduction and development of any site. Those who want to succeed in digital marketing need it. An SEO expert knows search engine algorithms well. From checking the status of a site, with the help of his knowledge, such a person uses strategies to attract high traffic.

The SEO specialist examines a site’s various structural, technical, content, and external parts and suggests techniques to improve the site’s condition after identifying its weaknesses and flaws. Applying SEO techniques leads to improving the user experience and improving the ranking of that site, both of which are very effective in the success of the sites.

SEO experts, like other marketing experts, aim to increase customers and make more sales. Most SEO experts work alongside the content marketing and development teams (if they don’t have the relevant technical skills). Together, these three specializations lead to the growth and promotion of sites, and with their help, you can beat your competitors and earn a lot of income in this way.

What is SEO? Why should we become SEO?

SEO is a set of activities that are carried out in order to coordinate as many sites as possible with search engine algorithms. The main goal of SEO is to increase incoming traffic and introduce businesses as best as possible. Considering the increasing role of internet sites in people’s daily lives, being on the first list of search results is one of the most important parts of marketing in any business.

How to become a professional SEO? SEO and site optimization is a skill that can be acquired with proper training and experience. The prerequisites for becoming a professional and successful SEO are reviewed in the next section.

Prerequisites to become a professional SEO

How to become a professional SEO? SEO is not something you can become a professional in by reading a few books or watching educational videos. Although studying educational resources and theoretical topics is necessary to understand and learn the concept of SEO, you should keep in mind that knowledge and information are valuable only when used in practical experiences. SEO with the new Google algorithm will be much more suitable and practical.

Considering that most sites use the WordPress content management system, we should learn how to increase the SEO of the WordPress site. Continuous learning is the first essential factor for success in SEO. Implementing new techniques and checking their effects on the site’s SEO status guarantees the success of the SEO work. Expertise in SEO comes only with experience.

What we mean by experience is that you choose all the necessary processes and techniques according to the conditions of the site and its needs, then check and analyze the final results. After the inspections, you must correct or replace the possible defects with new methods. A professional SEO knows that SEO has different effects on a website in different situations.

For example, the SEO of content sites is different from the SEO of online stores, or the geographical location of countries plays a role in SEO. There are thousands of other factors that an SEO worker must consider to achieve the desired result in his work. Therefore, the more practical experience each person has in the field of optimizing different sites, the more he can choose more appropriate strategies.

Characteristics of a successful SEO specialist

How to become a professional SEO? This is a question that is often asked by people who are interested in SEO. To become an SEO professional, you need to be curious. Try to understand each technique’s SEO concepts and application instead of memorizing. A successful SEO expert always keeps his knowledge up to date.

The algorithm of search engines is regularly updated, and in each update, new factors are added to improve the structural, content, or operational quality of sites. Familiarity with English is one of the main factors in becoming a professional SEO. SEO knowledge is new knowledge in our country, and SEO experts sometimes have to go to foreign sites and English-language resources to find answers to their questions.

A professional SEO knows the tools of SEO and uses them in his work. Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics are two very powerful and practical tools in the field of SEO that every SEO should know well.

Another characteristic of a professional SEO specialist is patience and perseverance. Learning SEO is a time-consuming process. You have to be patient to get the result you want. Sometimes, it is necessary to change the plan several times. Don’t be sad about failure; mistakes will improve your work level over time.

The first steps to becoming an SEO specialist

How to become an SEO specialist? The topic of SEO is a set of internal and external processes to improve the status of sites and optimize them in search engines. SEO is a vast knowledge, and to learn and understand its concepts fully, you must continuously study and review new topics and techniques.

Do not forget that SEO consists of two main parts: theory and practical experience. If you want to master this profession, you must apply your knowledge and learning in a practical way to understand the application of each.

The initial steps of becoming an SEO expert are:

  • Complete and comprehensive SEO training
  • Implementation of techniques on a personal site
  • Passing internships in a marketing company
  • Get SEO certificates from reputable sites

At the beginning of the discussion, we mentioned the importance of complete and accurate learning of SEO theory topics. Your main work to become an SEO expert begins after learning. It is better for you to set up a website and implement and test your techniques on it. Trial and error work wonders in learning SEO. You may fail at the beginning, but if you continue, you will improve over time.

Trying to optimize your own site will reduce the amount of worry you have to get unfavorable results. In this way, you can evaluate and analyze all the methods you want in practice without fear of failure. After passing these steps, you can gain a lot of experience with internships in digital marketing companies.

What is the specialization of an SEO expert, and what does he do?

How to become an SEO specialist? We tried to answer this question in simple language in the previous section. Maybe you also have a question that there is a difference between an SEO expert and an SEO expert. In each group, SEO specialists and experts are responsible for the most important tasks, and depending on the field of work they choose, they can have the same or different tasks.

An SEO specialist examines the ranking algorithms of search engines and, after knowing how each works, suggests techniques to make sites more compatible with those algorithms. The SEO specialist is someone who learns different techniques and methods of site optimization well in order to use them in different situations depending on the needs of each site.

An SEO specialist has various duties, the most important of which are:

  • Dealing with the SEO status of the site (internal, external, technical, and local)
  • Realization of keywords
  • Producing appropriate and SEO content
  • Basic linking
  • Analysis of competitor websites
  • Providing useful suggestions to improve the site’s condition as much as possible

Final word

How to become an SEO specialist? Achieving expertise in any profession requires basic and comprehensive learning of topics and gaining experience and skills, and SEO is no exception to this rule. If you want to succeed in this field, you must be patient. As we mentioned in the previous parts, having a personal website is very effective in the development of your work.

You can easily access different parts of a site and try your techniques in each part. In this way, you can identify and use the best and most effective strategies in similar cases.