Free website SEO training

Free website SEO training and all tips related to image optimization

In the free SEO site training, it is stated that the optimization of a website is not limited to the repetition of keywords in textual content and internal and external linking. Website optimization is much more extensive than these, and a part of it is dedicated to image optimization. A large part of different sites is images. Their optimization is very important for search engines and users. In the following, we will examine the important points of image optimization.

Emphasis on the importance of image optimization in free SEO site training

In the free SEO website training, the optimization of images is emphasized to a significant extent. Image optimization is all done to reduce the size of images, upload photos on the page, and design them. Search engines will rank your site based on optimized images. Image optimization is one of the best ways to increase site speed and improve search engine ranking.

Downloading and placing a simple and unrelated photo from other sites among the content will significantly reduce the site’s speed. It will ultimately make the other measures taken to optimize the site worthless. Some tips should be considered for optimizing images to use website photos as strengths and get a better ranking in Google search results. Become In the following. We will review these points.

Choose the right format.

In the free website SEO training, it is emphasized to use the appropriate format for the images to optimize the website images. Choosing the format of the images available on the website largely depends on the type of photo. It is better to use JPEG format for large and colorful images that occupy a large amount of the site.

Regarding simple and transparent images, PNG may be a widely used format. GIF format will also be a suitable option for animated images. When optimizing images, it should be remembered that PNG images take up a lot of space. Also, these images significantly reduce the content upload speed. Most sites nowadays use the Webp format to reduce the size of the images while maintaining the quality.

Choose the right image.

The importance of image optimization is emphasized in the free SEO site training, and choosing a unique, attractive, and suitable photo with the content is recommended. It will significantly affect the user experience of the website and will help you attract more audiences. The images should be expressive enough to convey the page’s general concept to the audience without textual content.

Reduce the size of the photo

Another point emphasized about image optimization in the free SEO site training is reducing the photo size. According to research, 21% of the volume of content pages on websites is dedicated to images. Therefore, the most important action to optimize images is to reduce the size of the image while maintaining the quality. For this purpose, it is possible to use online photo compressors. These compressors will significantly reduce the size of your images in a few seconds.

Good font selection for images

If you intend to write text on your site’s images, in addition to choosing the right words, you must choose the right font. Remember that text written on images is not readable by search engines. But these writings are of considerable importance for users. Therefore, it is emphasized in the free SEO website training that you should not write long texts on photos to improve the work experience. It is always recommended to use attractive keywords for photos.

Emphasis on the recognition of copyright in free SEO site training

The importance of image optimization has been emphasized in free SEO site training, and it has been stated that Google is one of the search engines sensitive to copyright. Therefore, if you take images from other sites or use other sites in the design of your website, you must ensure that the images are unique. If you do not follow this point, all your actions to optimize the images will be dealt a big blow, and you will undoubtedly be fined.

Emphasis on choosing the alt text of the images smartly in the free SEO site training

The free SEO tutorial mentions that writing proper alt descriptions for website photos is often overlooked. In optimizing images for search engines, it should be remembered that one of the effective ways to show the concept of images to Google robots is to write alt descriptions. The user can read the alternative description when the screen image is not uploaded. These descriptions should fit perfectly with the image’s content, and different keywords should be used for them.

Choosing the right name is one of the most important secrets of image optimization.

It is stated in the free SEO site training that one of the common mistakes that most people make when uploading a photo to a website is not paying attention to the name of the image. If there are many images on a page, people choose a number or a short name for the images, and sometimes they may not change the name of the image file. Therefore, it is recommended to consider these points when naming images to optimize website images.

  • Descriptive image name
  • Not using common names such as Download or IMG
  • Use English letters to name pictures
  • Using keywords in naming images

These actions will enable Google and other search engines to read your visual content more easily and understand its content.

Optimizing image dimensions for mobile phones or other platforms

In the free website SEO training, it is emphasized to reduce the image size while maintaining quality. Their dimensions can be changed in optimizing the images. Keep in mind that the dimensions of the images on mobile should be different from the website. If you want to display your image in Google results, its height and width must be set correctly. Using the Smart Resize tool, you can change the dimensions of several photos simultaneously; in this case, you will not need to rename the images.

Arrange the image storage location

To optimize the images, it is recommended to organize the storage location of the images and the path to access them in the free SEO website training. This issue is not respected on most Iranian websites, and the images are only placed on the website. In recent years, Google has considered the way to access images and their file structure as ranking criteria. Therefore, it is recommended that the images related to each article be placed in a separate folder and the products of the websites be stored in the folders related to their categories.