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4 Application of Python in various fields of technology part 2

In previous article, we talked about 4 application of Python in various fields of technology. Now we want introduce you 4 other of them.

Today, one of the concerns of newcomers to the world of programming is choosing a programming language. Because they know that each programming language has its own application, market, and capabilities. Therefore, such people are always to trying choose a language that has no limits for them and help them achieve goals. One the most popular and useful programming languages right now is Python, which in this article we are going to show you what will be able to do in the future if you choose the Python programming language for training and monetization. So if you are eager to learn about the most important uses of Python.

Why do we need to know the use of programming languages?

Learning a new programming language can take a lot of time and energy. However, learning the syntax of language is usually not difficult and most of the programmer’s time and energy is for mastering the language. If you do not know what the is programming language you are learning for , you will probably lose motivation while learning or become confused along the way. For example, someone who is into PHP is more likely to want to become a web developer, or someone who is into Kotlin is more likely to decide to work as an Android programmer. Therefore, understanding the applications of a programming language is one of the most important steps in learning it.

5.Academic education

In underdeveloped country’s schools, unlike many developed countries, there is no special program for teaching programming to children and adolescents. In the past, many countries taught basic in their schools, but today Python has replaced it. If a 12-year-old sees c++ or Java code, he will probably be out of programming forever. But Python has a simple and attractive structure and is easy to learn. Python is a good choice for teaching programming, especially to children and teenagers, due to its simple structure.

6.The use of Python in data mining and big data

Data mining is the science of examining data. Services like Instagram or the Google search engine receive several thousand gigabytes of data a day from their users and earn a lot of money from analyzing this data. With the help of Data Mining, one or more large databases are analyzed and useful and practical information.

A data engineer or scientist needs programming to make his field algorithms comprehensible to a computer. Although different languages such as C, Scala and R can be useful. But the best option for data mining is usually to use the Python programming language because its libraries are very useful. Python has a variety of libraries for working with data. For example, Scarpy is for crawling the web and analyzing existing data, or NumPy is for building n-dimensional arrays and a variety of mathematical formulas such as Fourier transform or linear algebra functions.

7.Build a graphical user interface

It’s been a long time since computers had only a command line. Although linear user interfaces still have many advantages such as scripting, speed and control, most software today uses a graphical user interface for beauty and convenience. Of course, working with the command line is inconvenient or difficult for many users.

Python performs well in building graphical interfaces and has introduced various libraries for this purpose. Libraries like WxPython or GTK+ help you add a graphical interface to your project after writing program code and building its logic. The Tkinter library is considered by many developers to be the most standard Python library in user interface design. PyQt also has an easy and attractive user that by installing it on Linux or Windows, you can graphically implement your desired environment.

8.Using Python in making computer games

With the growth of video game technology, they have become a lucrative industry in some countries today. Advanced game design uses proprietary game engines, such as unity or unreal, are available to the general public. For a relatively low cost game, a combination of C# programming language and unity game engine is recommended. You might not expect it, but Python applies to that as well.

PyGame is a free, cross-platform library that has been around since 2000. This library consists of elements such as sound and computer graphics that are well compatible with the Python programming language. The PyGame engine made games like Frets On Fire. Although this library is very old, it is still very different from Unity or Cry Engine.


Python is a powerful and flexible language that a programmer can choose to work in various fields of technology. If you are looking for a language that does a variety of things, Python is a great choice. Python is for building websites, mobile applications, desktop software, and light games, and in intrusion testing and hacking. With Python you can also work in various artificial intelligence science such as machine learning or data mining, and in short your hand is open to enter more fields of technology.