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13 important mistakes in user experience design

Everyone who works in the field of site design will definitely use the principles of UX in all their projects. However, sometimes people make mistakes in this regard. Common mistakes in user experience or the same User Experience include several cases, each of which can somehow fail your project.

In fact, these mistakes are an integral part of UX projects. In this article, we will introduce you to the most common of these mistakes to prevent them from occurring in your project. Stay with us until the end of the article.

Common Mistakes in User Experience

1- You design for yourself.

This error may occur when the design work is done by you alone and when doing so, no research is done on market trends, competitors, target audiences, etc. If you follow the same process, we must say that you do your work blindly.

So meeting the needs and expectations of users makes your job more difficult than it already is. What you want and what your audience needs are two completely different things. That’s why you need to understand this very important principle and first see what the audience needs.

2- You do not use universal icons.

Another common mistake in the user experience is not using universal icons. Many designers like to use new or fancy logos or symbols. Because they think it looks so much more beautiful and attractive. A symbol that is not very beautiful but well-known can have a much greater impact on the audience’s perception. For this reason, be sure to pay attention to this practical issue and do not simply skip it.

3- Too much text; Another common mistake in user experience

Sometimes a lot of text is included in the design of the site, which has no specific hierarchy. If this text does not convey any clear message to the user or does not meet their expectations, it is completely useless. For this reason, if the generated text is only a few lines but effective, it will be more popular.

4- Windows or pop-ups that open every minute.

People who work in the field of digital marketing can make a lot of money from the windows that users see when they log in to the site. But as much as you can, you should avoid opening too many pop-ups.

Imagine a user enters your site. When it encounters this volume of windows, it will no longer visit your site. The result will be a drop in audience and an increase in bounce rate. So windows or pop-ups can be called as one of the common mistakes in the user experience that not paying attention to it can cause bigger problems.

5- Poor navigation

What do you think poor navigation means? Let me explain this with an example. The user who enters your site is looking for a specific purpose. Because of this, if he can not easily find what he wants, he will leave the site immediately, and the probability of his return is almost zero percent.

Definitely if users can not find the information they are looking for, they will leave your website forever. Also, the site should be in such a way that it is suitable not only for computers but also for all mobile phones, in other words, it should be responsive.

6- No repetition and testing; Another common mistake in user experience

The biggest mistakes are always the ones you can’t predict. In fact, these problems, which may arise in the continuation of the work process, are unintended. For example, you will have problems with daily functioning.

Therefore, before you finalize your project, be sure to do a series of tests on them. Repetition and experimentation will make it easier for you to achieve the desired results. Therefore, do not neglect the importance of this issue in any way.

7- Design before the content is specified.

Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes in UX is that some user experience designers do the design before the content is identified. This is a very childish mistake and professionals should not make it at all. Understanding what the media and its subject matter is allows the designer to implement better and more appropriate graphic designs. The result will be the professionalism of the project.

8- Using too much innovation in making new patterns

Innovation can help in many ways. But using it regularly does not mean that it has a helpful role. Sometimes things you do not think about can end up hurting you.

Although it may be tempting to introduce new patterns and innovations, they must be controlled from somewhere. The main rule in this regard is to use and enjoy everything in moderation. Always set innovations that users or different people expect or have accepted by default.

9- Bad or weak optimization

Poor optimization can also be found among the common mistakes in the user experience. Before we go into any further detail, it is best to put yourself in the user’s shoes. That is, imagine that you have entered a site using a mobile phone to access some information.

In this case, you have to wait for a 10 MB image to load, which does not matter. That means staying on the site for a few minutes. If you are yourself, will you re-enter this site? If you want to answer honestly, the answer is definitely no.

Therefore, if you do not want to lose your potential customers, be sure to design and optimize in such a way that mobile users as well as personal computers do not face any problems in loading and opening the site. Slow connections will keep users away from your site.

10- Complex forms; Another common mistake

Complex forms, in turn, can cause users to drop out. Suppose a user comes to your site to buy an e-book. A book that may not cost even a dollar. However, he has to fill out a very complex form with more complex questions to complete his purchase process.

How many people do you think will do this to the end? How many people will come back to your website to buy again? So simplify the forms.

11- Not being responsive

What do you think is meant by a site not being responsive? Users or customers who visit your site can do so with a variety of tools such as mobile phones, tablets or computers. That’s why your site should be responsive to all users with any device.

That means you need to make sure that the user uses any gadget to search, that your website has a great ability to be seen. When websites are not responsive, users think your site is not working properly and there is a possibility of corruption. If customers encounter these problems, they will easily leave your site and are less likely to return.

Responsiveness is one of the tools used for this purpose. It is a tool that can turn a desktop into a mobile phone or a mobile phone into a desktop. So you can check all the versions of your website and fix any problems.

Also, providing all the necessary elements on the page to the user is very vital and mandatory. For example, in order for the user to be able to refer to their purchase page, there must be a special button. That is, logic dictates that it be designed that way.

12- Non-standard load menu design in user experience

Another common mistake in the user experience is to design a bar menu in an unprincipled way. Menu bar is one of the most important items in website design. For this reason, you should pay special attention to it.

The menu bar has the ability to connect users and the site. For this reason, the menu should be in such a way that the user can get what he wants in the fastest time. If you want to design a menu as standard, you should pay special attention to a number of points, among which are the following options:

  • In the menu bar you have designed, place a maximum of 6 items and try not to exceed it.
  • Users have different expectations of your site. For this reason, determine the location of your bar menu according to these expectations.
  • The suggestion to place the load menu is at the top of the page. So welcome this ideal offer.

13- Non-standard texts; Another of the most common mistakes in user experience

Content that is uploaded and uploaded within a site is very important. For this reason, in order to maintain the relevant standard, it is necessary to observe a series of points in them. Readability is one of them.

The legibility of a text means that the paragraphs are short and the subheadings are neatly and neatly divided in the text. This makes it easier to convey concepts to the user. In order to be able to use a standard text, we suggest you to pay attention to a few essential points. For example, place headlines or titles in a larger font on the site than regular text. Also keep enough space between texts for better readability.

Readability also affects SEO. For this reason, if you want to have a great user experience along with better SEO, be sure to pay enough attention to the readability and standardization of the texts.

The final verdict

There are many other user errors that anyone can make. These mistakes are such that they can ruin all your efforts in one day. Therefore, make sure that you have enough information from the items mentioned in this article to be able to provide the best user experience to your users.

If your users see that everything is going according to plan and without any mistakes, they will stay loyal to you and will return to your site if needed. This loyalty can ensure the success of your business.