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Introducing the top 3 software for measuring computer temperature

Overheating of the computer and laptop can be an important sign of system malfunction, especially in the case of laptops.

 This may be due to excessive dust and lack of proper airflow. 

Excessive heat can cause serious damage to computers and laptops, but how do we know the temperature of various system components? In this article, we will introduce 3 of the best software in this field.

Not paying attention to the heat of the laptop and the system is exactly the best way to destroy the system, but in addition, too much heat can disrupt the performance of various components of the system.

 For example, heat can greatly affect the system hard drive. So if you have problems with the hard drive, it is better to pay attention to the temperature of your system first.

To know the temperature of the system and internal components, there are free software that in the following we want to introduce you to three of the best software in this field. 

The best computer temperature measuring software

1- CrystalDiskInfo software

If you want to professionally check the system hard drive temperature, the best software available is CrystalDiskInfo software. This software is specially designed for hard drive and SSD health management.

The user interface of this software is very simple and on the other hand, it displays information about the health of the hard drive and SSD in a clear and understandable way. Among the features of CrystalDiskInfo software we can mention the following:

Temperature assessment of all system hard drives and SSDs

Estimate the overall health status of hard drives and SSDs according to each of them

Ability to check all read and write memories

You can download CrystalDiskInfo software from this link .

View of CrystalDiskInfo software –

2- Core Temp software

Core Temp software, however, is fast, accurate and flexible software for measuring and monitoring the temperature of the laptop. This software is available for free for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and as an installation or portable. But during installation, be sure to uncheck the installer comes with bundleware. Among the most important features and capabilities of this laptop heat measurement software, we can mention the following:

Display information in real-time and in real time

1- Ability to select sensors to display on the screen

2- Display notification when the temperature is too high

3- Checking the system for updating drivers and BIOS

You can download Core Temp system temperature measurement software for Windows for free from this link .

Core Temp.png
View of Core Temp software –

3- HWMonitor software

One of the most reliable system temperature measurement software is HWMonitor software. The free version of this software is really useful for normal use, but in any case, if you need very detailed information, you can buy a professional version called HWMonitor Pro. Mention the following:

1- Identify each sensor with voltage, fan and temperature

2- Save the data obtained from the temperature monitor and logging for troubleshooting

3- Checking the system for information about drivers and BIOS updates

HWMonitor software for Windows is available in two versions 32-bit and 64-bit and both installed and portable.

View of hwmonitor software –

There are other software in the field of system temperature measurement, among which we can mention Macs Fan Control , SpeedFan , Open Hardware Monitor , NZXT CAM and HWiNFO .