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How To Find And Check The Modem’s IP Address Usage How To Find The IP Address Of The Modem?

Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) Is Very Common Today. To Use Wireless Internet, We Need Equipment Such As A Modem. Each Modem Has A Unique Identifier Called IP And Username And Password, Which We Will Discuss How To Find And Use Them.

How to find the IP address of the modem?

Modem’s IP Address, To find the IP address of the modem, perform the following commands:

  1. Connect the computer to the modem.
  2. In Windows, open the Command Prompt environment, and in Linux and Mac, open the Terminal Environment. (In Windows, type Command prompt in the search box)
  3. IP ipconfig command in Windows and ifconfig command in Linux and Mac.
  4. Find the line where the word Default Gateway is. In this line, the IP address is written as a string of numbers.

Note: The IP address, username, and password may write on the back or side of the modem.

Why do we need to know the IP address of modems?

To log in to your modem account, you need to know its IP address. In the URL of the browser, enter the IP address of the modem and enter your username and password to reach the highest level of access (admin access). After logging in to your account, you can do things like checking the connection status, change your password, delete registered events, and so on.

You also need the modem IP address to perform some network configurations on your computer.

Find the modem username and password.

The username, password, and IP address of the modem are written on the back or side of the modem. Otherwise, you can find the default username and password by searching for the modem model in Google. If you have already changed your username and password and forgot it, you can change the settings to the factory settings by inserting a paper clip or needle into the hole in the back of the modem.

Note: If you have trouble logging in to your modem account, enter the IP address in another browser, check the physical connection, or disable web security tools.

Do the modems have an IP address?

All modems have a unique IP address that allows them to communicate with other devices (such as computers, printers, etc.). The IP address of the modem may be different or identical to the IP address of the router. If the device is a router-modem (hybrid device), the router’s IP address and modem will probably be the same.