3 Ways to Turn Your WordPress Site into a Mobile App

3 Ways to Turn Your WordPress Site into a Mobile App

Transforming a WordPress site to a mobile application useful or harmful, and why?

Apps may no longer be useful for marketing, but they are more convenient and accessible for your customers – giving them more choice in how they interact with your site. With the continuous increase and development of mobile internet, applications are becoming increasingly popular daily.

The cost and frustration of building a website are also very low. In the past, many businesses were interested in apps, but most could not build them. It was very hard. or expensive (most programmers charge $50-$150/hour)

But fortunately, the situation has changed now. You don’t need much money or coding knowledge to make a proper and acceptable application. And even better – you have a lot more options on the table. Today we will talk about ways you can turn your WordPress site into an application without much effort.

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1. Choose a mobile-ready WordPress theme

Fortunately, WordPress has evolved to the point where almost all modern themes are responsive. This means that your theme should change the layout of your site according to the device being used to view your website.

But if your WordPress site is not optimized for mobile devices, optimize it!

Of course, the easiest thing is to use a mobile responsive WordPress theme like Total. But if your theme isn’t responsive and you don’t want to upgrade to a new theme, some plugins can help.

Any Mobile Theme Switcher

While several options are available, Any Mobile Theme Switcher is popular. A plugin detects the mobile browser the viewer is using and displays a specific theme for their device.

So if you want to balance multiple themes – one for each mobile OS – you can do it this way. Other plugin features include settings for different home pages based on the device, QR codes for bookmarking, click-to-call phone number support, and more.

2. Use the WordPress developer

Using an app builder plugin is a step up from simply using a responsive theme. These plugins are significantly easier than building an app and include intuitive options that make it possible for even the average person to create an app.


The first option on our list is Stacks Mobile App Builder.

Just create your account and install this free plugin on your site, then start building your app by dragging and dropping Stacks Builder. It’s just like using Elementor or WPBakery, so you shouldn’t have any problems!

There are easy options to add and customize headers, sections, backgrounds, videos, buttons, sliders, products, and more. Stacks are also fully compatible with WooCommerce, Google Maps, live chat, multilingual plugins, and even custom post types you already use on your WordPress site.

Just generate and download your app when you’re done – that’s it!

Stacks offers a very affordable price that most blogs and small businesses can afford, with lifetime access starting at $79 for one plan (plus discounted pricing as you build more plans).

This is a good deal and probably one of the best ways to turn your WordPress site into an app.


AppMySite Create an app for your website.

This easy-to-use plugin and service make it easy to turn your WordPress site (or even your WooCommerce store) into an app in just a few steps. First, download the plugin and register your account. Then get down to business and customize your app – plenty of built-in designs and features to choose from.

When you’re done, submit your app for publication (Android and iOS supported). AppMySite syncs with your website in real-time to keep your app updated with new posts or products you publish.

Other features of this plugin include multilingual support, shopping cart, checkout integration, push notifications, social media integration, and analytics that you can use to monitor app performance. Note – AppMySite is free to try but starts at $19/month to run your WordPress site app.


AppPresser is the largest, most popular, and the first mobile app framework for WordPress. It offers full integration: where most app builders only use your WordPress site’s feed, AppPresser lets you use all your plugins, posts, and pages.

Additionally, it will automatically update the program as soon as you make any edits to your site. It also has full e-commerce support. Plans start at $59/month for one plan.

WPMobile App

The WPMobile app allows you to create Android and iOS apps for your site.

While the basic version of this plugin is free, you have to pay for a lifetime license to create your app (starting at €79 for one app format or €149 for both).

With the WPMobile app, you get customization options, a free live trial, automatic app updates, push notification support, social integration, and premium support (a welcome feature if you get stuck).


Although MobiLoud is more expensive than other options (starting at $120/month), it does almost everything for you (including submitting your app to the App Store and Google Play), making it reasonably priced…

With MobiLoud, your ultimate app offers cross-device compatibility, easy social sharing, monetization (via ads or subscriptions), push notifications, and more. And when the service is paired with their plugin, you can manage your schedule and send notifications from within WordPress

3. Using the service to convert a WordPress site into an application

The previous two methods we mentioned are very simple and affordable and can be done by installing a theme or plugin. But they are also very simple options and are mostly the only way to present a mobile-ready version of your WordPress site to your visitors.

However, if you’re looking for a more advanced program, these methods are probably not what you’re looking for. Therefore, in this case, hiring a programmer or third-party service to create an application for you may be the best option.

Remember that freelancer rates start at around $50/hour, often with project minimums. So depending on how much planning you want to do with your plan, the final price can range from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. While certainly expensive, the investment may be worth it if the app for your website is critical to your monetization strategy.


In this article, we discussed three different, simple, and cost-effective ways to convert your WordPress site into a WordPress mobile application. Good luck!