Reducing the size of the WordPress site and buying the wp optimize plugin

After preparing a suitable host and domain, such as a cloud host with high uptime, it is necessary to increase the site’s speed to improve the site’s ranking in search engines. One of the most important measures that can be taken to increase the speed of WordPress websites is to use WordPress cache plugins. The wp optimize plugin is one of the best WordPress plugins in the field of caching site pages and significantly increases your site’s speed. In this article, we will teach the WP-Optimize plugin and its settings from host knowledge base, the Fa .

The educational titles of the WordPress optimization educational article are:

  • What is wp optimize plugin?
  • Features of the premium version of WP-Optimize plugin
  • Advantages of wp optimize plugin
  • Disadvantages of wp optimize plugin Wp optimize plugin tutorial
  • Plugins compatible with wp optimize plugin
  • Similar plugins to WP Optimize plugin
  • wp optimize plugin training
  • FAQ about WP Optimize plugin
  • User comments after purchasing the wp optimize plugin
  • wp optimize plugin vendors

WordPress site optimization plugin

WP Optimize is an amazing multipurpose WordPress plugin. This plugin declutters your database, compresses your website images, and caches your site. This simple, popular and functional plugin has everything you need to optimize a website. WP Optimize plugin is one of the most powerful WordPress cache plugins that has more than 900,000 active installations so far. This plugin is an open source plugin and is constantly being updated, it has been translated into 27 different languages ​​and is available in both free and commercial versions.

wp optimize

This plugin adds the following capabilities to your WordPress website:

  • It allows you to clean and optimize your database.
  • It allows you to compress your images.
  • You can save your site pages for fast loading.
  • This allows you to minimize the site load delay caused by CSS and JavaScript files. (Delay their loading time.)

In the following, we will discuss each of the mentioned items in detail.

1. WordPress database optimization

Everything you need for your website is stored in the website database. WP-OPTIMIZE plugin optimizes your website database by removing all unnecessary items and recovering lost space. You must be asking what actions the WP Optimize plugin takes in order to optimize the WordPress database?

  • Delete all unnecessary data
  • Compress and configure MY SQL tables with the push of a button
  • Fine control over which optimizations you want to perform.
  • Automatic weekly cleaning
  • Preparing automatic backup through the updraftplus plugin
  • Display statistics and database status
  • Database space management: When you edit the information of a post or a page, the WP-Optimize plugin automatically saves the modified database. If you edit your posts in short intervals, the edited items will be saved as a separate copy and will take up a lot of space. WP-Optimize removes unnecessary edits and increases speed and efficiency by freeing up space. It also removes all spam comments from the database.
  • Check database tables: WP-Optimize will report you exactly which of your database tables have wasted space. It helps you keep your website fast and efficient.
  • Continuous database monitoring: After WP-Optimize is activated, you can create a schedule to clean up unnecessary data on a scheduled basis.

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2. Compression of images in WordPress

Uploading photos with large speed results in a significant slowness of the site. WP-Optimize has a tool to compress images, so it converts large site images that take a long time to load into compressed files. It allows you to compress images in different formats such as PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, and TIF up to 5 MB. This plugin allows you to increase the speed of the site without losing the quality of the site images.

  • Mass compression: the possibility of compressing several images at the same time
  • Intelligent compression algorithm: delivers images with the least quality loss.
  • Restore Originals function: Allows you to restore your original images whenever needed.
  • Automatic compression function: automatically compresses the images added to the site.
  • EXIF Data-Keeping: Image information is preserved even after compression.

3. Caching site pages

Depending on your settings, the page cache feature can make the biggest difference in increasing the speed and performance of your website. Caching involves storing dynamic site data in a temporary storage location so that it can be retrieved at a moment’s notice and is always a reliable method for loading site pages at high speed. Caching the site through the wp-optimize plugin is provided in the shortest possible time with minimal settings:

  • Caching before loading the page: To ensure that the caching functionality is done well before loading the site.
  • Gzip compression: compression of javascript, css and html files to reduce site loading time
  • Device-specific caching: to ensure that an optimized version of the site is always presented for different devices and screens.
  • Advanced cache deletion rules: You can cache anything, such as specific urls or cookies, except for logged in users.
  • Browser cache: Caching site information in visitors’ browsers reduces the number of requests and increases loading speed.

4. Compress and combine CSS and JavaScript codes

In addition to the three main features, one of the most important main features of the WP-Optimize plugin is compressing and combining CSS and JavaScript codes and optimizing WordPress codes. Combining and minifying these files reduces the number of requests to your server and reduces their size. Combined with Gzip storage and compression, page load times are reduced. If you have any questions, you can read the tutorial on how to activate gzip in WordPress . The minify feature also enables you to delay the loading time of css and javascript. This will cause unnecessary items to be loaded after the main page is loaded, and as a result, the speed of the site will increase dramatically. Also, this topic is effective in increasing the score of site analysis tools.

In general, the WP-Optimize best optimization and storage technology plugin collects the fast , clean and efficient .

Features of the premium version of the WP-Optimize

  • WordPress network support
  • Scheduling the deletion of additional database information
  • Delete unused images
  • Activating the Lazy load function of images
  • Optimize database tables
  • Integrated GUI
  • View optimization status
  • WP-CLI support to manage optimizations
  • Dedicated support

Advantages of wp optimize plugin

  • It has a database cleaning tool
  • Has image optimization settings
  • Ease of installation
  • Optimization of database tables
  • Delete unusable images
  • WordPress network support
  • Has a professional support team

Disadvantages of wp optimize 

  • Advanced settings of this plugin may damage your site. (If you do not have sufficient and specialized knowledge, we do not recommend a specific configuration.)

Similar plugins to WP-Optimize 

Several plugins are provided in the field of WordPress optimization, among the best of which the following can be mentioned:

  • WP Rocket
  • Perfmatters
  • WP Fastest Cache
  • WP Super Cache
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Autoptimize
  • Asset CleanUp
  • W3TC

Plugins compatible with wp optimize plugin

This plugin is fully compatible with popular and practical plugins, including the following:

  • WPML
  • SEO plugins such as Yoast seo ( complete tutorial on installing and activating yoast wordpress seo plugin )
    Page builder plugins like Elementor ( learning to work with Elementor page builder )
  • updrafts