voice search

How voice search works today?

Recently, we have heard a lot about voice search, and it seems that this trend will increase in the future. Although voice search is not widespread and practical today, SEO experts predict that this type of search will surpass finger typing due to its ease of use. But the issue that seems quite evident about voice search is that this method will not impact changing SEO strategies for internet marketing.

Searching in a mobile browser was the most popular search method among mobile audiences in 2017, followed by using search engine apps and voice search in third place. Speed ​​is an important issue for participants in This project have said that it is the most important reason for their interest in using voice search. Most of the audience use this voice search because it is fast. Indeed, voice search is more accepted by the audience every day than yesterday, but most of the audience is not interested in using voice search, and some call this voice search a kind of annoying method.

Google search engine

What is Google Search?

Google Search is a web search engine developed by Google. Google earns several million dollars a day through this website. This website was founded in 1997. The main domain of this site had a lot of visits in May. This search engine has the most visits among the audience. Google search engine is used several million times a day with different titles. The most important goal of Google is to find the desired text among web pages.

People can search on Google through their computer or mobile device by speaking. For example, ask Google by voice: What is the difference between good and bad words? Google will give the answer verbally, introduce the link to the helpful sites on the screen, or provide the answer to the user in both possible ways. Voice search in Google will work much faster than typing search. In any case, the Google search engine has made it easy for all audiences. They can easily and easily find any vague thing they have in their mind with a single search. The Google search engine has made it possible to find everything quickly in the present. In the past, there was no such thing, and things were much more difficult, and it was not easy to reach the desired thing.

Alexa Rank:

What are the features of Alexa rank?

One of the most popular SEO tools is the ability to show the current positions of many different websites in the Alexa ranking system, which is Alexa Check and review for free, which is in the list of professional tools for SEO analysis. Another service the Alexa site provides is a service that belongs to Amazon.

This free tool is simple, and you can find an analysis of your competitors’ position and your site’s position on the famous Alexa site. You can see global and country ranking, the number of backlinks and incoming links, and display statistical charts for global ranking and traffic. The search engine shows its upward or downward progress, and such a tool is very useful for SEO professionals and beneficial to them. And to work with Alex ranking, you only need to enter the domain of the desired site in the box, and after you enter, Click the option (I am not a robot) and wait for the result. Alexa Internet provides website visit statistics, online marketing services, and audience behavior. Alex Company offers services to website owners to check, such as SEO, keywords, statistics, website status, and comparison with their competitors.


Siri is a project of the SRI International Center for Artificial Intelligence. It originates in the DARPA-funded CALO project, founded by Dag Kittlaus, Adam Cheyer, and Tam Gruber.

What is the functionality of Siri search?

This search engine is for Apple products. When you feel hungry, and you are driving, and you are not able to type, ask for the address of the Italian restaurant near you. Siri will introduce you to a collection of nearby restaurants. Siri is a smart and functional personal product. This feature has made the users comfortable and is improving and becoming more powerful daily. Apple’s dedicated voice assistant for your audience can ask to do interesting things through voice communication and can ask Apple’s dedicated assistant to display the things they want. Siri accesses pre-installed apps and controls and runs them without touching. To work with Siri search, you must first say hello. For example, you should say hello, Siri, after which it will announce that it is ready to work on the things you request.