What is Computer Programming and How to Become a Computer Programmer

What is Computer Programming

Computer programming is the process that professionals use to write code that instructs how a computer. Application or software program performs. At its most basic, computer programming is a set of instructions to facilitate specific actions. If you’re wondering what a computer programmer is. Also It’s a professional that creates instructions for a computer to execute by writing and testing code that enables applications and software programs to operate successfully.

Computers can do amazing things, from basic laptops capable of simple word processing and spreadsheet functions to incredibly complex supercomputers completing millions of financial transactions a day and controlling the infrastructure that makes modern life possible. But no computer can do anything until a computer programmer tells it to behave in specific ways. That’s what computer programming is all about.

So At its most basic, computer programming is little more than a set of instructions to facilitate specific actions. Based on the requirements or purposes of these instructions, computer programming can be as simple as adding two numbers. It can also be as complex as reading data from temperature sensors to adjust a thermostat, sorting data to complete intricate scheduling or critical reports or taking players through multi-layered worlds and challenges in games.

What Do Programmers Do All Day?

Computer programmers create instructions for a computer to execute by writing and testing code that enables applications and software programs to operate successfully. Computer programmers use specialized languages to communicate with computers. Applications and other systems to get computers and computer networks to perform a set of specific tasks. Languages Such as C++, Java, Python and more allow programmers – often working closely with software developers and engineers to build programs that allow search, surfing and selfies,

There are many programming languages but some have emerged as the most popular. CareerKarma listed the most common programming languages in 2021 based on job openings.

So Some of the common tasks a computer programmer is required to master were compiled by O*Net online and include:

  • Testing software performance.
  • Resolving computer software problems.
  • Modifying software programs to improve performance.
  • Writing computer programming code.
  • Collaborating with others to resolve information technology issues.

How Do You Become a Computer Programmer?

Many computer programmers begin as self-taught enthusiasts. And a persistent interest in programming can be an asset in your career because continued learning is vital to a computer programmer.

“Getting a degree is a good way to get started in a career, and it gives you a foundation to organize your experiences,” said Curtis George, a computer science technical program facilitator at SNHU. “Ultimately though it’s the experience that makes you a great programmer. In addition to having experience, a successful programmer always keeps up with the latest computer languages, algorithm processes and software industry trends.”

Important Steps to Becoming a Computer Programmer

Earn a Degree
While some employers only require an associate degree. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that most company recruiters prefer applicants who have graduated from a four-year college. However, a two-year computer programming degree is useful for students who need to attend a community college for financial reasons. It’s also a good way for students to determine their level of interest in the field while completing prerequisites for the major. Some students take jobs in the technology field after earning their associate degree; others use it as a springboard for a four-year program. A bachelor’s degree enables students to diversify their skill set by learning several programming languages. In addition, students planning to work in a specific industry, such as health care or accounting, can take courses in that field.
Choose a focus
While working toward a bachelor’s degree, students will get a sense of what aspect of computer programming most appeals to them. It’s at this stage that they begin leaning toward systems or applications, become interested in networks or databases, and get a feel for what extent they wish to work with hardware.
Keep learning
Since the technology industry is constantly evolving, it’s essential that workers in this field stay abreast of the latest innovations. To remain competitive in the job market, computer programmers should head back to class, getting additional training to build competency in both emerging languages and updated versions of existing ones. Equally important, earning an advanced degree can qualify programmers for more senior roles. They can advance to become software developers, computer systems analysts or information systems managers.

Essential issues related to Computer programing

  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Information Systems Security
  • Computer Engineering
Software Engineering

In this degree program, students learn how to develop software products and services. Such skills depend on gaining expertise in fundamental programming languages, so this degree can prepare students for a career as a computer programmer or a software engineer. Degree programs are offered from the associate through the doctoral level. Most software engineers have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Computer Science

This is the degree of choice for many students planning to become computer programmers. Such programs take a thorough approach to studying the uses and operations of computers. They cover fundamental mathematical and computational principles, and teach students how to design computer software and hardware systems.

Information Technology

This degree gives students the skills and knowledge they need to design and develop multi-user networks, as well as to configure and administer complex information technology systems. Coursework also covers application programming, databases, and security.

Information Systems Security

Privacy and information protection are becoming increasingly important in our data-driven society. A degree in information systems security provides a student with working knowledge of how to set up security networks, use coding languages, and analyze systems.

Computer Engineering

A degree in computer engineering focuses on the seamless integration of hardware and software components. Professionals in this field must have a solid understanding of computer programming, including the ability to develop, design, and test software or hardware.

Computer Programming Careers

If you’re still not sure whether you want to become a computer programmer, consider career outlook.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median computer programmer salary was $79,530 in 2015. The top 10% of computer programmers earn over $130,800.

The number of computer programming jobs available in this field is projected to drop by 8% from 2015 to 2024, but there are better opportunities in certain parts of the country compared to others. California, Texas, New York, Illinois, and New Jersey are the top states for employment in the computer programming field. These states have both the highest number of jobs available and average salaries that are higher than the national average.

This career is a great choice for people with strong skills in math, logic, and problem solving. It many cases, it also allows people to work from home, submitting work online or using the internet to connect to servers that need to be debugged. If you aren’t good with numbers and computers, however, or if desk work doesn’t appeal to you, this wouldn’t be the career path for you.


Therefore in this Article We talked about Computer Programming and some Ways to become A computer programmer.