content production and SEO

What does content production and SEO have to do with each other?

Content production and SEO are closely related. In fact, in the world of content marketing, the content production process requires a good and comprehensive strategy. Part of this strategy is content SEO.

Content marketing is a powerful way to sell more in digital marketing. Business executives know that customers need to interact with services and products before making a purchase. This interaction through Content marketing and the content production process is obtained. However, the content process is completely ineffective without a great strategy.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a form of modern marketing. In this context, marketing is used to attract an audience. This content must go through certain steps before it reaches the user and is published. This type of content can include content designed to answer potential customers’ frequently asked questions or content designed to entertain. Content marketing aims to create interest and engage with your audience. The end goals (end users) are carefully selected in this process.


The advantage of this strategy is that when the customer is ready to buy, he already has a relationship with your brand. In addition, your brand has been able to build trust and authority in customers’ minds. These two are essential elements in sales.

Content Marketing Challenge – The Importance of Linking Content Production and SEO

You have spent countless hours doing comprehensive research and writing an engaging blog post. Your peers and supervisors love your content. You upload and publish your blog post confidently, waiting for traffic, but you will not have any input! No one is visiting your content.

What do content production and SEO have to do with each other?

Days and weeks go by, and the only thing you have created with your unstoppable passion is just a blog post. Content that does not even see the Google cyber dust on it and does not appear in the list of Google search results!

Now the main question is: Create engaging content, and what is the use of publishing it on the site if the public does not notice it? Well, cruelly, but honestly, I tell you, it has no value and no benefit!

The importance of content production and SEO

Every extraordinary text that has been written needs to be seen. However, search engines like Google and Bing act like the final judges and are extremely ruthless. They decide what content to show and what content to drown in the sea of ​​Internet information and be buried forever.

Content production process

It is where the importance of content production and SEO comes into play. When it comes to the digital content production process, outstanding writing skills are not enough. You should also use SEO principles and standards. You need to have a way to distribute that content online in mind; In other words, you need to find a solution to how your content is exposed to your audience. The answer to this question is very simple but highly specialized! You must use the principles and standards of SEO.

How do content production and SEO work together?

SEO (search engine optimization) is like a burn that strengthens your content marketing. The main purpose of SEO is to attract the attention of search engines and users. The more careful and standard you choose your fuel, the better performance you can expect from your content marketing.


We must point out that there are many ways to present your content to your target audience. You can pay Google to rank your site at the top of the results based on a keyword or specific content. Of course, you have to spend a lot of money for this, and that in dollars!

What do content production and SEO have to do with each other?

 However, content production and SEO have a great advantage over other ways. SEO is free! You do not pay Google and other sites for your content. Of course, you have to pay for SEO to produce SEO content; But no money is paid for the actual SEO process.

Strategic SEO Advantage

The SEO process also has a major strategic advantage over other methods. When someone types in a keyword or a question on Google, they see the answers to their query by default. These answers are a list of sites based on which the keyword and the query have created the SEO content. You can use communication content production and SEO your content well and include it in Google search results.

Content optimization

The relationship between content production and SEO means that with Content optimization using SEO principles, you will communicate with your audience and design and create content based on their needs. As a result, users are more likely to view and use your content. The best way to impress search engines and attract more audiences is to combine content production and SEO; In other words, there is a symbiotic relationship between content marketing and SEO.

An example of the relationship between content production and SEO

For example, SEO optimization strategies such as relevant keywords and high-quality backlinks are critical to the success of your content SEO. Still, first, you must ensure the content is technically well written. It should be checked that the content is in line with the grammar and has the correct sentence structure.

What do content production and SEO have to do with each other?

 For example, one of the most important parts of content production and SEO is the structure and wording of the content. Note that giant paragraphs, for example, may indicate to search engines that the post is not suitable for mobile. As a result, content can easily lose Google rankings.

As a result, to get the best results in search engine rankings, the relationship between content production and SEO must be well established. You must create your content from scratch based on SEO principles and standards.

Relate good content to the SEO process

The process of producing good digital content means more than just good writing. This process is like creating a correlation between content production and SEO. We generally have three types of SEO, and we must incorporate them well into our content.

These three types of SEO are:

1. In-page SEO, known as On-page SEO. This type of SEO refers to infographic content, videos, blogs, etc., on your site. This type of SEO requires optimization and keyword research. This section is the closest communication between content production and SEO.


2. Technical SEO, the name Technical SEO, is also known as the non-content elements you have on your website. It means technical things like site optimization for mobile and site speed optimization.

3. Off-site SEO, also known as Off-site SEO. This type of SEO refers to the mutual connection of your website with other online sites through backlinks.

In content production and SEO, you need to combine all three types of SEO to get higher results ranking.

 The benefits of SEO and its impact on content marketing strategy

  •  The process of content production and SEO has many benefits. The most important and valuable advantage of this connection is that your post is on the first page of Google results (SERP Google – Search engine results pages) you see ranked.
  •  Valuable content properly optimized with targeted keywords and quality backlinks will help your business achieve a higher ranking in Google search engine rankings. It is a great way to reach your target audience in the case of small businesses and local businesses.
  • When you increase the visibility of search engines, you can take a break because your business is well seen and viewed by users. As a result, your site traffic is constantly increasing.
  •  Another benefit of linking the content production process to SEO is brand awareness. The higher your organic inbound share for specific keywords that relate to your business, the better your customer’s chance of identifying your unique content in search engines. As a result, the customer enters your site more and becomes more familiar with your business and brand.

 What do you need to do to connect content production and SEO?

 Now that you know the importance of linking the content production process and SEO and realizing its benefits, you can easily make that connection. To do this, follow these steps:

  •  First, you need to know your audience. Understanding who your audience is and for whom you write content is crucial. Knowing the personality of your customers will help you create content for specific types of people who have the potential to become regular visitors or buyers of your site.
  • Research keywords. Discovering the keywords that your audience is looking for is crucial to attracting more visitors. To do this, it is really important to research the keywords and find out what kind of keywords your competitors are using to rank higher on Google.
  •  Create high-quality backlinks. One of the important steps in content production and SEO is using backlinks. To provide good quality SEO content, you need to have backlinks that direct visitors to your site. The more interesting links you get from high-quality resources, the higher your rankings may be