How to set the default email address in Host C Panel

Imagine that you are the manager of a large website, and you provide the email addresses of your website to your users, and you send and receive many emails daily. All the people inside or outside the country decide to contact you. Should send you an email, if domain, created and, so far no idea if an organization or a foreign person sent an email to the email address of your domain that this address does not exist? Well, of course, you can not receive this email. C Panel has a very useful feature that allows us to set the default email address for our website domain inside that if someone inadvertently sends emails to the wrong email addresses from our domain, That address does not exist, and we will still be able to receive that email and not miss important business contacts on our website, join us to create a default email address in the C-panel host.

First, by entering the C-Panel website, now we will scroll down a bit to reach the email section, and from this section, we will click on the Default Address icon to enter this page. How to set the default email addressOn this page, we can configure the default email address of our website. By the way, if you have not created any email address on your website yet, create an email address for your website by learning how to create an email address in C Panel. From the bottom of the Default Address Maintenance section, we can set the default email settings of our website by these fields, which we will teach you one by one to use of them:

  • Send all unrouted emails for the following domain. From this section, we have to select the domain name for which we want to specify the default email address, which if you have also set up your website, Admin Domain, Subdomain, and Park Domain, this section is for You to have a drop-down list, here we choose the main domain name of our website, i.e., ir.
  • Discard the email while your server processes it by SMTP time with an error message. If we check this option which is also selected by default, when an email is sent to one of the wrong addresses of our domain, the C panel will send an email. The sender sends the email and tells it that there is no such email address, which in the Failure Message field, we can customize the error message that the C panel sends to the email sender.
  • Forward to Email Address If we select this option, the previous item will be removed from the selection. Other emails sent to the wrong address from our domain will be sent to the email address that Forwards to the Email Address field, so we select the option that is the essence of our work. In this field, we start typing our Gmail address, which C-Panel from now on when it receives an email that the email address is not yet created in our host to send it to this address.

Now we click on the advanced options option to show us the rest of the more professional settings and explain their use one by one:

  • Forward to your system account. Suppose we select this option from now on. In that case, the emails sent to the wrong address from our domain will be received by the C panel and sent to the email address of the main user of the host administrators, web disk users. FTP What we create in the hosts will be listed for us in this section because we do not have web disks and FTP accounts in these hosts, so only the main user of the administrators, that is, this, is located here.
  • Pipe to a Program This is a very professional possibility for web programmers. If we check this section, C-Panel will now receive emails that are sent to the wrong address from our domain and send them to The script that we enter in this field refers to the path. The use of this option is that programmers create special PHP scripts in specific projects, upload them to the file manager, and then enter the path of that script in this field then. If C-Panel receives an incorrect email, it refers to the script defined in this path, and the scripts have a different function because they are programmed arbitrarily. For example, the function of a script can be such that the email is sent to the wrong destination. Receive and then run the program, send an email to the sender, and tell him that this address does not exist. Please call the email address or a certain number. Very professional work can be done in this section Which requires programming knowledge.
  • Discard (Not Recommended) If we select this section that C-Panel has not suggested using, the host will receive emails sent to our domain for the wrong purposes, delete them automatically, and send no message to the sender of the email. Does not.

We note that we must select the Forward to Email Address option and enter our email address in this field, and at the end, to finalize the default email setting in the C panel, click on the blue change button below. We do. How to set the default email addressUp message cPanel will forward all unrouted email “or “mizbanfat”  .i”” o”soallmihanblog@gmail “omLet’set’ss see, seeing this message means that C-Panel will now receive emails that are sent to the wrong paths from our domain and send them to this address. How to set the default email address

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