Who is CTO?

Technology is expanding rapidly, and companies must keep up with these changes. Nokia’s heartbreaking story shows us how costly it can be to resist new changes. Nokia abandoned that decision when all smartphone makers decided to join Android and, as a result, suffered a major setback in the market. So the importance of technology and keeping up with it is vital, especially in business. Proper management has a critical role in the strategy of an organization’s goals, and it is the managers who lead the collection to achieve the organization’s goals. As businesses grow and organizations split into smaller segments, the need for more managers in businesses is felt. In this article, we will examine who the CTO is and what its functions are. Stay with us.

General acquaintance with senior managers

Today, organizations are divided into several sections, and each manager is responsible for each. For example, the finance department is managed by a senior financial manager, the CFO. Marketing matters are left to his senior manager, the CPO. Human resources play a critical role in the organization’s success, and this serious responsibility is delegated to the human resources manager or CHRO. Also, the highest manager in the collection, the CEO, takes over the overall management of the collection and is accountable to the board. Another group of executives is called the Chief Technology Officer, or CTO, and we will talk about this role in more detail below.

What is CTO?

It stands for  Chief Technology Officer, and its Persian equivalent is Senior Technology Manager. A senior technology manager should be aware of the current state of the company’s technology and prepare plans to expand the sector. A successful CTO must have both business and technology knowledge. Business knowledge helps him align the organization’s goals with the company’s technology decisions. A Chief Technology Officer is responsible for developing, implementing, managing, and evaluating the company’s technology resources.

CTO’s job position is closely related to CIO and CSO. In this way, if the collection is small or does not have enough budget, the CTO can also perform their duties. In general, a senior technology manager should report to the CEO. Also, remember that CTO is the CEO and usually does not do the programming work. In large organizations, the role of the CTO is very important and is one of the key managers of the collection.

What is the difference between CTO and CIO? 

It is best to have both a CTO and a CIO in the medium to large organizations with more funding. Both jobs focus on technology development, and both are technology-driven. But what is the difference between them? The key difference between CTO and CIO is that the CIO usually focuses on internal operations, and the CTO focuses more on issues outside the organization. The CIO deals mostly with the company’s IT staff as a manager, but CTO focuses on developing technologies that help the organization grow. It even sometimes offers new technologies.

Familiarity with the role of CTO in organizations

The role of CTOs in organizations may vary. Each organization has different responsibilities for CTO depending on its circumstances. The capabilities of a CTO are a combination of technical issues, emotional intelligence and. But usually, the following are required for a senior technology manager:

  • Monitor current technologies and hot topics that can affect the business goals of the organization
  • Identify opportunities and risks that threaten the organization
  • Participate in the decisions of company managers
  • Research and recommendation of common content management systems
  • Research and development management on IT technology and concepts
  • Share the company’s technology strategy with managers, partners, investors, and some employees

In a nutshell, it describes how technology can be used in an organization to drive business success. CTO should also love technology and keep abreast of new IT developments. Depending on the structure and hierarchy of the organization, CTO may work with the R&D or engineering teams. The CTO should be well acquainted with the activities of regulatory bodies. For example, if the CTO operates in the United States, it’s best to know how the FDA works, monitors the environment, and so on. Must also be familiar with intellectual property issues such as patents, brand and company registration, commercial contracts, etc.

What is the income of senior technology executives?

In general, the income of a class can not be calculated exactly, and many things such as education, technical knowledge, skills, and other things must be considered. Because of this, it is not easy to calculate the income of senior technology executives. In addition, these managers’ income is directly related to the hiring company’s reputation and scope of activities. For example, the amount that Google offers to its CTO is very different from that of an anonymous company. The area in which CTO operates is also very important. For example, according to statistics published by the InfoSec Institute, CTOs working in the financial field earn an average of $ 200,000 annually. E-commerce activists, on the other hand, earn about $ 76,000 a year. Unfortunately, there are no accurate statistics on the income of senior technology managers in Iran.


Level C managers are the highest managers in a group, and the letter C stands for Chief. One of these senior executives is in the technology department, which we call CTO. CTO must use technology in line with the goals of the organization. Note that CTO is not solely responsible for managing the IT team. This person should have a bigger perspective and be able to make the best decision for the organization in different technology areas. CTO represents the technology department of an organization. CTO and other senior executives work in large organizations with a large workforce. A small business such as five people does not need a CTO.

In this article, we examined who the CTO is and what its functions are. We are happy to share your knowledge and information in this regard with other users and us.